Posted by: beckery | February 14, 2009

090213 Music Bank

Today’s Music Bank had a great line up. I was especially keen on Fly To The Sky’s Come Back stage and Jumper’s Debut stage. (On another note, it’s Black Friday today in Aussie Land so hope everyone is still fine and spazzing. I was so reluctant to leave the house today! XDD haha)

FTTS – 가버려 너 (Throwing You Away) + 구속 (Restraint/Restriction)
Not sure about the English translation of the titles cuz everyone keeps calling it different names haha. But at least you get the gist of it XD I’ve been listening to their “Decennium” album a few times and I’m loving what I’m hearing so far!!! There are some songs that are eventually growing on me, whilst there’s others that was a hit the first time I heard it. Great RnB and ballad tracks, as expected ♥ Might do a review for it later, IF I’m not lazy lol.

A bit :/ at their hair, especially Hwanhee’s but I’ll just turn a blind eye on that. Throwing You Away was the digital song they released first, a few weeks ago. The song has grown on me so much!!! At first, I thought there was really nothing special about the song. It was a sad ballad and yes, they sounded amazing *_* but the song was just…a ballad. But now I’m so addicted to it haha. And let me emphasize again that they sound flippin’ AMAZING! 10 years in the industry and you can hear it <333 Their live here is just as fantastic. A bit too short though :(((

I really wanted them to perform their other song “Close to you” ft Dynamic Duo. That’s one of the songs that got me on the very first listen! But Restraint/Restriction is just as good. Kinda RnB-ish and Jazzy-ish (?), which is just perfect for me XDD haha. They even managed to add some smooth dancing to it. I like watching Brian dancing. I’ve always had since Love Letter days. He’s really attractive when he dances lol *___*

Jumper – Yes!
I’m mainly interested in them because Shinhwa’s Andy is their producer XDD hahaha. BUT I actually like their debut track, “Yes!”. One being that Eric guest starred rap in it (Oh how I miss the boy, it was his last work before army too *tear*) and the other being that it’s ADDICTIVE. Jumper consists of Rocky (vocals) and Dong Min (rap). None of them attract me yet, but we’ll see.

Rocky’s live vocals are impressive for his debut stage. And he’s quite cute when he’s all smiley ^___^ Cant say much about Dong Min’s rap, except that he got it all down packed? HAHA. Overall, a good debut stage. Looking forward for more good songs and performances from them :DD

2AM – Graduation

Beautiful song!! I really need lyrics for these. I bet its heaps touching. They sound absolutely great too! After watching this I have no idea why I DONT KNOW ALL THEIR NAMES (minus Jo Kwon of course, cuz he is afterall Imop’s BFF haha) !!! :/ FAIL! I know 2PM’s but not these guys. =_= Btw I love the ending and why is this song so short!


  1. oh how I miss seeing FTTS boys! I like Throwing You Away :D though my only complaint is the boys hair O_o I’m just not feeling it. They both looked pretty smooth dancing to Restraint/Restriction. I’m always amazed by their voice, it’s hypnotizing!

    Jumper did a pretty good performance! Rocky’s voice isn’t bad, as for Dong Min his rap’s pretty good. I can’t really say much I have to listen to the song more to get to like it.

    2AM – loving the song :D but I have to learn more about the boys *too many boybands to remember*

    ps. beckery did you see Eric’s Yes preview? I think it’s Eric *can’t really tell since his face his covered and all you see is his lips and like half a second of his eyes* it’s on YT!

