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I bet you’re wondering who in the world is PhrasedDifferently and why am I doing a post on them? Well, PhrasedDifferently is an “independent music publisher” who sells songs to artists. They’ve done songs for heaps of really famous artists including Craig David, Kumi Koda, W-inds and our very own DBSK and CSJH.

I’ve never actually heard of them till now and I went to check out their website and I’m seriously impressed. I listened to a few songs in their database and they’re good! As a matter of fact, they’re great! <3

I did some more research and found out that they’ve actually done heaps of songs for DBSK. “Wrong Number”, “Zion”, “Ride On” and “Box in the Ship” to name a few. And according to their website:

7th January

Tohoshinki signed to Avex Japan to record “Brick Wall” for upcoming release in March 2009! This song is scheduled to be the first single!

So yes, I think that “Brick Wall” will be one of the songs in DBSK’s 4th Japanese Album. Most fans are thinking it’ll probably be “Survivor”?

Well for those who’s interested, listen to Brick Wall *HERE* on youtube. The user said it’ll be removed in a few hours cuz of legal issues. So if you didnt catch it, then go to PhrasedDifferently’s website then click “music & lyrics” then “search” and search for “Brickwall”. I like the song. It sounds really groovy. Especially the chorus, I hope they keep the “damn damn I’m talking to a brick wall” HAHA. How awesome XDD

And for those interested. Wrong Number’s original English version. Or go to this link and click “Wrong Number” on the playlist. Whilst you’re at it, check out “Never Back to you” too. ITS SUCH A GOOD SONG! I NEED TO FIND THE MP3 NOW! I wonder who ended up singing it.


A big thanks to shycapri8 for sharing with us her findings:

so ‘devil in me’ is csjh (Tenjochiki) ‘piranha’

‘is it alright’ would be dbsk’s ‘ride on’ while ’stir that thing up’ is like the hiphop rappish version of the song.

they produced koda kumi’s ‘more’ which is the same title kept.

‘remedy’ is dbsk’s ‘zion’


  1. Thanks for this info. I went to their site and their music are great. *HIGHLY RECOMMEND* The WN English version is good but without wuli JJ’s sexy rap part. Still good to listen, wondering who’s singing the demo. Can’t wait for TVXQ’s new album.

  2. wow that song is really catchyyyy :] i cant wait for him to sing it haha its so catchy i cant stop listening to it i hope “in a few hours” means a while from now maybe a month from now?

  3. whoa i love the english version of wrong number its good and so is dbsk’s version. im surprised to see how they made their own version out of phraseddifferently :]

  4. “Never Back To You” and “Girls Girls Girls” sounds like something Koda Kumi would do, lol.

    I’ve been really into the English version of Wrong Number for awhile. I wonder how all these resourceful fans got their hands on such good rips from the site! There’s a really really AWESOME RnB song on their main page under Music & Lyrics called “Note to Self.” I think everyone should go listen to it.

    I think Avex/company just bought the song, and then translated the lyrics and fiddled with the keys for the appropriate singers.

  5. “are you even awake? do you know just what i’m talking bout??” haha “makes me want to scream! damn! i’m talking to a brick wall!!”

    hmm….i wonder if that’s how my mother feels when talking to me…lmao jk jk hahaha lmao i really like the song brickwall and the english version of wrong number sounds good as well. i like how the site looks and how each time you visit it, there’s a different saying that rearranges itself into the phrase ‘phrased differently’

    i think i will go back and listen to the songs mentioned by nanshi. oh and about the whole ripping thing…i found this thing online…called a free recorder…it allows you to record a song that you like, off the web into mp3 format. i recorded brickwall with it *cough* i hope i dont get in trouble…i’m not going to redistribute it though…heh heh…that’s how i was able to get a mp3 rip of dbsk’s ‘nobody knows’ preview (even though it was hard to record from the youtube video since my slow computer kept freezing X_x), but yeah, that is how i get my rips now…

    but i can’t get brick wall out of my head! maybe because i am listening to it right now as i type.. lol but i already preordered their 4th album and their new single (i know it’s stupid since i heard the single was going to be released a few days before the album (?)) but i couldnt help myself…so tempting..i need to learn how to control myself when it comes to ordering things online. *cough* my mother is going to kill me when she sees the bill…ugh i wont be able to purchase any further music from any artist at this rate haha ^_^

  6. I really like the demo for Brick Wall :D. Wrong Number is really good too. The lyrics are really interesting to listen to haha. It’s really cool listening to these songs in English. Can’t wait for DBSK’s new album either :).

