Posted by: lovediaries | February 5, 2009

Preorder Tablo’s “Pieces of You”

Yay! You can order this off Yesasia. I WANT IT.

Skilled in rapping, songwriting, instruments, and acting, Epik High leader Tablo is no doubt a person of many talents. Pieces of You allows fans to appreciate the writing talent of Tablo who holds Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English Literature and Creative Writing from Stanford University. This English-language book unveils a collection of short stories Tablo wrote at Stanford during his undergraduate studies from 1998 to 2001. No true fan should miss Tablo’s literary work.

22o pages is about as thick as The Princess Diaries Take Two lol. I think it’d be worth a buy :).

Hmm, maybe when I find a job ^^”. Hopefully it won’t be out of stock…ever XD.


  1. oh god DDDD: PLEASE DON’T BE OUT OF STOCK PLEEEAAASSSSEEEE. wait until my birthday, mr. book! T^T

  2. ^What month is your birthday? I want it for mine too but .. it might be out by June? :(

  3. April. But Tablo has lots of fans. Who are far richer than I am. And I’m afraid they’re going to buy them all out T^T

  4. ^We’ll buy it for each other’s birthdays :)

  5. OKAY, so ordering this (actually, I’m about to order off yes-asia anyway)


  7. is this expected release feb 13 reliable?

    idk, don’t want my CDs to be stalled

  8. ^YA is never reliable when it comes to release dates. I don’t care, buy me a copy – it’s my bday soon :)

    What cds are you buying?

  9. Hey, it’s my birthday sooner!

    Uhh, Taegoon, 2PM and some japanese ones, and my friend is getting an SNSD cd.

  10. ^I knew SNSD would be on the list lol. 2PM have a new CD coming out?

    Ooooh you’re a Taegoon fan too :DDD He is my newest love.

  11. Last time I bought 2AM’s cd but this is 2PM’s old one. You know… Asian new year money, I can finally buy it ;____;, finally.

    I haven’t even listened to the whole mini-album yet but I’m still buying it idk (and he reminds me of Rain for some reason)

  12. Oh, well that’s weird then. But dw his mini-album is good and you can listen to it multiple times, I assure you. He reminds me of TVB’s Sam Chan, actually. And he’s cuter than Rain, I reckon. Only cause Rain is like ~*International Star*~ and … yeah less cute :/

  13. but it’s in korean, isn’t it? how I wish he just release the original copy all in english.. :p

  14. ^This is the english version !!!

  15. Ah I am really thinking about getting it. I want to order it with Super Junior’s new album though so I can save on shipping multiple things.

    If I get it I can send it to you after I am done! LMAO >; )

  16. ^Can I keep it after you send it to me? :P

  17. ^ No.


  18. ^No = yes in my language. THANKS RINGY :))))

  19. ^ I hate you.

    If anything you probably should have said that after I shipped it! LMAO

  20. ^Oh, so I should be expecting it shortly? ;P

  21. yay!! got my copy today through….it cheaper there than YA with S/H….hehehe

  22. ^:OOOOOOOOOOOOO *jealous*.

    I read some of the “previews” and omg the book sounds fantabulous. I really want my own copy too T____T

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