Posted by: lovediaries | February 5, 2009

090131 SHINee – Star Golden Bell cuts

{credit: mellogreenleaf @ youtube}

This is the ep where Onew pretends to do a cellphone CF and Taemin pretends to do an icecream CF ^^.

They ask Byun Gi Soo what qualities of his would SHINee be jealous of and he answers maybe how fast he speaks. For some reason, I immediately heard Minho speaking in my head because what Byun Gi Soo said made me realise that Minho actually speaks rather slowly LOL. Taemin says that he’s envious of Byun Gi Soo’s ability to make people laugh and ROFL “I’ll give you my talent so give me your face in return!” LOLOL!

The next cut is SO CUTE! Onew is completely covered by Moon Chun Shik sitting in front. OMG DUBU♥♥ Onew then has to guess how old another guest is and WHAT? THAT GUY IS 38? O___O. Men age well lol. THEN the next part is even cuter LOLOL (this seems to always happen with Onew. He just grows cuter with each second). Jaedong asks about SHINee’s popularity and asked why they were shocked when they went to Thailand. The sort of answer he was looking for was something like “Fans lined up for 20 hours before the show started” or “The mall was so packed it had to be closed off” LOLOL things like that. Instead, Onew talks about seeing an alligator show ROFLMAO. WHY SO CUTE *O*.

Taemin talks about wanting to do CFs. “I also like ice cream” LOL! AND LMAO IT’S THAT NOONA AGAIN! The one from the MBC Dance Battle. Can someone tell me her name? She is so awesome I need to know who she is ^^! Jaedong says Minho should do a Make up CF and ROFLMAO the man is so funny. He demonstrates what he wants Minho to do and everyone’s like !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; Minho does it and everyone screams. Oh, the contrast XD.

The next part is games which is hard to understand and describe (and not all of it is subbed) lol so you guys can watch it for yourself :) I loved Onew’s “does our song appear in it” <3333333333 He’s also really smart lol YOU CAN TELL. But ROFLMAO they were singing “Replay” AND HIS VOICE CRACKED. I FEEL SO EMBARRASSED FOR HIM.

AND GUYS, I HAD THE MOST AWESOMEST DREAM LAST NIGHT. ONEW WAS MY BOYFRIEND LOLOL. It was really weird actually cause everything happened within like half an hour. One second we were up on a roof with some lady trying to sell couple stuff to us and it was really upsetting me because I wasn’t going out with Onew. Then we left the roof and he took my hand into his and it felt so nice *_____* CAUSE LIKE, YOU KNOW HOW HE HAS REALLY MANLY HANDS?
So then I decided I liked him and I just clung onto him. It started raining afterwards and once we were inside, we’d have to separate and so we decided to stay walking in the rain just so we could continue holding hands. And the funny thing was, in my dream, Onew was like heeeeeeeeeeeeaps taller than me when in actual fact, he’s like less than 10cm taller than me XD. But he was in a black shirt and he had really nice, broad shoulders and I was probably drooling lol but whatever. I didn’t want to wake up :).


  1. Shinee’s so adorable in SGB.
    Onew was adorkable throughout bahah!! Especially when he tried to sing Noona’s so pretty. He was bright using the guessing game to promote their song, well kinda lol<3

    Taemin’s ice cream CF *___*
    Minho doing a make up CF. *flails* (I had to watch it several times xD)

    You had a SHINee dream! An Onew dream!! And he was your BF??! O_o You lucky girl. Please send me that dream lolol The only difference would be that he’d be like 20cm taller than me coz I’m such a shorty. BAAHH

  2. ^I thought that too! Cause Onew could’ve just guessed “Boys over Flowers” with the clue of 4 handsome guys. No wonder he is leader :)

    AND YES it’s been a long time since I had a SHINee dream so it was exciting :).

  3. lmao I only knew the answer for the one onew asked if their group sang itXD I was like “OMGAH 4 GUYS F4~” haha.

    lol his voice crack was adorable. He was all ^^// <3 I would still be happy if he sang that to me regardless. But I’m not a noona soXD

    But I didn’t know nicole was turning 20…I thought she was a 1991er…so I imagined her turning 19.

    ahaha but nice dream you got there 8D I’ll want a dream with Min Ho and make him spew many sentences and make him carry me princess style…and then he will fall cause of my weightXD ahh I need some nice korean idol dreams.

  4. ^LOL I didn’t even realise until Onew asked about thier song XDD.

    I’m not Onew’s noona either but it would still make me happy. Lmao at them saying it was like them singing a gift to their parents cause it did look like it XDD.

    Lol Nicole looks that age, I think. I’m ’91er and…I hope I look younger than she is XD.

  5. “made me realise that Minho actually speaks rather slowly ”
    I told you Minho is a ROBOT … :D

  6. ^ROFL yes you were right XD

  7. lol i love how the little words at the side said how cute whne onew was talking about alligator show =) i’ll never get tired of him! haha =)

    awww (i missed the box again >.< lol) but anyways hahaha, i’ve seen him do the cell phone CF before, but he looks even cuter this time..even though it’s the same exact video, but when he’s embarassed haha =) so cute

    wah onew is so smart!!!! =) i loved when he asked is our sng in it? and his smile after that like melted me! =)

    ahh i feel so bad for saying but i laughed really hard when onew’s voice cracked, not cause it cracked, but because of his pause then huh then O_O then laugh
    haha it was so cute!! =) poor onew though! it makes me love him more though =)

    and your onew dream was totally awesome! =) i think he’s less than 10 cm taller than me too, but that’s good enough. and i agree, i love his hands =) i want an onew dream too

  8. My gosh, you’re so tall! Even Jonghyun’s about 30 cm taller than me. (I’m not even 5 feet… >.>)
    That said, I only read your dream so far – and it was so sweeeeet! I want Onew to be my dream boyfriend (since it could only ever happen in my dreams) and because it reminded me that I had a K-pop dream today and I was all excited to come and tell you about it – but then I forgot… I think it was another DBSK one though – and I actually interacted with them and stuff.

