Posted by: lovediaries | January 30, 2009

090124 SHINee – Amigo on Music Core

Okay so this is a bajillion years late and I’m sure every SHINee fan out there has already seen this T_T. Thanks tristabelle for linking me!

{credit: randy19972 @ youtube}

Maybe cause I’m sick right now but Jonghyun looked sort of delirious during his opening lines. It was all the arm flapping and jumping from side to side. And either Onew’s mic was being gay or he was extremely tired (probably the latter because I then heard him crack) because he sounded rather odd. Key sounded a lot better than their other Goodbye stage (I want that white jacket) thank goodness. Minho’s mouth-wipe was pretty funny – he used the entire back of his hand lmao. The others must envy him since he has like no singing lines XD.


  1. haha i left a thousand posts with links only to realise they disappear everytime T__T. anyways, not sure if your internet is still wonky, you can go check out shinee singing stand by me and trot medley (yep, onew’s in his element xD) on randy’s channel. (: if you need i’ll leave a link. but heehee, don’t you think onew looks nice in that white and blue combi *o*

  2. ^Lol yeah did you read my last mod post? I explained why that was happening :/

    Ooh I saw those clips on yt (and an OnHyun duet) but I haven’t yet watched them.

  3. yep i read (: i do hope the problem is fixed so that everyone can start leaving links for you all (: sorry if i left so many posts of the same stuff -embarrassed-
    you should totally check it out! the trot medley is one not to be missed. and the onhyun duet! jonghyun raps in it :D

  4. lol when ARE THEY GOING ON BREAK??? i think onew’s sick or something cuz like it sounded somethin was cloggin his throat o.o haha i like minho juz cuz he does hot movements :] LOL HIS HAND WIPE HAHA :D well i hope they’re on break cuz they sound super tired

  5. tristabelle
    WOW Jonghyun raps! I really gotta watch it then!
    And no dw! Don’t feel embarrassed *huggles* ^^

    LMAO I hope so! But then they recently just did that Icon thingy and they still sounded tired so…THEYRE CLEARLY NOT RESTING ENOUGH >:(

  6. candychu, here’s a NEW SHINee PERFORMANCE! Somehow I feel these people don’t totally get the meaning of the word ‘break’ but anyway, they’re lipsynching so it’s not so bad.

  7. But I guess just because they’re on a break, that doesn’t mean they won’t do anything.

  8. ^Awesome! Thanks for that, I’ll go post it right now :).

    (Yeah I really rather they just work behind the scenes. How can they record for their new mini-album if they sound like they’re going through puberty again?)

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