Posted by: lovediaries | February 3, 2009

090201 U-Kiss Comeback on Inkigayo – I Like You

So I was dying when they cameback lol and am only posting this now.

{credit: ukissTV @ youtube}

LOL! Okay so the guys are really happy and cute but maybe since this is the first time I’m listening to it, the song sounded really messy. The intro sounded very much like their other music from their 1st mini-album and then the “YEAH YEAH” reminded me of 2pm. Then before anything else, they were already singing the chorus? AND THEY’RE LIKE TOTALLY MATCHING LOLOL. All in red pants, white shirts with a denim jacket with different designs. OH AND I GET THE LINE THING! LOLLL omg this is so cute and exactly why I can’t take them seriously XDDD! But I hate hate hate Kevin’s hair (and Dongho’s too because the last I saw of him, he still had cornrows… I think Taemin’s the only person who can pull off a bowlcut. Oh and Kim Shinyoung XDDD). Kibum looks like a total girl (and sounded quite off too)! Like you want to pocket him and pat him :). Thank goodness Alexander and Soohyun actually look old. (Now Onew, why can’t you try that too? XD). And do you reckon the tag on Eli’s cap is supposed to be there or what? :P

And either it’s the song or these boys are really so full of energy because I felt like they were shouting throughout the entire song *steals energy waves from them*.


    I agree with most of your post. lol
    KEVIN WHY?!?!?! I hate his hair. *cries* I liked it better when he was in Xing and when they debuted for a while. Dongho strikes me as HEENIM~! for some reason. xD
    KiBum’s always looked like a girl. :)) What KiBum doesn’t? *shot by Candy and other Kim KiBum fans, since there are 3x as many of them. lol*
    Onew looks great as he is~ but I think he should grow his hair out a bit. :))
    *glomps Candy*

  2. ^LOLOL you’re so happy. Just…don’t get your hopes too high! I’m not sure how long I would keep up with doing U-Kiss posts hahaa. TOO MANY FANDOMS, TOO LITTLE TIME! But it is always fun to explore and post about others, once in a while :).

    LOL Kibum of SJ looks like a girl? He’s probably the only Kibum who doesn’t lol.

    *runs away before you can glomp me any more*

  3. Awww… well, don’t worry… I’LL REMIND YOU! :))
    Mwahahahahaha forcing work on you lol. xD
    I can imagine how hard it is to keep up with all the fandoms AND SCHOOL. xD My school is killing me right now. *cries* damn got off topic. XD

    Yeah I know it’s only KiBum of SJ who doesn’t look like a girl. xD Then again… hmmm… :)) KIDDING.

    You don’t like being glomped? D=

  4. okay first off let me start with saying..i don’t really know much about this group…but uh…i heard of their song…the one with the whole ‘i’m not a kid; i’m grown’ and whatnot… *clears throat* lmao uh…please don’t hate or hurt me! i didnt like that song..but this song i like. it’s catching to me…but their hair…yeah…some of them have that crack look of elvis’ hair/grease without the jerry curl in the front…i don’t even know their names and who’s who and so..eve though their names where shown in the beginning of the video lmao but i’m slow so it’ll take a while to get their names if i actually begin to take more interest in this group. (what’s funny actually, is when i got into dbsk, it took me over a month to learn both their real names and stage names, but with suju, i learned all of their names in a week!! i don’t know why… lmao!! okay another random thing) but this song is a start!! i really like this song

    oh i’m not sure if you have seen the video or not…maybe you have lmao maybe you did a post on the video and i didnt notice…so i apologize in advance for posting this link lmao

    for the official video i believe for the song ‘i like you’. you can watch it in hd as well (haha i was searching for the video after watching the live performance) lol

    and have you noticed in the beginning, before it goes into the song you here that ‘blazing sound’ (i think that’s what the electronic voice is saying) just like before the song ‘ah’ by afterschool. lmao okay another random thought…lol once again i have gone overboard with my comment…lol -_-”

  5. ^ Hehe it’s ‘Play this sound’ and it’s the official Brave Brothers…. Tag? on their songs.

