Posted by: lovediaries | February 7, 2009

SMTOWN Live in Bangkok Press Conference

I’ve missed Zhang Li Yin. Apparently she will soon be recording her 2nd album! UM, ABOUT TIME. She looks sorta lonely though, being the only girl and all. Too bad CSJH won’t be there but I hope Stephanie recovers real soon cause I think I read about her being in a Japanese movie or drama (?) :(.

{credit: as tagged}

But um, it’s hot in Thailand atm, isn’t it? Why are they all wearing emo colours? I feel so sorry for them…give them tank tops or something!

More under the cut! And DO NOT HOTLINK, PLEASE :)!


  1. I lol at Siwon and his hand gestures. I didn’t have to look at the face to know that it’s him! XD

  2. LOL at Key’s expression in that last picture of Zhang Yi Lin. I saw that second to last group picture before and it looked like so few people with just SHINee and Suju. Well, DBSK and SNSD should be there soon…

    Anyway, thanks for sharing the pretty pictures~ I just popped by to link you to this, subbed cuts of SHINee on Quiz Show Expedition – it’s pretty short.
    Part 1:
    and Part 2:

  3. I’m replying comments on Candychu’s behalf cuz I’ve been a total slacko lately and I feel bad cuz she’s the only one posting XDDD hahaha

    LOL. Of course! Siwon’s the king of hand gestures and facial expressions. Especially those eye brows of his hahahha. Gosh I miss that boy <3

    I know :( SMTown looks so lonely with the few boys and ZLY. They should hold the press conference later when DBSK and SNSD come. It’ll look more like a big happy family XDD

    And Candychu said thanks for the links and that she’ll watch them soon :D

  4. awwwwwwww, SHINee looks so adorable!!!!

  5. why are they all in black ..haha..
    they are all so cute!!!! its today!!!!

  6. Lucky fans!! It’s good to see Zhang Li Yin again. I really wish SM would try more to promote her. I miss seeing the Super Junior boys together :[.

    Lol when does SHINee not look adorable =P

    love sm
    They’re all being emo hahaha. Well thats we thought anyways.

    Well she’s preparing for her 2nd album so hopefully there will be more promotion in the future. OMG I hope they’ll release more epic mvs. She always have really good ones XD

  8. Dear Father SM,

    Plz to be more ZLY.


  9. SHINee the only one wearing a color other than black! <3

    Nanas’B CF.. something that I love and hate
    (not really) at the same time.XD

    Taemin’s Ver. :)

    Minho’s Ver. T___T

  10. lol right when i saw key behind everyone i was like AHHHH SHINEEE! lol so they’re at thailand now haha. hope they’re on break, gosh when are they gonna take a break and sleep?

  11. paperteuk
    Honey, I’m sad to say, Father SM is a big fat meanie!!! ZLY PERFORMED TWO SONGS AT THE CONCERT!! TWO SONGS!! I feel like punching someone. Hard. Seriously, CSJH and Boa both couldnt make it so why not give ZLY more performance time!!! >:@

    Thanks for the links! Candychu has put them up <3

    Nope sure doesnt look like “break” is on their agenda T_T They’re working way too hard for their age. When I was Minho and Taemin’s age I was…sitting in front of the computer all day HAHA.

  12. Father SM

    Please give more performances for ZhangLiYin!

  13. ^SM is biased :(

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