Posted by: beckery | February 1, 2009

DBSK 4th Japanese Album News

About a million things just happened in the past few weeks with DBSK and WE JUST CANT KEEP UP WITH THEM D: !! Seriously, they’ve been in about a gazillion magazines, a million interviews and a few dozen Japanese tv shows and a whole heap of other stuff!! Plus, *twiddles thumb* I’m kinda umm.. going through a 2PM phase atm and refuse to watch anything else *gets bricked by other fandoms* haha. So we apologise for the lack of updates recently! Candychu is back home and thus, I’m sure the updates will be more regular now XDD

Okay, from what I’ve gathered, DBSK’s 4th Japanese album will go by the name “The Secret Code”? I put the tracklist under the cut. Not sure if its the full tracklist cuz there seems to only be 10 songs with ONLY 6 new songs!! I WANT MOREEEEEE~~ But hey its quality over quantity, so I bet these 6 new songs are going to blow us away ^_^

Oh and check out the “PhrasedDifferently” post, because it has some info on one of DBSK’s new song on the Japanese Album. Its just really messy if I chuck everything here and OCD Candychu will go nutso at me XDDD

DBSK’s 4th Japanese Album – The Secret Code

●Beautiful you

●どうして君を好きになってしまったんだろう? / Why did I fall in love with you? / Doushite Kimi wo Suki ni Natte Shimattandarou?
●Survivor(3월11일 발매 싱글 수록곡) ● Survivor (To be released on the 11th of March 2009)
●Nobody Knows
●ウィーアー!/ WE ARE!

*Take out with full credits*
Might contain inaccuracies.
Source: 비기스트
Japanese to Korean translation: 마법소녀리나
Korean to English translation: xietin94 @xietinloveshero


  1. Finally a 2pm craze!! but I much prefer dbsk, and omo those phaseddifferently people are pretty, no, really good

  2. Mmm, just how final is that tracklist? I know the guys are working hard already, but do Beautiful You, Doushite, and Mirotic really need to be on there?

  3. nataly
    2pm craze I am XD Seriously, I havent been watching anything except 2pm videos lately haha. Their Idol Show is flippin’ hilarious stuff!!! You should watch it!

    Lol like I mentioned in the post, I have no idea if this is the full tracklist or not. But yes I agree that 6 new songs isnt good enough :((

  4. zoMG! i so LOve you..
    thanks for the new updates..
    ive been checking ur sites for DBSK updates and like there was none this past few days?
    soo yea until today!
    the new posts did put an ear to ear smile on my face.
    and yea i used to be just a silent reader
    but cant help to thank you…
    hope ull keep up wid them. :]

  5. iMisssDBSK
    Once again sorry for the late reply. I truly suck at keeping up with my comments haha. But AWW I LOVE YOU TOO <3333 AND I HOPE U’VE NOT GONE INTO HIDING AGAIN JUST CUZ I HAVENT BEEN REPLYING!! COME BACK XDDD haha.

    And yes I know, I know. We’re horrible arent we. Theres so much fandom we follow and its just so hard to get up to date with everyone and everything going on. Especially DBSK, who does about a million things a week hahaha. But we’ll try to do more DBSK post XDD

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