Posted by: lovediaries | February 9, 2009

090125 SHINee – Road Show! Quiz Expedition

Thank you yumimaki for the links!♥

Part 1, Part 2.

Ji Suk Jin and Lee Hyuk Jae.

Shindong and Leeteuk are guests with SHINee ^____^. “We are Super Ju-ni-ORR” is so weak with just the two of them XD. ONKEY ARE SEATED TOGETHER. It’s sad how happy they make me lol. For now, anyway cause I know they later switch seats from watching the fancams ^^”. Suk Jin and Hyuk Jae tease Taemin for a bit “It seems like you just came out of a bath” ROFLLLL. Except that provides me with not very healthy images ^^;;. I also find it adorable how Teuk is seated next to Taemin. The oldest with the youngest lolol but you can hardly tell the age gap is 10 years :PP. While Taemin talks about wanting to go to college to get married, Teuk says “I want to marry soon” LOLOL.

Minho says that coming here, he sees a lot of beautiful people and Suk Jin goes “look carefully and see if there really are that many beautiful people” XDDD.

The first contestants come out as Sailor Moon. SAILOR MOON IS ONLY LIKE MY FAVOURITE TV SHOW/CARTOON/ANIME IN THE WORLD. Except this is scary XDDD. There are two men and they dance to Hyori’s “Hey Mr. Big” and um they flashed lol. Suk Jin and Hyuk Jae talk to the contestants for a bit when the taller one suddenly goes “I know Minho” LOL WHAT!? Apparently they were Minho’s high school sunbaes lol.

That’s all we get to see of the contestants :( Aw, I wanted to watch SHINee with those people who are like human drums lol. Oh and Key translate for that exchange student :). HE REALLY DID STUDY ABROAD :O! Keeeeeeeeeeeey♥♥♥ He even spelt “University” in his sexy accent *______*. Omg *dies*. But yeah, okay, everyone knows how to spell that. Can Yoochun? Minho says he mightn’t know much but he will try his best. Then Jonghyun speaks out and says “I know more than Minho” LOL ARE YOU SURE ABOUT THAT? Taemin: I became more knowledgeable. Please choose me. LOLOL I’D PICK YOU ANY DAY, TAEMIN! :DDD. But LMAO even Taemin knows more than Minho XDDD. Then he must’ve felt apologetic cause he turns to Minho and bows hahaha. And then Onew LMAO HE’S SUCH A DORK “Knowing nothing is medicine”.


  1. lol haha wouldnt it be weird to have two guys that you’ve known in school suddenly turn into girls? haha it must’ve been embarrassing for minho haha :] lol when u said “While Taemin talks about wanting to go to college to get married” i think you meant he wanted to go to college and hang out with friends. cuz first i was like umm how old is taemin? shouldnt he be focusing on school more? lol key studied abroad? how old is he? i thought he was the same age as minho who is still in high school… lol i love how everyone just picks on minho after jonghyun..haha pickin on the quiet one. OMG ONEW IS JUST A DORK :D

  2. ^Yeah lol Minho must’ve felt so embarrassed XD. But I mean, I would’ve been more embarrassed for the two guys. There they were, dressed as girls and showing off their underwear while a hoobae in school is sitting before them as an ~*IDOL*~ XDDD.

    AND LOLOLOL yes that was a typo ROFL!!!!!

  3. “ANDANTINO!!”
    LOLOLOLL @ the two sailormoons!! gah that was the best part XDDD

    yea it seems Key had gone abroad before, cause i’ve seen childhood photos of him in Universal Studio, maybe school tour? Idk.
    And him spelling “university” surely makes me giddy,, i’m so gonna rip and use it as my msg tone XP
    oh, did u see Onew fidgeting at the end? That’s so cute :D *lol random

  4. ^Ooh do you still have those photos of him? I really want to see!!! Was he chubby in those pictures? Cause he was chubby back in his earlier school days ^___^

  5. um, apparently they’re uploaded somewhere in LJ, contains not only Key’s but ALL of them! XD
    I’ll tell you when I found it :)

  6. ^REALLY? I’m like a member to practically every SHINee comm there is and I don’t remember seeing them D:

    Yes, please do :).

  7. YOU ARE?!? I dont even have LJ acc but got luckily stumbled there XP all thanks to google lol.

  8. ^LOL YES XD. This is *me* we’re talking about. Ultimate SHINee stalker 8D

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