  7. Whoa. DBSK has 4 songs on that Chart Success list. Their sales are pretty impressive too :D. It’s interesting that so many of the artists on the list are Avex artists.

  8. I’m sorry for splitting this into so many posts, but their music is absolutely amazing. I’ve listened to a few of their songs already, and I lovelovelove them. Like Paper Planes is one of my favorites now. I can’t seem to find anyone who did that song yet :(.

  9. okay i’m back lmao sorry if i’m spamming… X_x you can uh…delete this (?) if you want..hehe but i clicked on the writers and producers link on the site and clicked on bna productions since they are the ones who worked with dbsk and so i looked for the names of the two people who helped compose and what not. so then i searched their names under the music and lyrics link on the site. i found some of the english songs used by some of the artists we know hehe.

    so ‘devil in me’ is csjh (Tenjochiki) ‘piranha’

    ‘is it alright’ would be dbsk’s ‘ride on’ while ‘stir that thing up’ is like the hiphop rappish version of the song.

    they produced koda kumi’s ‘more’ which is the same title kept.

    ‘remedy’ is dbsk’s ‘zion’

    just thought i’d let you know the songs if no one has come across them yet..heh heh lol

    i like the site so much now because i found other songs that i like!!

    hmm…there is an unknown pending status with namie amuro, for a song i guess (if anyone know her?? lmao haha) on bna productions page. but, i’m not sure lmao haha (okay so that might have been random…)

    so sorry for posting again. i will so no more now lmao ^_^

  10. SloveKimJaeJoong
    Definitely recommended! Theres heaps of great songs there. I really liked the English version of WN. And I can understand the lyrics which makes it so much better haha XD

    *nods* I like it too. Its got a nice beat and the chorus is so awesome XD I’ve actually ripped the song *twiddles thumb* cuz I really wanted the english version haha.

    Hmm I might search around then if you think Koda Kumi would do “Never Back To you”. Cuz I REALLY REALLY LIKE THE SONG! Or I might just be a bad girl and try to rip it off the site hahaha :D

    Under your recommendation, I went to listen to “Note To self” and its good. I like it. But I’m hopelessly addicted to “Never Back to you” atm haha. Yea the songs on PhrasedDifferently are probably just a sample. Of course the artists will need to play around with it to make the song suit them. I like the change they did with Wrong Number XD

    Ohhhh thanks for the program! I’ll go google it later and hopefully it can get me “Never back to you” cuz I seriously need that song. Its so good! ANd yes *hi 5* I ripped the audio of Brick Wall from the youtube clip hahaha. But like you, im not redistributing so it should be fine XDD

    As long as you’re paying for your own stuff, I’m sure you mummy wouldnt kill you. I cant buy stuff online these days cuz of our dollar rates. Which really sucks I tell you. :(

    Why would I delete your post honey? Lol That would be so rude of me XD Like you I clicked on BNA too and I really like the songs they’ve done. But wow, you sure spent a lot of time searching up all that. Thank you for sharing. I’ll go and edit that into the post, since I dont want your effort to go to waste XDD

    Yea, aside from Avex artists, theres heaps of other Japanese artists too. Must be a popular place for Japanese artists and I totally see why. They have great productsions XD Ohh Paper Planes? I shall go listen now :D

  11. I have the mp3 of Never Back to You. do u want it?

  12. tanyathao
    OMG YES PLEASE!!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH! Did you rip it from the site? Or did you find the actual artist who sang it? And um, If you dont wanna redistribute then you can email the link to imop’s email. Once again, thank you! XDDD

  13. thank you so muchhh for these!

  14. Thanks for sharing very CoOL site.
    I am a bad girl too…I ripped some songs with IDM.
    So far Never back to you is my favorite and urge to know
    the artist who sang this.

  15. iMissDBSK
    Lol. Its ok. Sorry for the late reply xx

    Its ok, I’m glad you could put it too use. I really like some songs but its so hard to find the artist that releases it :((

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