Posted by: lovediaries | February 12, 2009

SNSD Tiffany & Jessica on KBS WORLD Radio ‘Star Chat’

Part 1, Part 2.

I haven’t finished watching this (only half way through Part 1) but Tiffany and Jessica do this whole interview in English, so I thought it was worth posting up. Tiffany appeals more to me when she’s speaking in English lol. And Jessica sounds really cute speaking English. She’s pretty quiet here but that’s probably because Tiffany talks a loooooooooot XD.

So far, they’ve just been talking about “Gee” and how they took heaps long to work on their mini-album and that they feel they’ve matured as a group. Which is cute :). They also talk about training under SM and … they seemed to have had it not as hard as other SM artists ^^;;. Like, I just get that impression by the way they talk about training (even though Jessica trained like forever lol).


  1. Hmm, actually I got the impression Jessica wasn’t really up to it – she looked kind of out it, you know. But it’s okay because Tiffany doesn’t seem to mind talking a lot. But they both sound adorable speaking English and Tiffany sounds like a total valley girl. LOL!

    Anyways, I just came to show you this – the internet version of the Nana B’s CF! Haha, it’s definitely worth a watch.

  2. ^After watching more, I noticed Jessica was a bit out of it lol. And yes Tiffany DOES sound like a total valley girl XD.

    Thank you so much for that! alkjfalkjflsdf There should still be more, I hope!!

  3. Yay! Something about SNSD!XD

    They seem more comfortable talking in english!
    But Jessica has always been quiet even with their korean interviews. LOL! She seems lost though!

    SHINee won another newcomer award today!
    DBSK won 2 awards too! Though they weren’t present, SHINee was there to accept the award! They look so adorable!


  4. wow, their english is good! and they seem much less … “coy” than they usually do, more down-to-earth.

  5. nylenuol
    Lol I just thought with only two members, she’d say more? XD.

    And thank you for those clips <3333

    Haha well they are Korean-Americans! But yeah, that’s why I said Tiffany seems better speaking in English – definitely more down-to-earth!

  6. They seem less… artificial when speaking in English. While Tiffany does sound a bit like a ditzy valley girl, both of them seem a lot less self-conscious. NOT because of the fact that they speak in Korean on regular variety shows, but I think it’s because they don’t really have an “image” to uphold for this KBS program (since it’s assumed it’s for the English speaker, so they can afford to be less fake).

    I liked how they admitted that SNSD doesn’t really get along all the time. I hate it when groups — especially girl groups — pretend that they’re best friends ALL THE TIME when you know that most of them secretly hate everyone else.

  7. ^Yeah it’s not possible for girls to get along all the time. Girls are bitchy. Period. XD

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