Posted by: lovediaries | February 7, 2009

FT Island – Bad Woman MV

{credit: xsilh0uette @ youtube}

Jaejin looked 12 and Minhwan looked 20 O____O WHUT.

Poor Hongki gets make up thrown at him – his scene was really dramatic lol. Jonghun sits on the stairs with the female lead (sorry I’ve forgotten her name already) and flips cards. It sounds dumb, but I thought it was effective! And then later, they’re hugging by a wall and I don’t know if it’s just me but were her hands bleeding? And was she cutting into his stomach? LOL I think I’m seeing things she was draws on his white shirt with her lipstick. AND NEW BOY IS REALLY CUTE! He gives really nice stares and I liked the way he held her at 3.14.

The song is nice and heartbreaking and suits Hongki’s voice; but what was really weird in the MV was whenever it was Hongki’s lipsynching scenes, they’d all be in boxes which moved and slid around XDD.


  1. Those boxes are funny. XD

    omg what’s with that hair, Hongki D:? And is that new boy? *is not rly a big fan so is kinda confuzzled* Jonghun’s parts were sad DDD:

    I’m probably the only fangirl in the world who finds this video funny D:

  2. wow this is the first time i’ve really listened to FT Island, but that song was so amazing and so emotion-packed, the video was pretty intense too, though i didn’t quit understand the moving boxes hahaha

    i feel sad now =( …time to go watch more of onew being adorable! =)

  3. paperteuk
    LOL I thought the moving boxes totally killed the mood but maybe we’re the only ones who laughed at them XD

    Oh wow I’m glad you got this chance to listen to them :) Emotion-packed is a good way of saying it :))

  4. lol I have to go back and watch, I didn’t see any stomach stabbing, but I thought I saw but grabbing?!? I keep forgetting the new members name but I agree his stares are drool worthy, wish he had more camera time. And Jae looking 12? seriously I thought he looked mature when he hugged the girl lol I think it’s the hair cut that makes him look younger, I loved the previous hair he had. but minhwan does look older, he’s going to land mutliple noonas in jail.

  5. I’d love to be on those boxes, though. They’ll probably be awesome props for photoshoots :D

    I’m still akjsdfhasdkWTF at Hongki’s hair. And his acting here is kind of… awkward. I mean, he did well in their other MVs but why does this one feel weird?

  6. lol wow my first time watchin an ft island mv. i think the whole vid was really emotional/weird in a way. i think it just ties in with the whole heartbreak thing. haha out of all the guys, i really dig the new one. he’s so cute. haha i hate how they’re in boxes, it sorta ruined it for me. i love the song and the lead’s voice except not his weird earring :]

  7. who’s the dude at 3:40? I can’t tell…

  8. nataly
    Haha it wasn’t stomach stabbing XD I realised later it was just lipstick XDDD. Song Seung hyun! How can you forget his name when TOP and Seungri also have the same name XDD?

    And yeah it’s Jaejin’s hair cause he has a really boyish face and aklsldsjfl he’d land me in jail too >:D.

    Yeah lol they do look like they’d be fun! Which is why they don’t suit this emo MV XD. YEAH! I thought so too. Like when the girl screamed and he threw his head back as if he got slapped LOL that actually made me laugh T_T.

    Lol well wasn’t the addition of Song Seung hyun a good thing then ;)))).

    LMAO yeah Hongki’s earring was…odd.

    3.40 was Jaejin!

  9. lol I like big bang but I’m not a big fan so I don’t know their actual names one day I will learn them, but seriously learning suju’s names took me like a 0.1 seconds so I hope I can get this kid’s name down pat soon time

  10. ^Ohh no that’s fine. I know their names but with their nicknames, I have no idea where they came from and never bothered finding out ^^”

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