Posted by: lovediaries | February 3, 2009

090202 FT Island – Bad Woman MV Filming

{credit: FTI @ youtube}

Um, MINHWAN. YOU CAN’T MAKE FACES LIKE @ 0.19-0.21 because … they’re not healthy for me >:(! He looked sorta like Rain there, actually AHAHAHAHA but it was the intensity behind his stare and not who he looked like that made me alkdjfakljfkljadsfkldjlfsd. No, but seriously, why does Minhwan look so darn mature? (Again, Onew, why can you not do this????) AND THEN HE WENT AND LICKED HIS LIPS.

Okay moving on. They interview Song Seunghyun! And, aw, sweet; Wonbin gave some advice to him before leaving, asking if the position was too overwhelming? Seunghyun is really good looking. He’s like a combo of a few Korean pretty boys whom I can’t name now but will be able to soon. Sungmin may be one of them. Lol well he does sort of look like him in this video, yes?! You know what. HE IS LIKE THE KYUMIN LOVECHILD. OMG. Hongki = KangTeuk lovechild and now new member Seunghyun is the KyuMin lovechild :OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

Anyway, FTI fans, be sad no more! They’re still looking promising with the addition of new member Seunghyun! I’ll be looking out for the release of their new MV :).

Okay, I’ve done enough posts for the day XD. Hope beckery >:( and you guys :)♥ are happy! *crawls off to bed*


  1. LOL Aww he looked so cute after she said he was sweating! But yes hecka mature!

    Actually Seunghyun kind of reminds me of Changmin no? LOL Maybe it is the lips/cheecks or something??

    I hope you feel better. <3333333333 I am catching a cold too! Oh noes! Make sure you get some rest!

  2. i am still sad that wonbin left ~_~ but i shall respect his personal reasons and decision…and i shall embrace the groups transition with the new member and i am looking forward to how things will go from there. lmao my minhwannie!!!!! woohoo i love you! (and jaejin!!) lmao aww…but now my sister has no reason to pay attention to fti..lmao wonbin was her fav because she said to me, he had a cute baby face just like yesung (her other fav; from suju) lmao i’m such a saint!! i’m converting my sister into this music field! lol haha her favorite group used to be suju…(i was mad when she told me she thinks suju is better than dbsk DX lmao haha just a little sister/group rivalry; but i didnt mind because i love both groups…just a bit more on dbsk’s side…lmao *cough*) but now her favorite group is bigbang (especially daesung) actually they are both goofy soo… lmao

    she also loves the wondergirls lmao

    omg omg i have to stop doing this!! i keep finding ways to stray away from the topic being covered in posts which in this case, is ‘filming of new fti mv “bad woman”‘.

    all in all, i wish seunghyun (isnt that t.o.p’s and seungri’s real names? or am i just wrong? i mean that’s how it’s spelled in english from what i’ve seen but maybe it’s spelled and pronounced differently in korean…i’ll have to look up the hangul spelling… X_x; okay straying again…shoot me please…)

    as i was saying..i wish seunghyun all the luck!! i’m sure he will do well and i’m sure primadonna…(wait is that the name of their fan base?) will grow to accept him despite the lose of the former member..(oh, wonbin, why? lmao haha joke because his name is oh wonbin right? so it’s like oh wonbin why did you leave oh why oh why oh wonbin?? lmao)

    okay i really need to stop. you can put a restraint on my comments at any time you choose..just so i can stop typing away with nonsense lmao haha

    but i will wait to see the whole mv to say if i like it or not ^_^

  3. This totally made my day! love that Wonbin gave the new member advise!!!

  4. Aww Wonbin. I’ll miss him but he did what he wanted to do. And the new guy is fairly mature and good looking…I wonder how good his skills are though. I wish him luck.

    Min Hwan grew up so quickly. He was a innocent/cute kid but now he has defined cheekbones and height. And I’m currently not liking Jae Jin’s hair from this other shot I saw of them all.

    lol I prefer dubuful staying all cute/innocent.

  5. ^I would also prefer Ondubu to stay fail-y, because that’s what makes him so amazing. XD

    It’s kind of weird, I didn’t start getting interested in FT Island until relatively recently with their Japanese release The One. So I guess I’m not as affected by Wonbin leaving as some of the longterm fans are. No matter what, I hope FTI continues to make catchy pop-rock and do those cute photoshoots that I’ve been saving like crazy, lol.

    Take care and get plenty of rest! I hope you feel better soon! <3

  6. lol they’re all so cute :] i havent been up with ft island so im not even sure who’s who and who wonbin is yet. and i feel so ashamed of that haha. hmm since a new member is in now; ill definitely be looking up more ft island now. wow the guy is like 19 or somethin but he looks so mature, im guessing he has to set the mood and fit with the girl since shes like older than him :]

  7. Ringy

    HI5! Jaejin’s actually my favourite lol but since Minhwan is the ~*star*~ of this clip, I just focused on him :).

    Woah funny about your sister loving wonbin & yesung cause before, I was saying to my friend how there was this one pic where Wonbin totally looked like Yesung! I guess your sis must’ve felt the similarities so she was drawn to Wonbin? LOL?

    And yeah TOP & SR also have the same name lol Guess that along with kibum is a popular one among idols? XD

    LOLOL you’re having quite a bit of fun with Wonbin’s name, aren’t you? (Yep primadonnas are the name of FTI’s fans!)

    So sweet of him ^^

    I know! Even though I wasn’t always into FTI’s music, I’ve always stalked them (for photos lmao I’m such a pedo) and Minhwan really has grown so much ^^

    ^^” Like I was saying to lr in the other post, I LOVE Onew being faily and cute and … faily lol; I just wished he looked (not acted!) older because my spazzing over him makes me feel like a pedo even though he’s older than me. MAYBE I JUST THINK TOO MATURE?

    And thank you dear <333

    LOL THAT’S REALLY FUNNY XDD. It’s okay, you can start fresh with them starting fresh :DDD!

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