Posted by: lovediaries | February 13, 2009

18th High1 Seoul Music Awards

Thanks nylenuol for the heads up! My net is dying so I haven’t been on soompi for pictures ^^;; I’ll get round to watching the videos maybe later today so bbl to edit :).

{credit: 2MY @ Soompi}

Daesang – Wonder Girls
Bonsang – TVXQ, Big Bang, Wonder Girls, Baek Ji Young, SG Wannabe, Jang Yoon Jung, Kim Jong Kook, Son Dambi, SS501, Brown Eyed Girls
New Artists – Shinee, Davichi, Mighty Mouth
Highwon Music Award – Big Bang
Trot- Park Hyun Bin
Performance award – Kim Jang Hoon
YTNStar award – Baek Jiyoung
Best Album – Big Bang
Digital Music Award – Wonder Girls
Popular Mobile Award – TVXQ, Big Bang
Hallyu Award – SS501

Big Bang Haru Haru & Sunset Glow Performance

Brown Eyed Girls receiving award & How Performance

DBSK awarded Bonsang

DBSK awarded Mobile Popularity Award

SHINee Receiving Newcomer Award

SHINee Replay & Amigo Performance

SS501 Because I’m Stupid & U R Man Performance

Wondergirls Receiving Daesung Award & Nobody Encore Performance


  1. congrats to all the winners! O_o TOP’s so bright! you can probably turn off the lights and still see him *sorry TOP fans as much as I love the boy and think he’s gorgeous and all, I’m not digging his suit! Did he anger his stylist that they put him in that?* anyways BB’s performance was good as always :D

    BEG’s performance was pretty good. They look really pretty and I like what they wore it suits them.

    aww Shinee accepted the award for DBSK :D they are such fanboys haha it’s soo cute! Speaking of Shinee I liked their performance though it sounded like they were having mike problems. They still rocked it thought :)

    I really miss seeing all 5 of SS501. They changed some of the choreography for U R Man ^-^ Kyu’s HOT!

    WG! it’s good seeing them, it’s been awhile and they looked really happy getting the award!

  2. ^Haha thanks for your recap! I think I might just watch SHINee and BEG’s cause I’m lazy (and biased) like that XD.

  3. lol wow they’re really all awesome. CONGRATS TO ALL OF THEM :]

    okay well this is like really random and out of nowhere but TAEGOON DID A SMALL INTERVIEW! and when i mean SMALL, i do mean SMALL :D

    okay well the title said second rain so im guessing hes talking about how he is compared to rain :]

    if you know what hes talking about, let me know

  4. i dont think its the actual interview since it was on the radio and i’ve been hearing that he didnt talk alot

  5. betty
    Haha yeah I saw that but I had no idea what he was saying XD. Aw I hope he gets to go on radios/variety shows (???) and gets his own subbing team!!!

  6. I just saw BB and Shinee receiving their awards, perfs come next! :)

    SHINEEE AHHH!!! they look so handsome,,
    Onew looked like he’s going to cry again :/

    and TOP!! WTH WITH THAT SUIT?!?!?!

    it’s funny how both groups wear same color,, HOT PINK!! XD


  8. u havent??!

    I might watch Key’s cam first XDD

  9. ^Yeah lol I keep saying I will but then I go off and do other stuff XD. Like right now, I’m trying to make a graphic for Changmin’s bday tmr XP

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