Posted by: lovediaries | February 12, 2009

DBSK – Bolero MV, Off Shot Movie & Music Fair Performance

Bolero MV – WHY HAVEN’T WE POSTED THIS YET? Found a subbed version :). Which is good because I’ve listened to the song 100+ times and still have no idea what they’re singing about lmao. But now that I do, I’m finding the song even more beautiful ♥~. And Junsu always gives me goosebumps ;__;.

Bolero Off Shot Movie – I downloaded the HQ version with subs (I’M SO TEMPTED TO CAP EVERY SINGLE TIME CHANGMIN’S FACE APPEARS. But I’m totally unco and can’t get a good enough one to share T_T) but I don’t think it’s available on YT yet :/ This was really cute and one of the better Off Shot Movies I’ve seen. Maybe because Changmin just looks so bubbly here? xP. And they’re just all being really dorky. As usual.

Jae introduces this as the jacket shoot for their 25th single and predicts that Junsu will get it wrong and say it’s their 26th single (which he really does LOLOLOL). Jaejoong also sticks his face into everyone’s solo shooting time. I love the way Yunho looked at him when Jae just pushed his face into the screen XD. Later, he gets a plug and pretends to shave LMAO.

Junsu is hilarious with just everything he does. From his weird poses (LOL at the “Regret” pose) to random singing along to bursting out laughing during filming. The MV is so serious and gloomy and then you see how it really went on behind the scenes and it just changes the way you look at the MV XD. Like the end part where they’re all sitting there and each member gets up one by one, while filming, Yunho actually couldn’t hold his laughter cause Yoochun was pulling faces !?

And I love how they’re all so addicted to gaming! Changmin (surprisingly) is the one who gets up to do his individual shooting first because everyone else is too busy playing XD.

090207 Bolero Music Fair – I’ll admit I don’t follow much of their Japanese performances but I reeeeeeeeally love Bolero. The stage is interesting lol. They stand around this circular screen (?) on the ground which is really bright and the lighting makes Yunho look like he has furry eyebrows. The whole set reminds me of Sailor Moon’s Crystal Palace actually.

Usually for a performance, I write down little details as I watch but from 1.47 onwards, I couldn’t bring myself to press the “pause” button. Junsu’s voice makes me cry lol and the expression on his face always shows that he is singing his heart out. The JaeChun high notes make me giddy too. I wish they’d perform the whole song though because I really want to hear the “let you dance away … don’t you know … I stand by your side~” etc etc

Ajdalkfksdjfkdjsfk DBSK♥♥


  1. Bolero’s really lovely, isn’t it? I was actually surprised by how much I liked it the first time I heard it.

    Thanks for the heads up on the off shoot movie, I’ve really missed dorky!DBSK. They’re too cool for me now ;__;

    The whole set reminds me of Sailor Moon’s Crystal Palace actually.

    LOL, that’s childhood nostalgia right there for ya.

  2. ^Yes I didn’t expect much because people told me the song was boring lol but I listened and was like WOAH HOW CAN ANYONE NOT LOVE IT!? Haha.

    Lol I find that sometimes too, how DBSK have gotten wayy too cool XD.

    And yes I love Sailor Moon so everything makes me think of it :D

  3. AHHHHHHH! I was waiting for you to post this. T_T
    When i got my DVD, watched it, (although its so short, hmph T_T) it soo cute!

    Psshhh..Bolero, is my favorite song, actually it went up to be the most listened song on my iPod now.
    (& i’m really trigger-happy with the restart button)

    That part with Junsu is so funny! & There was a little YunJae action too, so i was really happy. I just wish it was longer.

    That part where they show Changmin sitting in the part EVER.

    Ok. I’m done. XD

  4. Oh & Because I’m so cool. ♥

    (& extremely bored..)

  5. Changmin’s laugh is so cute, he was the only one not texting or gaming on their celly, what was he doing though?!? lol and Junsu lipsyncing is just too adorable!! And the YunJae with the bowtie is to die for, so cute!!

  6. lol omg i love this song. its my first time hearing it and ive fallen in love with it. lol they’re so down to earth and cute and funny and everything else. lol jae is such a camera whore :]
    lol at the performance, i wonder why they were standing near a bright hole? why cant they just sing like normally? omg all of them have nice vocals and they’re so cool too. i love them<3

  7. Imjustkeeding
    Lol you’re so cute ♥♥♥ And AH SUPER HQ! Lol *reminisces about the times I used to buy all their singles* But this off shot movie really makes me want to own the DVD too ;___;.

    I know! I love it when Changmin acts like a kid, his laugh is so cute <333 Yeah lmao Junsu and his sudden scream~ haha

    I’m glad you finally heard it then! Yeah I’ve missed Jae’s camera whore-ness haha.

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