Posted by: lovediaries | February 10, 2009

SHINee Vol. 1 – Amigo (Taiwan Special Edition)

Yes that’s right. Yet another repackaged version. WHY SM? WHYYYYYYYYYY? *stabs the air*.

I was just going on Yesasia to see if Key’s earrings (the little Key studs ^^) were still available – they’re not *stabs some more* – when I came across this.

SHINee Vol. 1 – Amigo (Repackage Album) (CD+DVD) (Taiwan Special Edition)

Now what’s the difference between this album and the already repackaged “Amigo” ? This one will have a Photo Calendar Card (only while supplies last) and also “Taiwan visit documentary footage” ;____;. Argh. I hope it’s like 5 minutes long lol.

Ah well, I need to save money for their upcoming mini-album. But if the cover and packaging for this is nice …


  1. They have a mini album coming out?! Every CD SM releases has like 456313246584 repackaged versions. I hate that I like most of the covers of the newer versions -.-.

  2. SM is so annoying!

    -looks at depleting bank account-


  3. Apparently the footage will be 27 minutes long, if I’m not mistaken. I hope it’s 27 minutes of UNSEEN footage. But I’m too broke at the moment for another repackaged album. (shakes piggy bank with only a few coins) :(

  4. damn you SM. Just when I haven’t finished celebrating the fact that i own the first repackage –;

  5. abc123zyx
    Well SHINee were on their break to rest and to work on their second mini-album (which defeats the purpose of resting, really) which is coming out either March or May. One of the “M” months lol XD.

    I’ll give this a pass since I already bought their calendar ^^;; haha

    Oh. Well…someone will upload onto youtube I hope >:D

    I thought I was so clever waiting for the Amigo repackaged and then out comes this T_T

  6. Dammit. So many stuff scheduled to be released so soon. How am I going to convince my parents that, yes, I NEED to have them for my birthday? T________T

  7. ^I know! And there’s still Tablo’s book ;___;

  8. oh my~
    SM is surely very smart for doing this.. >_>

  9. ^He should’ve put the tw footage with their upcoming CD ;__;

  10. HE SHOULD. But then again, it’s SM we’re talking about.. There is no way he’d release an album without 264879315 repackaged trailing behind..

    and people will still buy it *sigh*

  11. ^Yeah my strategy is wayy too economical :P

  12. lol how come i’ve never seen key wearing those studs? i never knew he wore a key and lock earring set

  13. ^Really? You’ve never seen them? Lemme find you a pic. I need to re-organise my pics though because they’re everywhere and akjflksjdflkjsdf hard to find stuff XD.

    Let’s see…There’s this one with the key stud. And here you can see both the key and lock :). But did you manage to find them on YA?

  14. lol wowww key has five piercings…i read on a forum that he had a key and lock stud thing but i never found a pic of him wearing it. lol when they said FIVE they werent kidding :] last time i counted it was only 4 but i guess i didnt see the second cartilage piercing he has on his left ear

  15. ^I think it’s because he only ever wears 4 earrings? Lol I’m studying his face atm and I can only count 4 (he doesn’t often wear an earring on his left cartilage right? cause I see two on each ear and the second on his left is the tragus) but I do remember reading that he does indeed have 5. But alsfklfjasldjflskdf his piercings are so hot. I’m not really a piercing person (I only have 2 and intend on keeping it that way) but when it comes to Korean boys, I love seeing them with piercings XDDD. Him and Jonghyun omg *___*


    sorry it took a few days :S

    butttt,,, u won’t regret it!! haha..


    (But that SM photo of Onew – the black and white one – is really creepy.)

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