Posted by: lovediaries | February 7, 2009

SHINee Elle Premiere Photoshoot & Cosmopolitan Magazine

{credit: AhMiGO @ youtube}

This is actually quite old (?) cause I saw the photos a month or more back but I didn’t realise I hadn’t yet posted them until I saw this video this morning ^^. The video is really cute (lol can someone teach me another word); I loved Taemin, Jonghyun & Key playing on the couch and then Minho & Onew taking photos of each other.

Scans from both mags under the cut!

{credit: as tagged; Bestiz; SHINee Forums}

I remember Taemin’s solo pic REALLY cracking me up. Why is he looking so angry? XDD. And Taemin, Jonghyun & Key’s shots make a really good phone wallpaper because it crops to either just Key or Jonghyun and it’s really pretty :).

Yay Suits :). Taemin looks soooo cheery; can I eat him? XD


  1. Hahahaha…
    I love these photos~~
    Minho and Onew taking pictures of each other is SOOOO CUTE! (I need to learn a new word too. lol) uhmm… AWESOME! xD
    And Minho with his arm around Key is like… KYAAA!
    Minho: YAY!
    Key: *indifferent*

  2. *____* PHOTOSHOOT♥ I love photoshoots~ *dreams of becoming a photographer of pretty boys*

    BUT LEE JINKI. You’re making me feel old –; Stop that.

  3. so…………….. cute,cool
    salanghae shinee

  4. Kara
    LOLLL Key: *indifferent*. That’s like when littledarth gave me a brief fan account and said Key looked sad because he was seated next to Minho ROFL

    Me too! They do good shoots 80% of the time :))

  5. OMG CANDYCHU! you definitely HAVE to see this! SHINee’s CF for the cosmetics! that girl is one lucky girl! it’s damn adorable and i am squealing/screaming like crazy xD good thing no one’s home.
    minho: MINHO KISSSSS! xD

  6. lol i love how they’re so photgenic and cute at the same time. when are they ever not? haha. omg i fell in love with key’s piercings. they’re so abnormal but cuteeee. i wonder when he got them, since when he was with i think superjunior? on the thing a while back. he didnt have any piercings.

  7. tristabelle
    Ah alsjfasld I can’t wait for the others! Thanks for the links <333

    I love Key’s earrings especially the little Key – they’re the cutest! Are you taking about Attack of the pin up boys? Lol well you hardly saw his face let alone his piercings but he’s definitely had that many since debut!

  8. Guhh! XDD *losts of words*
    should us, fangirls, make a special edition of fan-dict (fandom dictionary) then?! Xp

  9. *loss

  10. ^LOL yeah we definitely need one of those.

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