Posted by: beckery | February 11, 2009

Leehom ft Jane Zhang – Another Heaven MV

Credit: wangleehom2008 @ youtube

One of my favourite songs from his “Heartbeat” album ♥♥. A very sweet, soothing and lovely duet with Jane Zhang. So of course I was very happy to know they were filming a MV for it! Except….there is no storyline and you dont even get to see them together D: Because of conflicting schedules, they even had to film it separately at 2 different locations.

Man, I was sooooo ready for some sickenly corny stuff that made you get goosebumps due to the mushiness and sigh and get jealous cuz of the sweetness. It would be just in time for Valentine’s Day too! (I hope most of you are doing something more exciting than I am. O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo loool)

Anyways, despite the simplicity of it, me being the Leehom lover I am still found it quite beautiful. I dont remember ever seeing a plain long sleeve shirt looking as hot as it does on Leehom ♥. I AM SO BIASED BUT ITS SERIOUSLY TRUE OK ^___^ But really, I love seeing Leehom in a recording studio. He always looks so comfortable and gives off the “yo man, this is my home right here” kinda aura hahaha XD And give me a sec to go JE(W*)$H#@HHDHWOI at him playing the air drum (which I find so hot that its just ridiculous), playing the guitar (hot guy playing guitar, enough said!) and doing all those expressive arm movements, which I find strangely sexy O_O Oh and did I mention he looks absolutely gorgeous in that casual white suit?! WELL HE DOES GAHHHH <33333

Btw Jane Zhang looks equally stunning. Very angelic and pretty in the white off the shoulder top with the wind blowing softly at her. SHE LOOKS SO FEMININE, I AM JEALOUS >.<


  1. Jane Zhang’s voice is definately a wonder :3 Beautiful song~!

  2. aww I like this song, and I so agree it would have been nice if he filmed it with that girl, I don’t know who she is, but she’s cute

  3. DontEatChalk
    It is, she’s absolutely amazing <333

    Lol. I’m jsut happy there’s a MV. Of course, a storyline and filming together would be a huge bonus. He looks absolutely gorgeous. Beautiful song aswell.

  4. I agree, that simple tee did look extremely hot on him. Love the video.

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