Posted by: lovediaries | February 3, 2009

Tablo (drunk) freestyling in English

Well, I think he’s drunk. He certainly doesn’t sound it though! But check out all those bottles on the table … as if they’re all full :P

{credit: mapthesoul @ youtube}

Lol there are rumours saying that channel is Tablo’s? Or Epik High’s? Well whoever’s it is (beckery and I do believe it is Tablo and immediately subscribed LOLOL. WHAT? I bet you will too :P) guarantees that Epik High and myk (the other guy featured in the video who is from San Fran, is a singer, songwriter, musician (plays piano, guitar, drums) and DJ and will be debuting in 09) will be posting all new video content on that channel :D.

Anyway Tablo and myk do some awesome rapping in this. While I was trying to think of possible rhyming words for “garbage”, Tablo was already done with that rap and onto another XD. He also raps about a bird dropping a turd? LOL that’s what I heard XDDD.

Beckery: Just popping in to say that the best line of all time was at 1.05. “I’ve got an ass for brains, so even when I take a shit, I’m droppin’ knowledge” THE BEST QUOTE OF ALL TIMES YO!! I’m definitely going to use this haha XD And he’s soooo adorable going “I’m just sick drunk” at the beginning <3

Sorry I’ve been failing to post/replying to comments; I’m actually really sick right now with some bad infection and possibly tonsillitus (except I’m no doctor and I always diagnose myself incorrectly) but beckery (who is evil smiling >:D) bullied me into posting this ;____;.


  1. OMGG that was sooo cool <3 and really funny XD
    Mann Tablo is like so genius, lol
    I’d want to hear more of MYK rapping and stuff; he seemed pretty cool XDD

    Ahh i hope you’re not too sick and okay DX heh lol

    Haha,,anyways hope Tablo can do some more "drunk rapping" in the future (in English preferably so i can understand, lol XD)

  2. lmao!!!! i subscribed as well!! haha sue me for having hopes!! lmao man those rhymes were wicked nice!! yes especially that a55 for brains line. i also like the garbage man word play along with the barack obama word play. they were used nicely haha. the bird dropping a turd part made me laugh out loud lmao like lol literally laugh. out. loud. lmao. that video went to my favorites. i am looking forward to seeing more videos uploaded to the account…i just love tablo’s voice whether it be in english or korean lmao idc if i understand or not because to me, his voice is really appealing (do i sound weird for saying that?) and i know the rhymes are always tight when it’s having to do with him and epik high. and this myk guy…he seems good with the flow as well lmao i wish all drunk people were able to be drunk in a productive way such as tablo and myk were; i mean they were able to spit some nice stuff lmao but not all drunk people can be rappers…only drunk rappers can rap like that..or maybe just tablo and myk are able to rap like that…that’s so to say if they were really drunk but yea it’s difficult to think that those bottles are filled lmao

    but i always fins myself saying that it would be cool if they made an english over here…in the u.s (?) even if it would just be tablo (being a bit biased here…*cough*) but, the whole group (maybe? because tablo was born in the states no? i think he said that on super junior’s full house) because i think their material is hot!! haha but that’s just me thinking past the clouds again; since that’s the same thing i find myself saying with bigbang because their music sticks out…so yeah…okay let me stop lmao

    tablo: ’cause i am, the question, to all answers.’ lmao sorry random quote from his song nocturne lmao haha my fav song from their ‘remapping the human soul’ album i believe (?) *cough* i’m done now with my ranting!! ^_^

  3. omg sorry..i just noticed how much i wrote… X_x i got carried away…haha so sowwies!! you can kill me now!! lmao

  4. This is SO awesome! I always love hearing Tablo speak English, and this is… even better. DRUNK FREESTYLE RAPPING? WTF? It’s great. I couldn’t help but notice though that Tablo’s raps were a little tighter than MYK’s. Tablo is so freaking brainy, even when he’s drunk. I admire that because no matter how much I learn, I can’t retain details that make his rapping so great (all of the witty/ironic/sardonic references and stuff).

  5. omg that was so amazing..and amusing! =) tha barack obama part was very witty and awesome =)

    ya tablo! i’ve missed him and epik high =) did you hear about him releasing his book in english? i wanna read it some time and be in awe of his pure…awesomeness? lol

    i hope epik high releases an album in english one day. that’d be awesome (i need to expand my vocab, i keep using awesome haha)

    oh i’m excited to see myk debut too yay

    and i hope you feel better! =)

    i think i forgot to say something i wanted to say…hm…i’ll post back when i remember haha

  6. lol tablo’s amazing haha. for a drunk, he’s not slurring which is like so cool. he has perfect english for a korean :]
    haha very entertaining :p

  7. edenzer
    Well now that they have their own channel, I’m sure there will be many more videos to come :))

    LOL @ you and your comments XDD! And YES that ass for brains was GOLD! I really like Tablo’s voice too! It’s so soothing and rich and mmm :) haha.

    No, I agree! It would be awesome if they produced an english album and actually rapped about things that mattered instead of … whatever stuff western rap talks about these days (I pretty much stick to asian music lol).

    Agree! There’s something about Tablo’s voice and accent which makes me really like hearing him rap and speak in English.

    Yeah it’s been released for a while (the eng version), hasn’t it? I really want to read it; I bet he’d have some amazing short stories *___*

    Lol that’s cause he grew up in the states and graduated from Stanford too (I’m pretty sure lol)!

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