Posted by: lovediaries | February 9, 2009

Kim Bum and Go Ara’s SPRIS CF

{credit: kyu508 @ youtube}

HI KIMBUM, YOU CUTIE♥♥♥. This CF is very much like SJM’s Semir one. Kimbum runs around and dances and does adorable things while his clothes keep changing. AND KIMBUM!TUMMY MAKES ME VERY HAPPY. Just saying :DDD.


  1. wah!!! i should be sleeping now, but i just got distracted by this post and the SHINee one (which i will chekc out tomorrow) but yay it’s so cute!!!! kim bum makes me happy

    but don’t worry onew, you’re still my fave haha =)

  2. ^Lol go to bed! And maybe you’ll have sweet dreams of Kimbum :PP

  3. Just leaving now to go to sleep, and I seriously want to comment on SHINee’s Nanas’B one, but I’m afraid I’ll get carried away and get to sleep in about half an hour instead of 5 minutes.

    KIM BUM IS THE CUTEST THING ON THE PLANET TO ME RIGHT NOW. JUST RIGHT NOW. CAUSE I DON’T THINK I CAN KEEP SAYING THAT PHRASE AFTER I REWATCH SHINEE’S NANAS’B CF. But um okay so I really like the clothes that he’s wearing at the beginning, plus that stretch is really cute. And I LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes cause shoes are pretty. And I like that rainbow striped jacket he’s wearing for like 1 second. And I like that star jacket he’s wearing in the scene with Ara. Oh, just kidding I like everything XD plus Ara looks REALLY cute in this ♥♥♥♥♥

    On a side note, people really have to slow these 30 second CFs down and make it so that we don’t have to freezeframe every second to drool over the cuties in it.

  4. kimbum is sooo cute~ hes one fine kid.
    lol sadly, I’m like wondering, “Why is Go Ara in this cf if it was Kim Bum changing into different clothes and such?” and there wasn’t much interaction.

    I like the clothes though!

  5. Kristen
    Lmao everyone comes on here just before sleeping. Makes us feel special :DDDD.

    HAHAHA YEAH JUST RIGHT THAT MOMENT. Because there are too many cute things (like Dubu) who are being cute ALL THE TIME and you really can’t just stick to calling one particular thing the cutest, Y/Y?

    And yeah not only should they slow them down but they should make them longer too.

    Maybe there’ll be another version where Go Ara does the clothes changing? :/

  6. lol omg i love it. i love those high top nike shoes the most :] they’re so prettyful. omg those two would make such a good couple if they ever date :D

  7. KIM BUM!!!! he’s so adorable. I’m loving his shoes *lol sorry out of all things that got my attention it’s this*

    Now only if picking clothes was this easy, just stand there and your clothes will change automatically if you don’t like them.

  8. betty
    Yeah they were so colourful and pretty and … SHINee style XDD

    IT’S YOU!1♥♥ You know, the other day beckery and I were talking about the readers we hadn’t heard from in a while (and missed) and we mentioned you :). So, good to know you’re still around ^___^.

    And yes, it’s ads like these which make me want to wear boy clothes 8D

  9. aww I miss coming here too. But it’s been really hectic at the hospital lately plus we’re down alot of people in my department so all of us has been working overtime like crazy. I do drop by once in awhile I just haven’t commented cause I usually too tired and need sleep, but today I got to go home early and sleep YAY! lol so I’m wide awake and commenting here again.

  10. ^Yeah, I figured you would’ve been really busy at the hospital :/

    Aw well you’d better go and have some rest then ♥! Lol wide awake when you can sleep XDDD.

  11. lol yeah i check here about twice a day, when i get home from school and before i sleep
    but i don’t where to post this but i had to get it out

    kim bum is SOOOO cute haha i jsut watched the preview for ep 12 of bbf and OMG!!!! amazingly intense cute yi jung x ga eul moment!!!!!

    kim bum is just so awesome and i watched this cf again and m brain exploded hahaha =)

  12. ^I’m off to watch Ep11 now asljflskadjfs

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