Posted by: lovediaries | January 30, 2009

090126 YSMM – Hyunjoong Cuts

Subbed by muishiessi! Part 1, Part 2.

The other two guests are Kim Suro and Lee Pilmo. LOLOL Kang Ho Dong practically glomped Hyunjoong at the start. You hear this massive THUD and Hyunjoong’s eyes went O___O LMAO. So funny. But the funniest was when KHD said to HJ “Your acting is so good it gives me goosebumps” AHAHAHHAHAHA. HJ replies humbly and says he didn’t expect viewers to respond so quickly. Then KHD asked when did he expect people to respond and he said “When East of Eden ends” LOLOL. Ironic that they beat East of Eden ratings for the past two eps. “We’re talking about MBC and KBS’s war here on SBS” LOLOL COMMENT OF WIN XDDD.

Cut to HJ talking about working at a young age for allowance. He got $1.80/hr O___O. But SHEESH he somehow managed to save $72000 from these cheap-paying jobs. And Hyunjoong is a CHICKEN CEO ROFLMAO.

Then the three guests re-enact “A Better Tomorrow” (I don’t know the movie but I do know Chow Yun Fat and Leslie Cheung!) and lmao Lee Pilmo is soooo into it. LOLOL it is so funny. I replayed it 3 times and I’m still ROFLing. HJ has the cutest laugh XD.

Hyunjoong talks about “Ultramania” again but in this case, he’s explaining why he ran away from home. He says from when he left, he almost died three times from starvation and getting beat up. And he shares the story of him being a theif :/. He also used an already used shaver which is really gross XD. But man, after all that Hj’s experienced, you realise how lucky he really is. Especially with the sleeping in building 125 where everything up to 124 was demolished when he woke up O.o

In the next episode, Hj talks about how for love, he’s willing to sacrifice friendships. And he gets his hair blown XDD!


  1. I’m not familiar with these people (except KHD) but I love the MBC-KBS war comment. I find it amusing that they can talk as candidly as that XD;

    Guuu~~~ I’m kind of sad I didn’t get into SS501, now that I’ve read that HJ apparently writes fanfic lol

  2. ^haha aw it’s never too late to get into a fandom. I’m still not really an SS501 fan. Like I think the members are cute and funny but their music, to me, isn’t anything extraordinary XD.

  3. love his interviews, he doesn’t hide much does he?

  4. To me, it’s kind of too late. I’ve gotten too deep with SJ so it’s hard to get into something else now (except SHINee, since I’ve been a fan from the very beginning).

    But if I were an SS501 fan, I’d be ecstatic at the thought of the possibility that the fic I’m reading is by one of the members XD; It’s pretty cool that he doesn’t take fics too seriously.

  5. ^Well..I didn’t like BB from the start and they’ve gone pretty high! But I know what you mean. You sort of feel like a noob even though you’re not a noob to kpop, yeah?

    Haha yeah btw did you see the msg that Henry apparently left on Baidu? I think that’s sooo cute of him but how do fans know its actually him? I mean anyone could’ve gone “Hello fans, this is Henry” XDDD

  6. Yeah, exactly. There’s so much history to catch up to! I was even a latecomer with SJ and it was a pain. D:

    No, I haven’t… I don’t think I know his Baidu and I wouldn’t be able to read/understand anything anyway lol XD What did he say? (Yeah, I’ve always wondered how fans know it’s actually who the person claims to be. This is the internet! Anybody can be anybody.)

  7. ^Yeah speaking of that…I have no idea how I managed to catch up with SJ. This is what hours spent on the internet does to you! So really, fangirling is a creepy hobby XDD.

    Oh I just saw the post up on the sjonelove comm ^^. he was saying how he felt lonely cause Hankyung & Zhou Mi had returned to their homes and he was alone in their Beijing dorm so he called his mum who told him to spend time with her family in Taiwan. It was all very cute ^^

  8. jamed
    Almost missed your comment since we just approved it XD. Yeah lol HJ shares the most interesting stories…

  9. We’re lucky we grew up in internet era. XD

    Aw. That’s so cute~♥ It must be hard for him to be away from home, especially since among the seven of them, he’s the one who’s having the most difficulty with the language barrier. I’m pretty sure that’s not what he thought he was signing up for when he auditioned for SM XD;

  10. ^But the internet is evil D: Without it, I might actually have a life *cries*. Lmao I’m feeling so emo tonight because I’m leaving HK soon. IM AS SAD AS HENRY WAS.

    Yeah lol thinking back to when Henry had super crap mando and just did not understand anything makes me sad too :(

  11. *pats* I understand how you might feel. I don’t have a life either… Think of the happy memories you made in HK! Think of the good fortune you have to have had the chance to go there!

    I’m supposing he’s better now? He could not have survived so long if he hadn’t improved one bit. XD Poor boy. I wonder how he communicated with the others when his Korean and Mando were both… not nice. O:

  12. ^Lol yeah, you’re right! And I was lucky enough to see SJM too *sigh* all the good memories…

    And yessss Henry has improved so much that it brings tears to my eyes. Seriously it must’ve been hell hard with only being fluent in English and other people all speaking Korean :/

  13. ahah ^^ i loved the “A Better Tomorrow” part XD
    i just died when i heard HJ laugh @w@

  14. ^Hahaha yes I replayed it just for HJ’s laugh XD (And to watch Lee Pilmo go BANG O_O) LOLOL

  15. ^ LOL XD
    me too :P that was soo funny x)

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