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250109 We Got Married ~ Junjin & Si Young

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4 (A big thanks to nglkt @ youtube for subbing and uploading <3)

I actually haven’t touched a WGM episode since…the lettuce couple’s break up (which I admit got me all teary, IT WAS SO SAD!!!)? Or was it Kangin’s 1st ep (*gets bricked for not continuing*). Oh I don’t remember! The whole show just felt like it lost its spark after all the original couples left and I had no motivation to stay with it….until this! LOL.

I’m totally biased towards my Shinhwa boys (and proud of being so ^__^). Though of course, after seeing how awesome Andy was, I was very curious to see how Jun Jin would handle the whole marriage thing XDD Then reading all those articles on how unique Si Young was intrigued me even more….

Part 1

Awww Jinnie looks all spiffy in his suit ♥ He drives to the church and on the way, he’s practicing how to say hello and make conversation ROFL. DORKFACE. He even pretends that the girl might not know who he is haha. Fat chance! I thought the captions were hilarious: “Debut 10 years: so nervous that he’s speaking to himself” XDDDD Then he gets all worried cuz he doesn’t know who the girl is. I love how he comes up with all these possibilities and physically shudders at all of them hahaha. He thinks its Kim Shin Young and gets all discouraged saying its just one meeting and that they’d break up after that. LOL THAT’S SO SLACK!!!

BUT OMG I LOVE HIS EXPRESSION WHEN HE FINALLY SAW SI YOUNG!! He looked so surprised and dazed and awed and happy and just O____O  I would be too! The girl looks absolutely gorgeous in that wedding attire :D They say their hellos and Jin says “what should i do??” about a million times. Its so adorable seeing him all flustered and awkward ♥ The boy obviously hasn’t had time to watch BOF cuz he doesn’t know who Si Young is!

OMG THIS IS SO AWKWARD IM ACTUALLY CRINGING FOR BOTH OF THEM!!! And Jin goes and spurts out all these random questions like “you haven’t gotten married right?” and “are you cold” and “are you a straightforward person” T_T He tries to strike up a conversation but Si Young doesnt really help much by answering with one word answers. It’s probably cuz she’s shy. But they’re seriously on completely different wavelengths of communication. Lol, they dont seem to understand what eachother’s talking about. OMGOMGOMGOMG  The walking down the aisle part is soooooooooo cutteeee <3333

Part 2

The boy is so adorable! He pretends to be the pastor and asks the “will you love her blah blah” question and answers it. Its really dorkish!  WATCH!

I kinda knew she didnt really like him from how she’s very nonchalant about the whole thing, but in the interview thing Si young actually goes “truthfully speaking, I dont really like his looks” O__O OUCH! My poor bb. On the other hand, it makes it so much more interesting at how he’s gonna win her over. JUNJIN POWER!!! ♥♥♥♥♥

LOL THIS GIRL IS SO FUNNY! When they get back to the house, she asks him if he’s hungry and proceeds to tell him to heat up the rice and curry by himself HAHAHA. And to make it worst, after practically finishing their meal, he finds out that the pair of chopsticks he’s using is actually for the dog O__O OMG EWWWWWW!!!!

Part 3

I actually really like Si Young’s personality. She’s exactly like me XD Being a hermit and all hahaha. She likes to stay at home and when they go to her room, we find out that she’s got a whole stack of boardgames and she likes doing puzzles and stuff. She’s also really straight forward and tells him off for getting distracted too easily. HAHA PAWNAGE!! Its so funny how the caption is always saying how he (idol of 10 years) is being owned by a newbie XDDD I can totally see why Jinnie is interested in her personality.

