Posted by: beckery | January 30, 2009

090130 SBS Incheon Special Show ICON

SHINee – Replay + Amigo
I thought they ended all album activities last week!? I sure hope this was prerecorded because THEY SHOULD BE RESTING!!! The poor boys look and sound so strained and drained and exhausted and tired and they need their rests! Seriously T_T Its funny cuz I was just watching them perform Replay at 0.44 and I’m thinking “I swear I dont remember their choreo ever having this much leg work in it”. Talk about epic fail haha. Get some rest boys, or this noona will kidnap you to a deserted island far away from Father SM!

SS501 – Ur Man + The One
Aww they should have performed “Because I’m Stupid”, that would be awesome. But I like “The One” too so its all cool XD (Random story but I went to a Korean bbq place yesterday and I heard “Ur Man” and “Nobody” and a whole bunch of Korean songs playing. Ok. End of Story. ROFLMAOOOO IDK. As you can tell, I’m not exactly sane atm haha.) Anyways, did anyone notice that when they started performing The One, the song title appears on the screen but its written as “Tje One”? I thought that was hilarious. Learn how to read and spell SBS! Nice performance from the boys. I liked their “The One” performance just cuz that was one of my favourite from their mini album. Plus they were all smileys in this one XDDDD Their choreo though is kinda….corny? Tbh, I never really liked their choreos, its kinda girly :/

2PM – 10 out of 10 + Only You
Hmmm…did anyone else think they sounded REALLY WEIRD at the start?!?!! I think their mics were playing up. But it got better later and cool performance as always. I enjoy watching their facial expressions during 10/10, its sooo funny. And omg look at Jay lift his shirt, I see hot abs *_* LOL they sound so out of breath for “Only You” but hey thats some hardcore choreo. Everyone is so smiley here too XDDD

Totally irrelevant, but have you guys seen Jay and Junsu sing Chris Brown’s “With you” on Chin Chin?!?! One of my favourite songs and they did a great job! Junsu’s “widdayu widdayu widdayu” was so cute haha, but man, pretty good english *_*


Seungri – Strong Baby
“CRAP CRAP CRAP CRAP” ROOOOOOOOOFFFFFFFFLLLLL *dying* HAHAHAHA OMG XDDDDDDDDD Man, I thought how they put “Tje One” for SS501 was funny, but nothing beats this! Seriously, did SBS re-hire that engrish fail that SM had for Suju’s “carendar?” How embarrassing! I mean yea, sometimes I wonder myself if Seungri is actually singing “crap” but of course we all know he’s actually singing “clap” or “crack”. However to see it on the screen in words like that is pure crack!


  1. Damn you beat me to this. LOL doesn’t it suck how we’re either all away or we’re all fighting for the same posts XDD. WE SUCK.

    *runs off to watch SHINEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE*

    p.s I’m sick so I’m not going to the toilet restaurant anymore :( Maybe next time I come back here to HK.

  2. oh gosh SHINee sounds so tired but still trying so hard to give a good performance, all the more i love them for that. pls have a good rest SHINee! oh ho, grabby hands at jonghyun’s purple pullover xP no, it’s not because he’s wearing it (partly xD) but it’s a pretty purple pullover. sigh if only singapore wasnt hot and sunny all year round, i could wear pullovers and walk out on the streets without getting a heatstroke.

  3. aww SHINee is like so tired and out of energy, they better be resting right now -.- cant they ever stop singing and dancing for their wonderful fans? well I think ss501 did a good job but i didnt enjoy watchin them dance…must be cuz it wasnt really “dancing” to me. well i like their song The One and Because I’m Stupid alot. :] hmm i love 2pm, they’re always tryin their best for like everything :] when i first listened to 10/10 on tv, i thought it meant like raise the roof cuz they would raise their hands in the air, so like i didnt really care for the song but it was catchy so i had to check online :]
    DAMNNN they’re really good with the song with you :D def pass for korean speakers haha so im guessin they’re from 2pm haha i thought it was like junsu from dbsk I WAS ALL SCREAMING! but ehh they’re okay too

    seungri tries too hard to fit with big bang =/ or maybe he just wants to be that way but i like the song its just that he doesnt really fit for me haha at 2 45 one of his girls fall, but luckily the camera moves over to him :]

  4. Luckily this is all prerecorded in January 15th, which means they’re resting. I guess before their break, they had enough shows that’ll show their faces even when break is onXD

    SS501<3 ah they’re phaily but lovely at the same time lmao. I love them a lot. Kyu Jong sometimes sounds like hes constipated and young saeng tries to be all hardcoreXD lol I sound mean.

    2pm<3 Woo Young is such a hottie<3 I want to pinch his cheeks. Jay is so fly as alwaysXD

    Seung Ri with his ‘I gotta be so sexy all the sudden’ song lol. They could have waited until he was like…totally legal, above 20 to sing that songXD

  5. tristabelle
    I know, they’re such hard working, sweet lil boys <333 Wow I didnt know singapore doesnt get cold. I wouldnt mind having a pullover like his. It looks comfy XD

    I’m sure the SHINee boys are off to take their well deserved rest now. And prepare for their comeback XD

    I like Ss501’s mini album. Well the sub group one. The One was good, so were the other songs XD Of course “Because I’m stupid” is one of my favs, it being from BOF and all!

    IM SO IN LOVE WITH 2PM ATM!! Like I’ve always liked them and all, but never really paid that much attention to them. I was watching their Idol Show last night with SNSD as guests and omg the boys are freakin hilarious!! So I went on a 2pm youtube spree this morning and shall continue later. They’re so funnyyyyyyyy <3333

    Seungri will always be my baby maknae. I love the hell out of the boy and yes Strong Baby is a tad too try hard for him. But at least he’s still cute lil maknae when he’s with the other boys XDD

    Ohhhh its prerecorded!! Im so glad XDD I was thinking “GET OFF THE SCREEN AND INTO UR BEDS RIGHT NOW”! haha.

    I love Kyu Jong <3 He’s live singing has improved heaps I tell you. HEAPS! I know he still struggles sometime, its all good. For that face, all is forgiven haha.

    I love the 2PM boys. Its hard to find a favourites cuz they’re either really adorable and cute, or they’re sexy and hot or they’re hilariously funny. XDD


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