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SHINee’s Nanas’B CF

::EDIT:: Added latest version!

Thank you nylenuol and tristabelle and yumimaki for the heads up!! <333


Lee Se Yeong is the female model in this and she’s really cute!

Taemin version – They’re in a library and she purposely throws herself onto the boys (mainly Taemin). Taemin and her go to pick up her cream at the same time and they hold hands. Omg dying from the cuteness of little underage puppy love alksdjfaldskjfadsf. (Did you guys catch the Jongkey at 0.20?)

Minho version – MINHO IS A PERVE. I wish he’d pull a move on me like that :(. His lips looked so soft. I bet they NGed multiple times too and Lee Se Yeong would’ve been kissed over and over and over and over…

And I love how Key carries his little green book (?) around. He’s always hiding behind it. I bet for his CF, he and the girl will kiss behind it T____T.

Internet version – No idea what “Internet version” means but it’s basically Minho’s and Taemin’s together in an actual story. I originally thought the two CFs have nothing to do with one another but after watching this, I’ve realised they’re actually in a *dun dun DUN* love triangle!!! It’s really funny – a love triangle between a girl and the two youngest members of SHINee.

Anyway, it starts off with Taemin’s CF (I didn’t notice this before but at 0.19 while everyone is looking down, Key is actually looking…elsewhere XD) and then you see the two of them walking in a library while Minho watches on, holding his own cream lmao. Then they’re in the classroom (I love that Onew is just smiling to himself while Jongkey play around) and it’s Minho’s CF. But it doesn’t end there. While OnHyunKey are teasing Minho, Taemin gets up and drags the girl out of the room. Anyone else think the anime version of Taemin is incredibly hot!??!

The highlight of this CF, I think, isn’t the love triangle; it is, in fact, Onew. Watch what he is doing at 1.07-1.11. Seriously, can anyone be more adorkable!? Onew-ache ♥♥♥



  1. Cutest CF ever! Taemin’s was so cute and fluffy and then Minho…. what the hell, Minho?! Stop putting pervy thoughts in my head! Or better yet, stop being so damn sexy that the pervy thoughts won’t leave my head! Is it bad that my heart literally fluttered (fluttered!) when he was looking at her? And then slowly, softy, kissing her ….*sigh* This is so bad!

  2. All right, that’s it. SHINee needs to stop being adorable like yesterday. This is just getting to be too much now – I can’t deal with all of this overwhelming cuteness. I can’t tell you how many times I played over those 60 seconds so I could catch what happened in like each frame.

    Ha, leave it to you to notice Key’s little covering his face with his book habit. I thought I was the only one! And *laughing at your last line* Why would you torture yourself with thoughts like that? I’m sure nothing of the sort will happen. Don’t ya know? Minho’s the only one who ever gets any action in this group. XDD First Andre Kim, now this – Yep, he’s the lucky one all right.

    But really, the lucky one’s that girl! And she’s so pretty too! And I couldn’t help laughing at everyone’s loltastic expressions when they first see the girl in Taemin’s CF. Very cute, boys. I can’t wait to see Dubu’s…

  3. Carmen
    Just thinking about the way Minho slowly leant in and pecked her makes my heart flutter *____*

    I can’t wait for the three other CFs too but I’m sorta scared at the same time. HOLD ME WHEN KEY’S COMES OUT? I bet Onew’s will be really cheesy and he’ll be all shy and make me want to nibble on his ear :F LOL I’M SO WEIRD.

    TRUE! Minho gets all the girls. Let’s hope it stays that way :). Yeah lmao I rewatched sooo many times so I could see everyone in every frame XD.

  4. Aww, that girl’s soo lucky!! And yes, only minho will get the privilege to kiss her cause we all know what will happen if it wasnt him *imagining onkey* :3
    so, this cf starts with the maknae’s? That means dubu’s the last! *anticipating*

  5. ^I’ve been refreshing YT since forever and still no sign of the other 3 CFs XDD.

    Oooh if your theory is right then Key’s should be next? :DDD

  6. Yes. Um, no. lol. I kinda hope for jonghyun’s so that my OTP will be the last 8D
    who knows that it’d be love triangle maybe? Hoho..

  7. lol at first i thought u meant taemin and her got ICE CREAM. i was like uhh they serve ice cream in tubes now? haha now i know its hand cream w/e. lol i love how key was hidin behind the book :] omg minho is so cute. lol i loved how the camera got his face like a million times before he kissed her :D lol i love how they used “stand by me” as the song. haha ill be waitin for the other three versions…

  8. kandie
    YAY! You ship OnKey too :DDD

    LOL ice cream in a tube. I’m sure someone will invent that one day :P

    Hearing “Stand by me” made me happy but I’m greedy and wished they had another song to sing XD

  9. Sure, sure, I’ll hold you. But as I said, I’m sure you have nothing to worry about. ^^

    Wha, “nibble on his ear”?! LOL, I sort of hope you never meet Dubu – I’m scared of what might happen… XDDD

  10. ^Yeah I’m sorta worried too. If ever I was to meet them, I think I would honestly lose control and throw myself at Onew while reaching out for Key. I can so see it right now. Chaos.

  11. ahh! this is probably the cutest commercial I’ve seen! Taemin’s CF was just adorable :D Minho’s CF gonna make everyone crazy! The girl is really pretty and suits the part :)

  12. ^They’re torturing me by not releasing the other 3 yet ;___;

  13. :( aww well hopefully they’ll release it soon enough. I’d like to see what the other 3 end up doing. Lol I have Minho’s CF in my cell phone now haha!

  14. ^It’s been like almost a week. Maybe the others don’t have one .____.

  15. Sorry to butt in but I’m actually starting to think they might not. If you look at the pictures released earlier for the official CFs, there are pictures showing the Minho and Taemin scenarios but none with the others…so maybe they don’t have any? It’s possible…

  16. ^Yeah…I…think they others don’t have one. Which I’m sort of fine with but still feeling slightly disappointed because I wanted more cuteness to cry over T_T

  17. WAHHHHH!!!!! LMAO, that’s just too cute!!

  18. Oh, why so cute? I haven’t had any sugar today, and yet I feel like I’m getting cavities after watching this. :3

    LOL, what the heck is Onew doing at 1:07? Silly boy~

    I’m actually okay with the fact that there probably won’t be a version for the other three boys. Because I have a hard time imagining Jonghyun doing that sort of thing and Onew’s would be made of fail, haha. I think Minho and Taemin were the best choices for this type of CF.

  19. xueqir
    Haha I’m less jealous now thinking that the other 3 won’t have their own XDD

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL getting cavities XD That is gold.

    Yeah I think this CF has enough drama already :PP

  20. LOL i just watched this and hahaha what IS onew doing at 1:07? blowing air at minho? ahahhaa so cute! and i agree, that is definitely the highlight hahaa =) i have now watched those 4 seconds for like 2 minutes now…=)

    i hope they have a separate cf for onew though..just cause i miss him…but maybe it;d be better if there wasn’t a commercial for onew and the girl (though she is pretty) hahaha

  21. ^I THINK SO. Or blowing kisses, maybe? XD.

    But Onew would probably be fail around that girl LOL.

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