Posted by: beckery | February 9, 2009

090205 2PM Every1 Idol Show Ep10 Subbed Cut

::EDIT:: candychu: The leg wrestling part has been subbed and it’s suggested you watch that before the embedded one ^__^. But it’s still funny even if you watch it out of order XD.

Leg Wrestling – They do the same leg wrestling that Kimbum and Hyunjoong did on Sang Sang Plus. This sorta makes sense as to why Chansung was humping wrestling the Strawberry. LMAO I STILL CAN’T GET OVERIT. Okay, *breathes*. First up is Chansung (*giggles*) and Jaebum. LOLOLOL Chansung looks like he was just stretching and Jay rolls over XD. FAIL. Then it’s Wooyoung vs. Junsu (STIFF BOY ROFLMAO). But LOL because Wooyoung is so flexible, Junsu gets his leg up to his face and AHAHAHA JUST WATCH IT. Then Junho (he’s one of my favourites lol – so squishy) gets a cushion and covers Wooyoung’s *ahem* men bits XD. Meanwhile, Wooyoung hooks his other leg around Junsu’s head LOLLL.

It was pretty obvious Wooyoung would lose since we watched the Penalty cut first but I don’t really know why he lost XD.

beckery: The boys are hilarious on this show! I think the only reason I got into them is by watching this show haha. Its sad that only a few episodes are subbed, but omg GO WATCH those that are! SO WORTH IT! They’re as batshit crazy and random as Suju in every way. Plus, you also get the sexy factor from Jay, the overload of cuteness from Khun and the awesome eyebrows from Taec HAHAHAHA XDDDDD

Penalty Costume – So this a subbed cut from episode 10 which looks absolutley hilarious btw. Some dear soul sub it please :(. Um in this part, Wooyoung loses the game and has to dress up. Theres 2 costumes and Wooyoung chooses one (and Jay has to wear the other one haha) but they blur it out so we don’t know what it is…

Then we jump to outside the rooms where the other boys are waiting for Wooyoung to come out. Changsung is hugging this huge Strawberry doll and kinda pulls these “suggestive” moves on it. ITS SO FUNNY! All the boys are like MAKNAE WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!?!?! =_=”” and bashes him with pillows and stuff. He defends himself and goes that he’s trying out “wrestling techniques” and proceeds to reenact it again, only to get more pillows flying his away LOL XDD Dont you feel the love?!

Then Wooyoung comes out dressed as….*DRUM ROLL*….JANDI!!! HAHA BOF POWER FTW <333 I think I rewinded that part a hundred times just to watch their reaction over and over and over again. They were soooooooo amused and couldnt stop laughing. Junsu looks like his dying from laughter overload .AND I KNOW WHY!! ROFLMAO Wooyoung is so girly XDDD

They then get all perverted with Junho lifting Wooyoung’s skirt up and Jay lying down underneath Wooyoung to look up his skirt HAHAHAHA Oh how I love leadershii ♥♥♥ WY gets embarrassed and sits down like how a girl wearing skirts would, which cracks the others up even more :D Turns out he’s only wearing his panties underneath *dies* WHY ARE YOU SO MUCH FAIL WY!?! haha. Taec sounds like his dying btw. I love his laugh, its so contagious like Leeteuks!

Then its Jay’s turn and we cant see it!!! :(((( But the boys once again look like they’re about to pass out from laughing so much so it must be hilarious. Cant wait XDD


  1. lol aww they’re so awesome. i first watched them a while back and i didnt like their costumes :] but haha this makes up for it

  2. lol they are made of crack, finally a boy band not scared to be perverted!! except it doesn’t really count since it was one of their members, darn. But if it was a women then that would just cross the line so nvm. I love maknae he reminds me of a hot bird lol


  4. “PULL IT OUT”





  6. Lol that was pure crack! *Leg wrestling and penalty costume* Omg Chansung’s really strong! I still can’t believe he’s the maknae. Lol at “Help the Strawberry” I miss going here to watch YT videos you guys have

  7. From the preview of the next ep Jay looks like he’s wearing ~*rainbow*~ sleeves <3

  8. betty
    LOL. Just an advice. Turn a blind eye on their clothes hahaha. Trust me, their personality and craziness makes up for it all XDD

    I love maknae minus the hair hahaha. But I love how perverted they got on Wooyoung. Junho kept trying to lift his skirt up ROFLLL. We know they wouldnt do that if it was a girl XD

    ROFL YEAAA. Idiots they are <33

    OMG HELLLOOOOO I HAVE MISSED YOU TERRIBLY SO!! In fact I was just talking to Candychu the other day about how I havent seen you for ages XDD Ohh wait, I think she’s mentioned that in one of her replies already but its ok you can know how much we’ve missed you haha <33

    Oh and yes, welcome to my new loves..”what time is it?! 2PM!!!!” They’re hilarious and cute and sexy and just awesome.

    ROFL RAINBOW SLEEVES?!!? I hope its something hideous so I can tease him XD DW I tease him out of pure love <3

  9. ^ I MISS YOU TOO! yeah I saw her comment. Lol working in the hospital is hectic at the moment plus the weather is changing so everyone’s getting sick in my department so we’re down a few people.

    haha 2PM is hilarious I have to get to know them more. The only ones I know by face is Jaebum, Changsung and Nickchun *but he’s a given lol*

  10. ^I’ll help you how to recognise them :D. Junho is the rain lookalike, Junsu has the bowl cut (ew), Taekyeon is only like the hottest thing alive LOLOL and the tallest! And Wooyoung…I don’t actually know how to describe him since he doesn’t have very distinct looks but well…you’ll know when you’re counting down the people haha xP

  11. wow, another fandom to drool over! XD
    so far I’ve been liking Wooyoung and Junho..
    How old are they?

    Oh and random question, are you guys wont be posting about girl bands anymore now?

  12. ^You have similar tastes to me :D. Those two along with Taek and Chansung are my favourites (LMAO that’s like over half the group XDDDD).

    Wooyoung is an ’89er and Junho a ’90er :)

    Like we’ve been doing, we just post whatever interests us. We do hardly follow what happens in Japan which is why there is a lack of CSJH and DBSK posts ^^;;. WG are off in the US atm doing their world tour so not much news on them. I’m looking out for Kara’s new MV though (sorta curious lol) so when that’s out, I’ll do a post on it.

    Does that answer your question? ^^

  13. yesss,, thank you :D

    hope you guys will bring more 2PM-ness in the future~ :)

  14. Here is the clip on Jay’s costume!

    It’s not sub, but still fun to watch, lol!! It starts at 2.40 :D

  15. ^

    Its soooooo funny and how they keep covering “that certain” part up was darn hilarious XDD I want subsssss

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