Posted by: lovediaries | February 11, 2009

F.T Island Jump Up Mini Album Review

Koreans really need to start coming up with original song titles. I now have two different songs with the names “Missing You” and “You and I” (and “What Can I do?” is sort of similar to “What do I do?” XD).

I’m writing this review as I listen to the songs so my opinion is based on just one listen!

01 나쁜 여자야 (Bad Woman) – Heartbreaking rock ballad ♥. We’ve posted the MV HERE!

02 인형처럼 (Like A Doll) – This one’s more softer sounding. I’M HEARING DONGHAE IN THIS LOL. The guy who sings after Hongki sounds like Donghae haha. Is it Song Seunghyun? *___*. And I think I hear Jaejin too but he isn’t the Donghae-sounding one which is why I suspect it’s Seunghyun. It’s a really pretty song (I NEED LYRICS).

03 마법 (Magic) – Mmm…sounds too happy and lively @_@ haha. Fun, boppy song though!

04 Missing You – This song reminds me of “Heaven” – it’s the opening (chariot racing lol!) and the pace of the song which slows and then builds up again. Different to Suju’s “Missing You” but the one thing in common is they sing those two words in English haha XD.

05 그대와 나 (You and I)I need to love you~ Aww, do you really? ^___^. This is a sweet song; they even seem to whisper in some parts. Hongki doesn’t actually sing all that much in this song. Mainly near the very end.

06 어쩌란 말이야 (What Can I Do?) – A very rockish start to the song. Another rock ballad. Not as strong as “Bad Woman” but this is exactly the stuff I love hearing from them :). Oh and there’s a rap. A sexy one, might I add haha. That should’ve been Seunghyun since he’s the rapper now? lol.

Overall, 4/5! Their style is pretty much the same and the songs are lovely :). Definitely ones I would replay replay, replay. Lol, I’m sorry, I miss SHINee.

Ah, another shoddy review T_T.


  1. do you know where i can order this? i cant find it ):

  2. Koreans really need to start coming up with original song titles.

    Seriously, lol. I think this probably applies to all Asian songs. So many of them have the same English titles that I get them all mixed up. XD

    You and I sounds really, really familiar, but I can’t place what it is. Especially the bridge at 1:48. Argh, it’s on the tip of my tongue and I just can’t figure it out.

    Time to spam you with links (lol):

    These are images from the Everysing Exposition in Japan, I think they’re photos from the Boys in City photoshoot that weren’t included in the actual photobook. HELLO, KYU. :D

  3. swtsrwlove
    You can get it off Yesasia HERE! :)

    See, sometimes the Korean titles aren’t the same but the English titles are being recycled which is sorta lame XD. Just use two words in the song to make the title … stop making them all the same !!!

    Thanks for the links! But I’ll have to check them later (like during off peak) cause soompi kills my net. But alsdjfaklsd Kyu!?!?!!

  4. duuuude, i totally compared his voice to donghae’s aswell. wahhh, so glad im not the only one that thought so!!

    and in missing you… its KILLING me, cause i know i should recnognize the classical piece they sampled, BUT I JUST CANT. dfjbgjfbngh any clue?

  5. i just downloaded their whole album
    thanks so much for the preview ^^

    i’ve seen Bad Woman MV… arg… seems that they’ve all grown up >..<) and Missing you (love Heaven ^^)

  6. tru
    *HI5*! Haha lol I can’t identify any classical pieces except for “Storm”, for obvious reasons XDDD.

    No problem, just sharing my thoughts!

  7. candy
    ah, i asked a friend and she confirmed what i thought. its a part from Vivaldi’s Winter (of the 4 seasons)
    *is at ease*

  8. ^Haha well there you go. It’s a relief when you can confirm suspicions :PP Can you tell me which part of the song it is so I can hear for myself?

  9. candy
    its about a minute into the piece, more or less.

  10. ^OMG! I actually hear it!!! It’s in the bg right? With the violins??? Wow that’s so exciting :DDD

  11. candy
    mmm, its so awesome!

  12. ^Word!

  13. Someone please listen to either :59-1:06 or 1:48-1:55 of You and I and compare that to 1:21-1:33 of this video and tell me that I’m not going completely crazy. @_@

  14. ^Lol it sort of sounds similar? No idea how you spotted that XD

  15. I love the song Missing YOU !!! ITS SUCH A GOOD SONG. Probably b/c i play the viola and i have my bias on the strings background music =P
    lol. Yup keep on the replay~~ replay~~replay. <– can’t wait till SHINee’s comback *breath in, breath out* LOL!!

  16. ^Yeah that’s one of my favourites off this mini-album too! Haha I think I have a string bias too because of .. Henry XDDD

  17. Hey…Where can I download that songs???

    • Um there are links on the side of the youtube video up for preview, I think?

  18. i like this song ^^ i have download it ^.^

    • Their album was really good ^^

  19. huhu~ i still can’t run from wonbin…
    is all da song in jump up album was recorded after he left ft?
    it make me wonder coz sometime,i heard his voice~ i mean…in this new song~
    i’m serious~

    • Yeah Jump Up was recorded after he left and Seunghyun joined the group ^^.

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