Posted by: lovediaries | February 6, 2009

090201 YSMM – Hyunjoong Cuts

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{credit: muishiessi @ youtube}

I really like Kang Hodong’s jumper. The PAris is so cute!!! Hyunjoong talks about choosing love over friendship and woah that is rare. I would want a guy who thinks that way too because then if he gets caught up between these two things, you know he will choose you over his friends >:D. Is that an evil way of thinking? But I mean, you’re the one he’ll end up marrying and not his friends, right? Kang Hodong then says he will never introduce his wife to Hyunjoong XDDD. “You never need to see my wife. She never needs to come to any award ceremonies” LOLOL.

Hyunjoong shares he tends to fall in love at first sight; in a case where he grows to fall more in love, he is often disappointed. Hyunjoong says he has fallen in love while filming but doesn’t know if it was while filming Xman or Love Letter LOL. SURE. “I didn’t hit on her though” AHAHAHAHA. Whatever :P.

Hyunjoong also says that he gets nervous when he goes karaoke (UM WHY? It’s like my favourite thing to do :D) and they ask was it because he got beat up by a karaoke owner? ROFL WHUT? Nah but it makes sense because when he goes with other people, they’d expect him to pwn cause he’s a singer. MC Mong says what happens to Hyunjoong happens to him when he chooses a banana off a fruit platter LOLLL. Hyunjoong then sings and KHD is all *_____*. Lol I love that man.


  1. lol i think hyunjoong is “out of the box” when it comes to talking. he seems to give an answer u wouldnt expect which is perfectly fine. hes just him in his own way which is what makes fans attracted to him. i feel him being ji hoo in bbf is a match not saying its PERFECT, but its a match.

  2. ^Yeah there are things about him that makes him a good Jihoo (LIKE THE SNATCHING GF FROM FRIEND THING >:/) lol

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