    Oh, and I totally suck because I obviously came off way harsh in my comment about the Super Idol list and I’m really sorry and please apologize to beckery for me too because the post is gone now so I can’t reply there and tell her that I didn’t think she sounded really upset – I was just still thinking about all the hullabaloo I had seen elsewhere about the post. Anyway, I’m really sorry and am extremely lame. And uhm, to make up for it, here’s Key’s subbed video from the Super Idol countdown show. Bye!

  9. koko
    LOL *hug* you’re so cute.

    Yeah it wasn’t just the voice crack that made me lol. It was the way there was a pause and then Taemin went and hugged him – that was so sweet!

    Oh really? XD I imagined you to be a tall girl XDDD. Haha I’m glad you thought to come to me to tell me about your kpop dream *feels special*.

    And it’s okay!! Lol beckery deleted that post because we got some other comments and we figured it best to get rid of everything to keep imop a “safe and happy environment” haha. Only because in a situation like that it’d be hard to reply to all these different opinions. But thanks for the video!!!! :)

  10. Wha, I just watched it and can Onew seriously get any cuter? I loved seeing that huge smile he had on his face throughout the entire show – even when he made the mistake with the question and when his voice cracked.
    LOL, the noona’s name is Kim Nah Young, the one from the dance battle, thanks for saying it – I knew she looked familiar but I couldn’t tell from where.
    Ah, and Minho’s CF! LOL, the host asked him to do that without even knowing that that’s one of Minmin’s signature moves! And poor Taemin kept holding up the line and they kept talking about his age! The noonas’ reactions were funny too.
    Oh, and Onew’s voice when he said “we were surprised” – Oy, he’s just so cute! I want to pinch his cheeks!

  11. Oh, you’re here already? I thought you’d be on later. Oh no, I’m usually the shortest among any group my age and my nickname in school was ‘tiny’. But it’s nice that someone thought I was tall even for a short while. :D And haha, yes, feel special.

    Oh okay, thanks for clarifying. I was so worried – I thought it was because of me. LOL, it’s just a little thing but people get way worked up over it. I dunno why, really. You’re welcome. ^^

  12. ^Lmao I woke up at 11 something today; that’s already pretty late!

    Ah, Kim Nah Young lol thanks for letting me know cause she’s so funny XD.

    That video was so cute. My favourite line was “playing his allurement tactics knowingly on stage, a small fox”. That is like spot on!

  13. Yes, that was my favourite line too! Although I think all of the little captions were quite fitting. Ha, I hope the others’ videos are as amusing.

  14. ^Hmm but I don’t think all 100 will be subbed … ? Or do you mean the other members lol

  15. omg, i laughed screamed and squealed so much just even for 10mins of SHINee. haha imagine if it was even longer and cuter! xD gah just 4 days without the comp and i missed out on so much kpop stuff!!! why? SCHOOL. pre-u is so busy ):
    oh man i cracked up so hard when onew cracked while singing! i am sorry onew! i cant help it, you are too cute for your age! (:
    haha your dream was even better than my dream of falling asleep on onew’s shoulder! at least sth happened in yours T__T -jealous-
    haha i had a lot of idol dreams, ranging from dbsk to suju to shinee. (: teehee.
    oh ya! there is a new version of boa’s eat you up mv, sth like a dance version cuz there are more scenes of her dancing which is coooool (:

  16. lol they’re so cute, if only jonghyun and key were there too. onew is just so cute. idk what game they were playing but he seems good at making noises? or was it some sort of korean thing? well hes smart, cute, and lots of other things. haha i loved how they sang replay to the noona :] even though onew cracked haha but luckily they recovered. if the other two were there, it would’ve been better. what were they even up to?

  17. tristabelle
    You’re starting uni? Me too and I’m so nervous about it!!!! I’ll have like two more weeks of being free and then I have to start going to orientation days and stuff :((((

    I haven’t had very many sweet dreams lately lol so it was nice to have had that one :D

    Thanks for that boa vid!

    LOL no they weren’t making random noises. I think they were guessing what that word in the [?] box was and since it was only one word, they would’ve been making just one sound ^^

  18. oh no, i still have 2 more years till uni. singapore’s education system is a little different. We have a major exam at 16 yrs old then we go to pre-u (we call it junior college or JC for short) and then at 18 we have another major exam which determines our fate in uni (sth like a uni entrance exam). so right now i am studying in a JC which just started in feb. After 3 months of play, it’s bittersweet to go back to school. (: and I MISS SHINee! T__T

    haha yeah lucky you! i once had a dream where i had a conversation with jonghyun in chinese! haha how retarded! xD

    by the way, GOOD LUCK in uni. (((: work hard play harder! : D

  19. Aigoo~ the power of youth.. The cute and adorable-ness that can’t be found everywhere else *coughexceptsujucough*

  20. tristabelle
    Ah…ic lol yeah that does sound complicated O.o . But wow your schooling year starts same time as Aust :).

    Oh wow lol conversing with them! Aw, I miss my dream lol.

    And thank you! I’ll try hard not to procrastinate

    Lol the power of youth indeed~ A power I hope SJ never run out of ^^

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