Posted by: lovediaries | February 9, 2009

More BOF parodies!

These are fanmade ones ^^!

Kkotboda Namja RequiemSUBS HERE! Thanks to rawrggles! I LAUGHED SO HARD AT THIS OMG. It’s a preview for a “thriller” version of BOF (Lee Minho has a really sexy voice *_____*). The plot: Junpyo and Jandi appear all sweet and happy, Junpyo’s mother sees and wants to get rid of Jandi; and suddenly, Jandi is gone! And LOLOL Kimbum is the evil one in this! I loved when he looks at the money and smiles and when in the end, the door shuts behind Jandi and he walks off. The scene where Junpyo receives a call from Jandi and acts all cool is used really well here too. SERIOUSLY, THIS IS GENIUS XDDDD. The music is eerie too and heaps effective. But what was most creepy was the “Goo Junpyo” right at the end …

I’m sure it would’ve been even funnier remember the exact words in the dialogue too because I read that they used Ee Jung’s line “This time you’ll have no one on your side.” and yeah, that’s … scary XD, and clever :D.

Junpyo-Jihoo-Eejung love triangle – Again, really good editing but probably not as effective since not all the footage is from the same show. Basically here, a love triangle between the three characters are created. Jandi’s scenes with Junpyo and/or Jihoo are edited to have Kimbum’s face replacing hers and lol it’s really funny XD. Especially the really touchy scenes like when Junpyo was cleaning Jandi’s legs and stuff~

Kkotboda Dong Bang – ROFLMAOOOOOOOOOO. They’ve edited DBSK’s faces onto the opening clip and LOLOLOL. Junsu is Jandi, Changmin is Junpyo ♥♥♥, Yoochun is Jihoo, Yunho is Eejung and Jaejoong is Wonbin. 0.35 is the best part LMAO XDD.

And thanks to aoiyuki for these!

Evil Jihoo – LOL GOD HOW EVIL DOES HE LOOK!? The music is so eerie and it makes you realise that Hyunjoong’s acting actually does make him feel evil and creepy more than anything XD.

Rent Parody – I don’t know the movie “Rent” but again, another really well made parody! With the original trailer, the fan has edited in BOF scenes. I love when the lipsynching matches and it’s like they’re really saying those lines :D.


  1. ahh, I was so hyped for this show but now am I the only one not into the BOF craze? maybe it’s cause I have no time to watch it, just watched up till ep 4 then stopped. I must admit I only watched the dbsk paraody because I just love them so much. I shall give BOF another try and see if I’ll get into it more. Changmin as Junpyoo is just so perfect!!

  2. ^Well sometimes the hype does kill it for everyone but I would’ve watched the show regardless of how popular it got so I’m just watching whatever comes ^______^.

    And yes, Changmin is just as tall and handsome and mean as Junpyo hahahah XDDD.

  3. oh! have you seen the one that has ‘evil jihoo’? and the one that’s a parody of rent?

    Evil Jihoo:

    Rent Parody:

    They’re pretty awesome as well.

  4. engsub of bof requiem:

  5. aoiyuki
    Ooh no, I’ll have to check them out; thanks for the links!

    Ah, thank you for that <3!

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