Posted by: lovediaries | February 8, 2009

SMTown Live in Bangkok

Please DO NOT HOTLINK images!

No videos & fan accounts because we’re being lazy XD. Feel free to link us to some if you’d like :).

Heechul kissed Siwon for his performance and Yunho got caked in the face and on his head and up his nose from what I can see lol. Hankyung, Teuk, Heechul and Donghae showed some skin :). Oh and there was KYUMIN. MY FAVOURITE MAGNAE COUPLE. I have like two other photos of them together, I think, so woot~, one more to add to my collection XD.

And the Yunho cake photos really do make me happy – not cause he’s getting caked and bullied by everyone else lol but because Onew and Key are standing really close to Donghae and it’s like FAVOURITES-OVERLOAD. (Oh and I really like Hyoyeon’s shirt!)

Anything else exciting happened? XD.

Beckery: Erm, Kibum wasn’t present (cuz his mum is sick?), ZLY only got to perform 2 songs (which I find highly atrocious! ONLY TWO SONGS!!! Seriously that girl should get more limelight T_T), HyukSu performed “One Love”, JaeJoong did a duet with Sunny (SNSD) who replaced Lina, Teukie cried, Heechul danced to Rainism and um, HEECHUL KISSED SIWON *sits back and watches PAS go crazy muahahah* But really Heechul, its either you don’t do it at all or you do it to Hankyung =___=

Yunho getting caked was hilariously sweet. I don’t know whether sweet Changmin was helping him get it off or rubbing it in more HAHA. And check out Hae’s facial expression in the background, pure amusement XDD

Picture credits: as tagged; soompi


Yunho getting caked (Happy Bday Leadershii ♥ )


Super Junior



SM Town


  1. by the look of the thumbnail, i thought this awkward moment ( was brought to us by onew, but alas it was key.

    awkward ummas are awkward. XD

  2. 1. WTF does Jaejoong have on his head?
    2. Changmin holding Yunho’s head is sooo cute.
    3. SHINee look soo cute in white shirts… Anyone other than me noticed Jonghyun’s huge biceps?
    4. Yunho’s hair in the cake pics reminds me of their rising sun days…
    5. LOOOL at the DBSK jumping pic… they look… dumb =P

    The pics are soo cute and most importantly:


  3. I’M GONNA SHOOT HEECHUL >=[ SIWONNNNNNNNNN WHYYYYYYYYY?!?! couldn’t he just have left siwon OUT of this?!?!? GO FOR SUNGMIN!! BUT NOT SIIIIIWONNN =[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[[

  4. OMG, thank you for the pics! I’m still waiting for the ones on the Soompi thread to finish loading and it’s been like ten minutes!
    And Changmin is supremely evil – it is quite obvious that he is just rubbing the cake in more and more. LOL, I love the expression he has on his face too – like ‘ah, vindication….’
    I heard Jonghyun and ZLY might have performed ‘Wrongly Given Love’ but I’m thinking it might have been a rumour. I hope not…I’d love to see that.
    Oh, but you’ve got to see this though! Onew looking mature and manly at the concert – I was so impressed!:

  5. anica
    Omg that was such a Dubu pic…only, it wasn’t him for once XD.

    5. LOOOL at the DBSK jumping pic… they look… dumb =P


    LMAO “GO FOR SUNGMIN”. Heechul’s already tasted Sungmin and that didn’t satisfy unfortunately :P

    No problem! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT PIC. I think it’s the first time I’ve drooled over Onew but alsdfjaslkdfjaskldjfk I LOVE what he’s wearing and he looks so charming and ahhhhhhhhhh to hear him sing while dressed like that would make me extremely happy *___________*.

    Changmin is awesome and that’s why I love him so ♥♥♥ There’s a reason why all the members are afraid of him >:D

  6. I alive. =D

    D’awww, SHINee looks so CUTE in their colourful pants. It’s like, “WE BE THE RAINBOW LULZ.” I want purple pants. T_T -steals them-

    KYUMIN <333333 I do not see NEARLY enough of this pairing. Which makes me cry inside, because they’re so lovable. T______T And Heechul and Siwon…damn o.0 Wish someone would kiss me like that. =O

    I WANT A KEY. Why don’t I get a Key? Seriously, all the boys at my school are ewwwwww. I should hop on a plane and steal Key and put him in a witness security program with a made up story and they will never find him and he shall be mine. =D

  7. lol omg they’re all so cute. did yunho perform on the day of his bday or was this a day after w/e? haha i love how changmin was rubbing it all in. they looked like a big korean family :]

  8. first off, I hope kibum’s mom gets better if it’s true that she isn’t feeling well, 2nd I was waiting for this post, yunho+cake=delicious

  9. There’s also a pic on lj that Hee was about to kiss Hannie, but he was stopped by someone (looks like Yesung, but I’m not sure though) T__T

  10. voicelessdoll
    YAY! :DDD Though I didn’t expect you to comment, I’m glad you did ^^!

    I WANT A KEY TOO. When I figure out where you can get them from, I’ll let you know XP.

    They would’ve performed this on the 7th so a day after. They should’ve caked Hankyung too since it’s his bday today ^^

    I bet you want to lick that cake off his face XD

    I haven’t seen the pic but I did read about it. I thought it was Sungmin who stopped Heechul? BUT WHY?

  11. Yes, I was actually watching a video the other day about why you don’t mess with Changmin – it was super funny! I didn’t know he had that side to him!

    You’re welcome. That Dubu picture was too scrumdidilyumptious not to share. It’s a rare treat to see him looking so droolworthy. :D

  12. ^Yeah lol Changmin is VIOLENT. The video you watched had footage of him from Heroine6 right? Where he smashed the hammer into Jae’s head? Omg that was the funniest thing ever XD.

    And that also shows a really good view of Dubu’s hands omg *____*

  13. they look like they had a lot of fun :D now only if SM would make an official DVD of SM Town concert that has cuts from all the places they’ve gone I’d be happy!

    Happy Birthday Leader! Lol super late but hey at least I remembered! haha

  14. ^I know! Since theyre so strict with no cameras, they should just film us a DVD.

    And MINHO CAKED CHANGMIN! That made me happy :)

  15. I am so happy I got to see Hyukiee super super close :D while he was singing “One Love” . Yeah so I saw Junsu very close too but my eyes were only on HYUK HYUK. Junsu slipped when he came down from the stage at the end of One Love.

    Everyone was so lovely. Cake on Yunho’s face seems so delicious. Leeteuk ate the cake from Yunho’s face

    Sorry I couldn’t bring any good quality pics :( to share u gals

  16. ^LUCKY. It’s okay about the pictures! I read about people having to leave their cameras out and stuff so we understand.

    And lol I read about Teuk eating the cake of Yunho too! But Minho caking Changmin probably excited me the most. Did you get to see that?? There’s a video of Changmin pouring water on Minho too ^___^

  17. the picture is right here:

    i wish it wasn’t stopped XD

  18. ^Thanks for that <3

    Haha, me too ^^;;

  19. Changmin spalshed Minho!
    Minho caked Changmin face!!!


  20. sorry splashed!

  21. ^Lol in my emails, I got your second comment first and I went … “splashed? O_______o”
    But yeah! I saw the pictures and omg alskflaksjfkladslfasd *brain explodes*. There’s a video of Changmin pouring water on Minho too. It’s so cute!!

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