Posted by: beckery | February 12, 2009

Hyesung – Why Did You Call? MV

Credit: nglkt @ youtube

This song is for Hyesung’s new album, Vol.3 Side 2, “Keep Leaves”. Its the ballad side which will be released 17th February. I liked Side 1 cuz it was different from his normal work, but I still LOVE his ballad works more than anything else. He has that wonderful, heartbreaking quality in his voice that gets emphasized more in his ballads ♥

I love the song already!! And the instrumental is really, really nice. I really like how he starts off really slow, like he’s talking to you about his sad love story. Then it builds up momentum to the bam wham part. Love love love the chorus. Simply beautiful. Gosh, his voice is so gorgeous, no wonder I love the guy so darn much <3333

The MV has a verryyy typical asian storyline haha. Guy loves girl. Girl finds out she has some chronic illness. They spend happy times together. The girl suddenly collapses and the guy carries her to some empty snow field where he hugs her. (I wonder what happened to hospitals :/) Because of the lack of medical condition, she sadly passes away. Guy mourns and rolls around in a snow field XDDDD

Hahaha I’m so mean, but its all out of love ok. Despite the lack of originality, I think Hyesung looked DARN GORGEOUS here!! *_* I prefer his longish hair rather than that rock cut he had during Side 1. The actress is Lee Young Ah and she’s really pretty. Its so sad how she has to act all happy in front of him cuz both are trying to forget the fact that she’s going to die soon :'((( The scenary is gorgeous as well. Cant wait for the album!!!! ^_^


  1. I love Shinhwa…and Hyesung is probably the one that has most of my Shinhwa love. I want to keep them all – mostly because they’re one of the only groups left where I don’t feel dirty for loving. Wait, scratch that, they’re the ONLY group left. Yes, I love me my SJ (God help me but I want to keep all of them) but dammit, they’re all younger than me and thats just wrong.

    Crap, now I’m depressed and feeling old. Maybe I should go roll around in snow now.

  2. jujubeans
    Awww ur a Hyesung lover? I’m mainly a Dongwan and Eric lover haha. But of course I love my other Shinhwa boys too <333 HAHAAH POOR YOU!! Its ok, they all love their noonas so age is just a matter of numbers, as I always say haha. Just remember, age is nothing compared to true love =P

  3. I love all the Shinhwa boys. I can’t pick a favorite but if you have a gun to my head, I suppose it would be Hyesung and Minwoo. Hyesung is just so pretty looking and Minwoo’s little lips makes me giggle. Don’t ask, I can’t even answer why…..

    Well, true to my last post, I did end up being in the snow. I just got back from a random spontaneous trip to the ALL OVER great desert that is Arizona. I have windburn on my face (can we get a sarcastic enthused YAY?) and effin A the Grand Canyon is gorgeous sprinkled in white but holy moly, I swear I lost my toes somewhere along the way when I was riding my donkey down…

    Does that sound as bad as I think it does? O_o

  4. And true love…my heart belongs to Leehom. He still hasn’t come to his senses yet dammit!

    • Hahahaha “Minwoo’s little lips makes me giggle” HAHAHAHAH You funny person. I totally dont understand that but hey, whatever rocks your boat =P I mean we have different fetishes afterall XDD Plus that just means more Dongwan and Eric for meeeeee ^___________^

      OMG U DID SO MUCH TRAVELLING!!! *jealous* I’m sure losing your toes was worth the adventure haha. Grand Canyon covered in white *___* WAS IT GORGEOUS OR WHAT?!?! *more jealous* Damn you. Dont complain whilst I’m here stuck in boring Australia T_______T

      P.S Well you see Leehom hasnt come to his senses yet cuz he’s already married to me XDDD

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