    ANYWAY. The line thingy is called the train dance and homg it’s so cute (and reminded me of kindergarten but w/e it’s U-kiss xD). I know what you mean about them having alot of energy, the dance all JUMP! JUMP! JUMP!

    & HAHA AT ALEXANDER LOOKING OLD :D I like his rap, it’s much better than that in Not Young! The tag’s not only on Eli’s cap :p It’s on their pants and Kibum’s visor as well. LOL.


    & KARA! I so need to know you, or do I know you alrd? xD Are you on any forums? Haha.

  6. lol oh the hair. Sometimes Korean artists…should hire new hairstylists to bring the feel of the old look but still make the person looks really good with the hairstyle.

    This song, I couldn’t watch it all the way through lol. I got bored. I’m not young, I didn’t like it too much (The rap just killed it) but I felt like I could watch and wonder wth Eli and Alexander were thinking while singing the raps XD

    lol bowl cut is just a horrible style to do. I saw tom tom from panda express sporting that hair and he looked cute though (but darn hes a pandaXD).

    lmao dubuful…<3 He’s so love the way he is.

    lmao the kim kibums being girly…XD
    Yeah suju one is the only manly tough one.
    Key’s more ‘I’m a male but I’m not afraid to expose my femininity to the world’ type<3

  7. Kara

    FINE *holds out arm for you to glomp* :P

    some of them have that crack look of elvis’ hair/grease without the jerry curl in the front LOLOL!

    Thanks for the vid! And like chrestos explained, “Play that sound” is like the music people’s tag. You hear it in BEG’s “How Come” and Son Dambi’s “Crazy” as well! (You should check out those songs if you haven’t – they’re really catchy!)

    TRAIN DANCE!? Lol that is SO CUTE! And YEAH! Haha afterwards, I saw flaps on their jeans and I thought “are those tags as well? O___O”. Maybe they have to return it back to the sponsor in perfect condition? LOLOL XDDD.


    LMAO You’re saying how you’re not young enough to like this song but then you talk about tom tom the panda? (I don’t actually know who he is though LOL)

    And nah I love Onew the way he is…he just makes me feel like a pedo even though that is not the case!

    ROFL @ your Key comment. SO TRUE♥!

  8. HAHAHA MAYBE xD The tags on their pants actually say “U-kiss”. Lol IDK what’s with the tags but some fans overseas (not sure where from ._.) said that that is actually the trend nowadays in some of their schools, leaving tags on clothes o_O??

  9. @chrestos I’m on some forums~ username: KaraKATAD but I dunno if you know me. :))
    I’ll make a LJ one of these days… Or should I make a wordpress? xD HALP. lol.

    UKISS <3 The MV is ok, but I like live perfs better. xD

  10. sorry for double posting but yeah. xD
    WHY CAN’T I GLOMP YOUUUU??? *flails*
    And yes, that is scary. xD I’m going to my 4th year. wheeeeeeee… stress. TT_TT

  11. chrestos
    LOL are you serious? Once upon a time, it was seen as embarrassing to still have your tags attached to your clothes XDDD. Koreans sure do…interesting things :)

    Because if you glomp me, what will be left for Key? :PPP

    Oooh 4th year of uni? THAT DOES SOUND SCARY!

  12. Uhm.. of High School. :))
    I’m younger than you, Candy-chan. lol
    And I meant that Uni sounds scary. xD
    Btw, WordPress or LJ?

  13. HAHAHA, but it wasn’t the Koreans that said it was the trend x_o LOL idk ._.

    M!Countdown perf today (: Lol.

    & Kara I saw you on rocketboxx!

  14. Kara
    Oh. Damn. T_T.

    Haha um well since I have both, I’m the perfect person to ask. I say WP!!! But it’s also handy to have an LJ account. Not really for blogging purposes but to stalk comms :)

    Oh. Well, whoever started the trend is … odd :D

  15. i like u-kiss hair. also their face. please don’t be too serious. its thei trend. and they may like their hair. about the tags i thinks it was quite okay not weird.

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