Posted by: lovediaries | February 9, 2009

090205 Taegoon – Call Me on Music Bank

Thank you nataly for the heads up!♥

{credit: joongbolove @ youtube}

I’ll admit I don’t watch every performance (I think I only do that for SHINee lol) so I was a little surprised by just how much louder the cheers had gotten … because I don’t remember hearing them before. Or maybe my memory is just failing me again. But WOW the fans started sounding a little cuckoo XD. EXCEPT WHO WOULDN’T BE SQUEALING LIKE THAT WHEN TAEGOON SMILES *___*. And you know, because his smile is so sweet and sincere, I feel like a pedo when I drool over him XDD. Which makes no sense since he is more than 5 yrs older but maybe I’m just way too mature for my age.

I know he’s singing over the recording but did he sorta sound a bit out of breath? Because you’ll hear him and then you don’t :/. And then sometimes when he’s moving his mouth you know that no sound is actually coming out lol. Aww, Taegoon hwaiting!~ I’m sure he’ll only get better ^__^.


  1. I love this song, and his smile is to die for :).

  2. lol aww<3 I don’t feel like a pedo, I feel like I’m watching a sexy puppy looking guy with a cuteee smileXD I love his smile, makes me all happy.

    I hope he improves! Its such a waste to make all his performances more about the dancing than the actual song.

  3. abc123zyx
    I know! I really really love this song. It’s so addictive!

    Um…aren’t you usually lr? XD.

    Sexy puppy XDDD LOL I feel like a pedo just thinking of Taegoon as a puppy T____T.

    And yeah agree with your last sentence :/

  4. lol i’ve watched every performance and check his online forum everyday. he’ll be on music core or music bank on the 14th and he’ll be on the radio on the 15th yayyyyy :D

  5. lol I was just so pleased that people were actually cheering for them, In the future I’m so he’ll start singing more, or at least I hope so. I know he can do it!

  6. Lol, I think SHINee’s got you feeling like a pedo about drooling over everyone now? Oh dear…

    Anyway, I’m just here to drop off a cute dance practice vid. of Taegoon with his video partner, Park Shin Hye:
    They look so cute together and Taegoon smiles for almost the entire video!

  7. betty
    Lol well, I er, stalk him on LJ? ^^;;

    Yeah, I’m so happy for him too :DDD

    THEY HAVE. First they make me pay more attention to younger boys and now … argh T___T.

    And yay thank you for that! I watched a Park Shin Hye CF the other day and it took me a while to remember she was the one in Taegoon’s MV ^^.

  8. I have this song on repeat on my mp3 lol. Yay he’s gotten more fans since the last time I saw a performance :D LOVE his smile! I’d melt like a puddle of goo if I ever saw him face to face and he gave me one of his smiles.

  9. ^I have this song as my alarm clock lol :D. Be sure to check out the clip yumimaki linked up above. His smile is seriously to die for *____*

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