  2. ne ne ….
    are they (FTTS) going to break up?
    I miss them dearly and well, they are my loved one after all. I don’t know why but I think I am dying out of love for Kpop music … If FTTS is gone, I have only Park Hyo Shin left. TT

  3. Coolness.^^ I don’t know when FTTS went on hiatus but I’m so used to them existing but not performing on stage. They’re really great live. Unfortunately, I busted out laughing at Hwanhee, not b/c of the hair, but how much his expression really does match Brian’s impressions of it. Lol

    Eh, Jumper didn’t appeal to me. Maybe I just don’t like the song. Also, it seems awkward for a two member non-instrumental group to debut with a dance song. Idk

    I haven’t seen a 2am perf since…the debut stage. I fail, yes. They all have such nice pleasant voices and the song sounded quite emotional. Plus, I always knew that 2am was a ballad group and Jo Kwon was in 2am, but never put the two together for some reason. I was so surprised how well that crazy!boy sings.^^

  4. 2AM’s harmonizing is some of the best and I think Jo Kwon is too fab for his own good.

    (Also, at the encore when SNSD won with gee Kwon joins in and sings (+ dances) too because he knows how to out-ghei himself every time)

  5. babiegel
    LOL I KNOW RIGHT! Their hair made me cringe, especially hwanhee’s. He looks like some gangster rofl. Brian’s is quite nice with the red? strips but like the styling is weird…But hey, they always sound so damn amazing *_*

    Jumper’s song is alright. I dont see it being a HUGE hit, but its a pretty good debut track. Getting Eric to rap for one of the versions is a smart idea, considering how much I miss him atm :((

    Lol. Learn the 2pm boys first!! They’re so adorkable. 2Am definitely has the voice component though. THe song is great.

    And yea, I did see the preview. I think you linked it to me in another comment, but I havent been replying to comments. SORRY!! <333

    I heard they were :(( Which is quite sad. But they’re going to become a project group? So I guess at least we’ll still get more songs from them in the future XD.

    Aww you’re losing the Kpop touch, as I put it. lol. I have one of those every few months and I just try to avoid Kpop for awhile. It eventually comes back when something big happens. Dont leave us!!

    LOL. YOUR SO MEAN TO HWANHEE =PP Jokes jokes. I always find him..a tad (ok a load) more expressive than Brian both in facials and arm movements. But they’re both great. I kinda have a biasedness towards Brian more though haha. Its just that sometimes Hwanhee’s voice gets a bit overbearing. ://

    Aww you dont like Jumper? Thats ok, they’ve got heaps more room to develop. I’m sure they’re sweet boys XD But yea a duo with just a rapper and singer is a bit weird haha.

    I havent seen a 2am performance since forever too! But I have the mp3 of Graduation and loved it. So I was waiting for their performance of it XDD They have great voices. It always surprises me when Jo Kwon sings haha. I love that boy, he’s so awesome <33

    I AGREE!! Jo Kwon is definitely some pawnage material. Everytime I see him sing properly I always get blown away haha. XDD And yes yes I saw him dance to Gee, and that is again why we adore him so much XD

  6. heyy i’m not sure if you guys are gonna pimp jumper but they’ve released their “yes!” MV.

    i’m actually kind of confused about them…like..why is the rapper guy there? is he supposed to be mr. charisma? well….that’s kind of epic fail because in their debut performance they stuck him behind the backup dancers so that you can’t even see him which means he can’t dance and then he never has anything BUT rapping which means he can’t sing…and and and umm…he’s not THAT great looking (i’m sure i’ll regret saying that after he becomes hot bahahaha) so i’m really confused about his significance to the “group”..i’m sure if there were more than 2 people then he would belong but..right now it just seems like rapper guy is encroaching on main guy’s solo career X_x

    • Yup I’ve seen the MV. Its pretty good. But yea I was just too lazy to post it haha XDD

      I too find it sorta weird to have a duo with one guy mainly in charge of rap and the other one in vocals. Though I’m pretty sure Dong Min can probably sing. Not as great as Rocky (he is in the main singer afterall) but I’m sure he’s not just there for rapping. Because that would be sorta..lame? LOL. And I’ve seen the guy dance and he’s alright. Nothing dance machine like but he can pull a few moves haha. Im more interested in their personality and how they’ll manage on variety shows. That is after all one of the things that draws in fans XDD

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