Posted by: lovediaries | January 31, 2009

U-Kiss coming back with “Bring It Back to the Old School”

LOL I think we’ve done like one or two U-Kiss post(s)? It’s just hard to keep up with every single group haha (or sometimes we get too lazy to post. Like last night beckery and I were watching 2pm & SNSD on MBC’s Every1 Idol Army and it was freaking hilarious but it was 2am – no pun intended teehee – and we cbb posting. So point of this story is that you should all go watch it!!!!!!! *runs away with Taecyeon and his wink and pervy smile*) but I did find this really awesome photo of the cover for their mini-album and *squeal* I just had to post it.


Now some of you may be staring at their crazy pants and clothes with wayyyyy too much colour and pattern but what caught my eye was Kibum’s waist. IS HE A GIRL? LIKE FOR REAL? (Is Hyungjoon’s waist this tiny too?). Argh, I’m so jealous.

Anyway they’re ‘Coming back’ … tmr! So, U-Kiss fans, get excited 8D.


  1. I can’t really take U-Kiss seriously. I saw the video of this song where they sing about not being too young for love or something and… well… I find it hard to take them seriously for it. XD; But they’re actually okay and I gotta love the colors. :D

    I’m a 26-size but my waist isn’t that…. “perfect”. D:

  2. ^LOLOLOL agree! Like their music is okay but I was listening to their 1st mini-album and one of the songs was like “don’t treat us like kids” and “we’re all grown up” and I’m thinking LIKE HALF OF YOU ARE YOUNGER THAN ME SIF YOU’RE ALL GROWN UP!!!

    His stomach is so flat it concaves in :(

  3. The dance steps made me lol and I believe Marumir is younger than me? *not sure* How can I not treat them as kids when they act like it? XD;

    I wonder if these boys actually eat anything ;-; I want a flat stomach like that too!

  4. YAY. U-KiSS~!
    -runs around being genki-
    Ok, so they’re not that serious… BUT THEY’RE CUTE AS HECK!
    And they sing really well too~ In harmonies ,when they’re not doing pop songs.
    And yesh, I was wondering if they eat too… Cause Kevin’s like 5’8” and he’s the same weight as me (who is only like 5’2”) that’s SCARY.
    But I heard from a fan that she saw them eating dinner so….. ? xD

  5. I actually find that album cover seriously cracktastic – really, what’s up with those pants? LOL, but I’ll check out their new song though – well, if I remember.
    Oh, and you should really watch Taegoon’s latest Music Core performance:
    It’s his best yet! Definitely…

  6. Haha you finally did a U-kiss post! :) LOL

    @ Kara, KEVIN IS TOO SKINNY. His legs are like pencils. & they’re tall! Lol, I know right, their acapella was good, although probably not as good as DBSK but w/e xD

    Comeback in 30 mins! haha.

  7. @chrestos I KNOW RIGHT?! He needs to eat. >.> then again, he’s only like 17. Well they’re newer than SHINee so of course they’re not that great. xD But they’re good and they’re working hard. ^^

  8. Wee did you see there performance? LOL Can I post links? It is here:
    THE HAIR! THE PANTS! I actually like the song, it is super catchy but I don’t think I would play it alot still. My only thing is their stage is already crowded so why have backup dancers? Maybe for their super cool line thingy. :P

  9. Wee did you see there performance? LOL Can I post links? It is here:
    (LOL Okay my comment disappeared so I guess not — it is Inkigayo though. They perform “I Like You”)
    THE HAIR! THE PANTS! I actually like the song, it is super catchy but I don’t think I would play it alot still. My only thing is their stage is already crowded so why have backup dancers? Maybe for their super cool line thingy. :P

  10. paperteuk
    Lol I’m about to watch their perf….lets see how cracktastic their choreo is :p

    Woah. But is it true taht guys are generally lighter than girls? Because we have like larger hip bones (for giving birth)? Lol something like that XD. Haha well thankgoodness they eat!


    And thanks for the Taegoon clip <3 Loved it!

    Lol yes I’m about to do one on their performance too:P

    Thanks for the link! I’ll go post it now :) And haha I’ll have to check out this super cool line thingy…:P

  11. (ack, since when could you run away with taekyeon?! so have you watched the 2nd part from the 2pm/ SNSD idol show?)

    okay so I laughed throughout their debut performance, idk can’t take them seriously… plus their concept is really, well, amusing, I still don’t know what “luxury vintage” is.

  12. (since like he started smiling? lol no I still have to watch it but I already predicted the couples and beckery confirmed them for me. I wanna watch Hyoyeon & Junsu lol ^^)

    Did you mean comeback? Lol I was pretty XDDD watching them too. “luxury vintage” is … um, vintage which is luxurious? LOL

  13. (Hyo Yeon went with NichKhun and Junsu went with Tiffany though?)

    Yes, I meant comeback. The MV made me lol pretty darn hard too.

  14. ^ROFLMAO *hides face with embarrassment*

    BUT WHY? I thought Tiffany was happy with Wooyoung (I so knew he lied when he said she was his least fav member) and I thought Junsu chose Hyoyeon and Yoona wanted Nichkhun instead of Chansung. Omg yeah I need to watch this, clearly. But I’m too lazy to YT atm. BOF Ep10 is on my waiting list too LOL

  15. Hang on, I meant Junho not Junsu T_T

  16. Junsu chose seohyun and junho chose hyoyeon but then at the end they used some luck ladder thing which was totally useless and messed up some of the couples.

    So is BOF any good? Been putting off watching it (no matter how much I want to see kimbum)

  17. Yeah I just asked bec. The ladder thing sounded gay.

    WHAT? You still haven’t seen an ep? Well I’ve seen MG1, MG2 and HYD1 and one ep of HYD2 (cbs watching the rest – it’s sort of boring) so I think I have every right to say that … yes BOF is worth watching.

    Wow you haven’t like yet given in? Even though everywhere you turn it’s like BOF? Strange. But well yes go watch it.

  18. I have a high level of resistance but I’ve seen all the adaptions of HYD too (even the anime) so kinda scared of getting bored.

  19. Maybe that’s why I got bored watching HYD2. I didn’t want to have to see everything so many times XD.

    But BOF is very pretty :). And Lee Minho & Kimbum are like … HOT. And Jandi’s little brother gives you something to pedo over. Watch it when you’re procrastinating or something.

    And ooh is the anime good? Are the characters as hot as Tuxedo Mask?

  20. So he’s younger than me too?

    The anime is slow but gets really good later on. No one is as hot as the one and only Tux Mask!

  21. He sure looks it…yeah I’m sure he’s younger than you. And he’s definitely cuter than the lil bro in HYD who’s voice hadn’t even cracked yet >:D

    Okay good. Cause seriously, Tuxedo Mask is worth drooling over~

  22. o~~
    i love their new album
    hope to gt their new album soon..

    i’m happy tat kevin and kibum
    are really back…^^

    keep it up guys…

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