Posted by: lovediaries | February 12, 2009

Preview DBSK’s “Stand Up”

CLICK to listen!

I like that DBSK keep trying new stuff :D. The beginning where they say “Stand Up” reminds me of another DBSK song…ah yes, “All in Vain”! Omg it’s been so long since I listened to that song XD. Okay it doesn’t sound like “All in Vain” but for some reason, when I heard it, that’s the song I thought of (to be more specific, the rap part…but I really have no idea why lol).

Anyway, the lyrics are sounding interesting. I hear vibration, sensation, ignition (?), imitation, sweet emotion … wow, they’re actually rhyming :D.

This song will be included in their “The Secret Code” album. I’m not too sure if the album title is 100% confirmed but I think “The Secret Code” sounds cool!


  1. Wow, it sounds really different from what they usually do! I liked Junsu’s opening, very nice.
    There are a lot of english words in this song =o
    To add to your list I heard nation, invitation.
    I’m 99% sure I heard “Love is so right, send the party tonight” (?) Haha

  2. ^Lol just when I thought this song was going to be pretty awesome, you had to give me that engrish line. I hope it’s not “send the party tonight” XD

  3. The song sounds different. I’m happy that they try to experiment on something new instead of sticking to something they are more comfortable with. Their music just keeps getting better as they grow as artists! XD

  4. I tend to like their more “funky” songs like Try My Love but this one needs a few more listens. Right now, it’s *okay*. (On a random note, I wish I knew how to do bolds, italics, strikethroughs, etc)
    There is a lot of English, not Engrish, as far as I can hear. (I heard “Stand up, party tonight.”) Looking foward to the album.^^

  5. ^ I agree. I don’t totally like this song yet. Ah well, i didn’t totally like Wrong Number for awhile, and now i love it. ^^ I’ll just have to listen to it a few more times.

    Because of that mistake before, the album with always be referred to..(In my head) “The Secret Cord” LMAO. Seriously..I love english mistakes.

    “Vibration”????? “Sensation”?????!!!
    Scratch that, i LOVE this song. XDDDDDDDD

  6. I like this song, it has funk and I like the bass and pow waow thingy lol, I don’t know if that’s described clearly, and I think the lyrics are sexy.

  7. I don’t know if this has ever been upped, I think it’s old but it’s seriously funny dbsk stuff

  8. One word to describe this song.. funkination XD
    I agree with most people… this song needs time to grow on you.

  9. nylenuol

    I wonder if they’ve found a new lyricist XD. I really loved “Try My Love” too! Definitely one of my favourite songs from their earlier works :DD.

    I’d teach you how but I think I always confuse people. But here’s the coding if you want to bold [b]texthere[/b] BUT instead of those brackets, you need the brackets which are on the same keys as the comma and fullstop. If you want italics, use i and a strike you can write the word strike. Hope I’ve made it clear!

    LMAO those words were what made me like the song too AHAHAHHAHAHA!

    LMAO “Junsu is the brad pitt of the playground” AHAHAHAHAHA. And why is Yunho always the granny?

    LOL funkination XDDDD.

  10. New lyricist? Maybe they just stopped taking Micky’s advice. XD I love you Yoochun!

    Success?! Thanx^^


  12. I want to try to!

    I don’t like this song yet, it may grow on me. I am really looking forward to the Brick Wall one though. Going to be hot~~

  13. ^Yay, you were successful too :D.

    Yeah, I’m just happy they’re trying out different things. I’m sure their upcoming Jap album will be awesome !!

  14. laflor501: lol-Maybe they just stopped taking Micky’s advice.

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