Posted by: lovediaries | February 5, 2009

Taemin’s Middle School Photos

pinkandsparkly wouldn’t let me save these pictures (because of the creepy factor, I guess) but posting these would keep such precious photos in a safe place >:D. And plus, some of you pedos might want to see this ;) jks~

Um, HOW FREAKING CUTE/PRETTY IS TAEMIN? He looks like some character straight from a manga :))). I…wonder what his brother looks like LOL.


  1. lol is this a shoujo manga cover? XD;

  2. ^lmao I know eh XD

  3. WTH? wth.. wth.. wth.

    Oh, that girl guy over there looks like my girlboyfriend XDDD

    *that was a lame joke if you didn’t get it lol XD

    but srysly.. so pwetty +_+

  4. ^LOL XD Yeah Taemin is very pretty indeed ^^

  5. How can he look so pretty?!
    He’s so photogenic! I’m so envious!><

  6. Yeah, I also think that saving them would be a little creepy…but I wanted to check them out because I heard they’re his graduation pictures – but I didn’t realize he’d graduated junior high already. So is he in high school now then? I feel very confused…

  7. purplefanatic
    It’s all like washed over and prettified lol!

    Awwwwwwwwwwww graduation pictures? That makes them even more special ^___^. Lol yeah Korean schooling confuses me so I’ll just wait til he gets to college and then get excited lol

  8. I wish my graduation pictures looked that good. I’m not photogenic at all and I kind of forgot it was picture day so…they were pretty ug. Then of course my mother bought one and it now sits in the livingroom. -.-
    Taeminnie’s in high school! So proud…^^

  9. ^Argh, don’t even mention photo day. The other day I had to take my student id card for uni but I didn’t know I would be taking my photo then so I didn’t fix myself up and had just come back from the doctors. So my photo is soo gross and ugly. Worst of all, throughout my ENTIRE uni life, they give me the same photo T________________T

  10. lol! i saved those.. XD
    something i can actually look back 5 years from now… how he matured over the years.. and yeah taemin already graduated from middle school.. he mentioned that on the road show quiz they guested.
    he looked pleased and happy that’s he’s already a high school freshman. lol

  11. LOL! i had to take a photo for my uni day too. my eyes look mismatched and not in a good way. If it were Changmin, that’ll be a totalllllly different case *jealous* Bahaha. My ID photo is mega ugly and i have to use it for all my 4 years in uni unless i misplace it and pay 25 dollars for another one. ><

  12. nylenuol
    LOL STALKER! Oh road show quiz … something I haven’t watched ^^” (and I still need to watch their clips from TW. I SUCK!)

    :OOO You only have 4 years? I have 5. If I’m real desperate, I’ll do summer school to shorten that time period. But lol mismatched is still okay! I look yellow and bloated in mine :(

  13. damn he is so pretty~ if there’s any boy like this in my school, I’d be rooting for him! <3 lol


    But alksdjflk srsly this kid has such good genes. ;_; So cute~ I really like his eyes and nose.

    And wow *dies* hello again, schoolboy kink. D:

  15. ilove taemin
    and i love shinee forever

  16. authentiquesaga
    He probably is very popular at school :P


    I know, that’s why I want to know what his brother looks like! I bet his brother is more manly though lol

  17. Taemin is sooo cute. He really has a geniunely nice smile… I’m a pedo.. sue me! Can you imagine finds these pics if you had them on your computer? Hmm I wonder what Jail is like XD

  18. ^Lmao which is exactly why I didnt save them XD

  19. ah ha i can actually save them i a year younger then him!! its true that he’s cute with his smile. i always look ugly in my pics but its different for him.

  20. are you sure the pictures were when he was in middle school
    just joking hehe
    i hate my school photos the new one of ours we have to do a “so hot” move the one where your hands goes under your chin like a flower they look so weired
    but oppa’s are really nice

  21. cute taemin… :)

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