Posted by: beckery | January 30, 2009

Junho’s Advertisement Picture

Credits to Tanialove @ soompi

♥____________________________♥ WHY HELLO THERE GORGEOUS!!!!

Look at those arms *_* and the position of his left hand and that smirk *__* x 100o and how he fills out that wife beater *____* x 10000000!!! Candychu will be drooling so much when she sees this haha. But seriously, I havent seen a wife beater look that sexy in ages…I bet that drink he’s endorsing will sell like hotcakes if they put his face all over the packaging lool. BUT I WANT A PROPER CF WITH LIVE MOVING JUNHO STRIPPING IN IT!!! AND I WANT IT NOWWWWW!!


  1. WHY HELLO THERE SEXY. I refreshed the pg to see if my freaking post saved (because wp is deleting my posts! kill it with me) AND I SEE THIS GORGEOUS FACE AND IM LIKE WHUT. *DIES*.

    Imagine getting cuddled by those arms *______*

  2. oh man. the Kim twins are seriously killing me here.. and those arms are lookin extra super sexy.. man i need a guy like that.. lol..

  3. lovely picture, good enough to mess with your brain, I’m not sure if it got to your brain but did you really mean right hand or were you thinking left?

  4. Hot! Hot! Hot! Damn, there are some good genes running through that family. We need a Kim Twins ad! I’d love to see them model together. Though I’m afraid they might cause a camera malfunction with their combined hotness.

    Also, maybe it’s just a regional/cultural difference but why do you call that a “wife beater”? Around here (Michigan, USA) everyone calls them tank tops. “Wife beater” sounds so … wrong *is confused*

  5. wow…the family has good genes……Junsu look so sexy and charismatic…….his sura is so manly and strong……gosh, he has a bright future in showbiz

    kim twins so handsome and talented

  6. Carmen
    Lol I just read your comment and thought I’d jump in. I don’t actually think “wife beater” is an Australian term (we’re all from down South :D). Once upon a time, I had no idea and thought “wife beater” actually meant a belt LOL (wait…does it? XD). But we here call it tank top too :). And no, it definitely isn’t an asian thing to be calling them wife beaters.

    Haha I bet I was of no help at all.

  7. Hmmm. That just makes me more curious as to where that term comes from. And why it’s still used.

  8. b>candies
    *kills imop with you* HAPPY? XDDD

    LOL. but hey if we kill imop, we’ll be unemployed :( ANYWAYS HE IS SUCH A GORGEOUS HUNK RIGHT!! *thinks back at our convo last night* HAHAHAHA WE’RE SO BADDDDD!!!!

    P.S I dont have to imagine, I always get cuddled by those arms :DD

    THey areeeeee. Ones cute as a bunny, the other one is hot as a…sexy model ROFL XDD

    HAHA I was indeed thinking Left. *shame* I blame it on Junho’s hotness XD

    Very very good genes I might add *_* Lol I’d love to see the twins model together but I reckon I’d be busy laughing at how small Junsu looks compared to Junho ROFL. My cute lil Junsu *pinches his but* XDD

    Umm I dont think Candychu helped much with her reply *gets bricked by her* but from what I know. “Wife beater” is an American slang for Tank tops. I’m not sure how it originated actually, but Google might help you haha. I’ve just always said it cuz my guy friends always call it that….did that help? haha

    Lol. I think you meant Junho? =P He is indeed a hottie, whom I’d love to see more off XD

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