He plays Eric Clapton’s Tears in heaven and Extreme’s More than words on the guitar and she actually FINALLY SWOONS over how cool he is!!! Took her long enough! I wanted to jump up and say Halleluyah hahaha. Btw he looks totally smugged about it all! Boys =_=

They go to her “collection room” and OMG IM SO SURPRISED AT WHAT SHE COLLECTS! I think JJ’s really suprised too. She collects like figurines of transformers and cars and all those stuff. She’s so…. different XD

Then Jin finds out that she went to the same high school as him. She proceeds to tease him about his hairstyle and how he left school early all the time. He stutters out these lame excuses about liking the teachers?!?! =.= And then *sighs* in defeat and goes “i have met a strong match” ROFLMAO I think so too ^__^ The poor guy’s pride just took a major hit so he decided to take her to the dance practice to do a bit of showing off. He’s such a kid sometimes haha!

Part 4

AND IT WORKED!! She admits he looks cool dancing. Like DUH HE LOOKS COOL! This is one of Shinhwa’s dance machine, we’re talking about ♥♥

He then teaches the “Wa” dance and even gets some skinship in. Well not really since he’s just touching her jumper haha. He once again gets surprised at how fast she catches on.  She then dances by herself and OMG SHE’S SO SEXY!!! He gets majorly impressed! He looks so amazed at her kicks and sexy body rolls ♥_♥ and gets all speechless.

They then get to decide whether they want to continue or not. I didnt really get what they were suppose to do with the wood pieces. :SS But um if the wood hits their head and it doesnt break then its a yes but OOUCH! It looked really painful!! Anyways THEY BOTH SAY YESS XDDD I’d love to see how they develop their relationship!! *grins like a maniac*


  1. awesome couple. Junjin’s face reactions were adorable.

  2. OMG!!! I was so waiting for this!!! I couldn’t watch it because my internet is really slow here :'(

    I’ll definitely watch it once I get my fast internet back. Thanks for the summary! They seem like a really cute couple! ^^ (but how can she said that she doesn’t like his looks? how can anyone say that to Jin? >.<)

  3. omo lol at your descriptions they always rock. Hmm, you say she’s different, I like her already, must go watch

  4. basd
    I know! They’re on the way to my new fav wgm couple XD

    AWW Poor bb. Its ok, at least now you know theres subs for it. I’ve been waiting for weeks for the subs XD And I know right! He’s quite a hottie, I’m not sure why she said she doesnt like his looks :((

    XDD Aww thank you *glomps you* And do go watch, you’ll find she has a really interesting personality. At first I actually didnt really like her cuz she seemed a tad rude, but after awhile you realise she’s just very….interesting? hahhaa

  5. kk finished watching and OMO when you said she collects figurines I didn’t know you meant Gundam this girl is pawnage and what does “glomps” mean? it sounds like you’re gonna hit me or something lol

  6. She’s so interesting lolololol. I thought she was kind of rude at first, but then when they revealed all her quirks, she became very cute to me. I look forward to seeing more of them <3!

  7. nataly
    I actually dont know what Gundam is but her collection was really awesome and unique. Made me go WOW O___O Glomp means im attacking you with a hug. ROFL well not really but I meant it that way XDD

    Me too!! Lol I didnt wanna admit it cuz I eventually warmed up to her, but at first I was all T_T cuz she kept ignoring JunJin. Which was a bit rude since he’s her sunbae and all. But then she got pretty darn awesome XD

  8. ooo I need to sit and watch this episode. I stopped watching WGM cause everyone left and I’m not really liking Marco and Son Dambi couple, Hwanhee and Hwayobi couple’s not bad.

    ps. off topic but did you see Eric’s Yes preview? too bad you can’t see anything but his lips and a few seconds of his eyes

  9. babiegel
    I havent been replying to comments, I know. But um how’s life? Haha. Is it still busy? And yes I hope u’ve gotten round to watching this by now!! I didnt watch any of the new couples. LOL. FAIL.

    And yes yes yes I SAW IT!! It looks like his eyes and lips, but some ppl were saying it doesnt look like his legs when he’s dancing around. But OMG I MISS THE BOY SO DAMN MUCH IT MAKES ME CRY :'(((( He’s voice is so manly *swoons* SO DAMN SEXY <3333

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