Posted by: lovediaries | February 6, 2009

090124 SHINee Boys Over Flower Parody

Part 1, Part 2.

LOL @ the start. Jonghyun suggests since there’s 5 of us…and the female DJ goes “F5?” and Jonghyun goes “We’ll just go by SHINee” LOL.

Onew = Junpyo (lol aww I’d love to see Onew actually act out Junpyo’s arrogance)
Minho = Jihoo (This role is quite fitting, actually)
Jonghyun = YiJung (mmm I loved the way he said playboy XDDD)
Taemin = random female student (LMAO @ his “F4! Wah~”)
DJ S = Jandi (aw why not give Taemin this role XD)

Then they just read the script lol which I don’t intend on typing out :P; so you guys, go watch it! It definitely would’ve been more exciting if they did this not on a Radio Show XD.

p.s Onew is seriously the cutest thing. His headphones made a part of his hair stick out – it’s SO funny.


  1. lol i think tamin should’ve been jan di but dj s did a good job too. haha i think jonghyun should’ve been junpyo. onew is just too cute to be mean :D lol they’re all so cute haha i love the korean instrument in the place of the violin. i thought that was really funny :]

  2. lol i wish taemin was jandi too, but the fact that he go too be a a total and complete “fangirl” of S-F4 (as onew says haha) made it totally awesome

    and onew was too happy and bubbly and cute to be be jun pyo, but oh well it made me like him even more! i love how he was smiling like the entire time, even durin his angry lines, and his evil laughing hahahaahahahahhaaa =) i also loved his “Grrr! They’re all dead!” and i absolutely loved the EUAK! at the end lol

    other than onew, i love how minho kept looking embarassed haha =) and when he was demonstrating how to play that drum , i kept laughing at his “hold the stick….gently like this” and then dj s’s “omo omo this is so fun” hahahaha it was somewhat disturbing though hahaa lol it reminded me slightly of the stalker noona when she was rolling around in onew’s sheets =( lol

    i miss SHINee already, i hope a new album comes out soon, but i want them to rest well first =)

  3. betty
    lol using the buk was the only thing they changed XDD

    Yeah rofl the “hold the stick gently like this” cracked me up so bad and “jandi” was so excited and squealing and laughing and LOL it sounded so wrong XDDDD.

    Onew is too nice to be Junpyo lol but he can act! *thinks back to their Reality show* lolol yeah I miss them too :((

  4. ah oh yeah! he was so amazing and cool (wow who knew that word could be used on onew) with that sword! =)

  5. hah, it’s been a while since I came here,,
    school has rigged most of my time :(

    anyways, I haven’t seen this yet, in progress of dl-ing..

    gonna comment after watching then! :)

  6. koko
    LMAO the running down the stairs was faily though!

    Aww, I’ve missed you! I hope school doesn’t keep you away for too long!

  7. Haha, the dj played her part well.. And onew! *sigh* even his sexy voice cant make up for the adorableness showing ^^

  8. ^I really want to see them act one out cause BB’s was so full of fail XD. And Daesung really disturbed me as a girl (as much as I love him).

  9. AGREE!!! But i’m hoping they’ll appear in FO soon *crosses fingers*
    THAT WOULD BE THE DEATH OF ME XDD it’s okay if only 2 of them *ahemOTPahem*

  10. ^OMG IMAGINE IF THEY DID. Onew would be all clumsy and Key would full fix him up and aksdjfalsdkjfald omg DIES.

  11. vid deleted :(

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