Posted by: lovediaries | February 8, 2009

Listen to… Jisun ft. Alex – Windflower

We’re starting a new thing! Lol whatever happened to our “Guess the song” game? Remember that song post we were supposed to do for like the best music of 2008? Well I think it’s obvious we’ve given up on that. But I’m sure you’re all used to us doing this LOL. We really do apologise for our suck-age and fail-age!

Anyway to make things easier, why not just post good songs as we hear them? Introducing “Listen to…” which is like a pimp post in its most simplest form and also saves us from doing an entire album review (because I really can never get my music terminology right) – oh we are awesome :).

First up is Jisun, who has recently released her debut solo album “Return to the Mermaid’s House” – and I’ve been listening to it ever since. I really love her voice; it’s so soft and pretty~ I…don’t know how else to describe it XD. And my favourite song off her album would be the one she sung with Alex called “Windflower”, embedded below.

{credit: AlShinlove2 @ youtube}

The only complaint I have for this song is that it’s too short :/ Like, it seems to end before I can even get into it. BUT it is a really beautiful track and their voices go so well together (this isn’t their first collaboration ^^).

Oh and be sure to visit the above channel for the other previews from Jisun’s album. I highly recommend “But he doesn’t love me” and “Endurance” :).

Okay, so let’s hope we can keep up with this :D.


  1. Jisun is my favourite Korean female voice fer srs, ever since Loveholic, and Alex is one of my favourite male voices, gosh, I love him so much <3

    Ack, I love this song so much!

    (Off LJ and onto WP orz)

  2. ^I don’t really have a favourite Korean female voice but if I did, Jisun would definitely be up there somewhere. (And she like sounds awesome with Epik High so like she’d better be on their upcoming album >:D).

    The more I kick you off, the more you seem to stay on.

  3. Lol @ the uploader! Alshinlove ftw! ;)

    hmm, it’s soo Alex..

  4. ^So then, you don’t like it? :/

  5. Yes, she better do another song with Epik High, I can only listen to One so many times.

    Maybe I should get off completely but my willpower is weak.

  6. ^Listen to Your Pieces and One on rotation :)

    Maybe if I stop replying and just ignore you, you’ll have one less reason of staying on…

  7. No~ it’s not like that..
    That’s becos this is his type of song? Idk.
    I like jisun though. But i dont listen to loveholic much :S
    Btw, what is their prev collab?

  8. omg is she the girl in one by epik high? omg shes that awesome voice? well then i love her then :D

  9. I loved her in One! I love this song too! :)

  10. i’ve never listened to her before, but i LOVE her voice and that song! xDDD

  11. kandie
    Yeah I never listened to Loveholic (apparently her album is very Loveholic style lol) but I did fall in love with her voice after One.

    Ooh here, I’ll link you to the MVs because they’re EPIC. Albiet a little weird, the people in it are really pretty. And the guy looks a lot like Eunhyuk later on. Part 1, Part 2 :).

    Yep yep, that’s Jisun!

    Isn’t it gorgeous? ^^

    I’m glad you like the song!

  12. Thank you! :D
    oh, eunhyuk? Haha, he’s my fav in suju too!

  13. ^No problem! At first I read the comment wrong (someone mentioned he looked like Hyuk) and thought they said the GIRL looked like Eunhyuk (she’s really pretty btw) and I went WHAT!?!?!? But then I realised XD Yeah I love Hyuk <33333

  14. Ha, I was listening to this song just the other night but I didn’t finish because it sounded so sad and was making me feel depressed. It is lovely though and I like this new segment. I was doing something like this on my blog too but I don’t think I have good taste in music (except SHINee) so I stopped.

  15. ^Depressing music is my sort of thing :). Haha I don’t know if I have good taste or not but I’ll share if I think it’s a must >:D

  16. where can we find the lyrics and translation of this song? i’ve been searching for more than a month now but i still cant find one. =(

    yeah, i agree with almost everyone’s response. her voice is really awesome beautiful. XD and so as alex’s voice.

    • I’ve been looking for the lyrics too but still haven’t found any :(. Have you tried looking on soompi?

  17. Jisun’s new album is sooo pretty <3 I’ve loved her voice ever since I heard Ee Byul Mot Han Ee Byul (Farewell without Farewell) in My Name Is Kim Samsoon. I also enjoyed the songs from Loveholic in Dal Ja’s Spring. Jisun has the talent of creating a certain atmosphere in her songs.

    • Oh, thank you for that, but I was really looking for the translations :(.

      And yeah, her voice & album was gorgeous :D!

  18. And by the way, you can find the lyrics here:

  19. My favorite song on her album…. I love it!!

    • One of my favourites too ^_^

  20. i found a rough of the translations here.

    • :O! Thank you so much for that <33

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