Posted by: lovediaries | February 14, 2009

Happy Valentines Day ’09!♥

::EDIT:: Answers have now been edited into the post with original pictures as well!

After last year’s epic post, we of course had to put on our thinking caps again to come up with something even more special for this year’s Valentines! Put on our thinking caps we did (even if it was last minute and caused beckery and I heaps of stress XD), and come up with something special we have :D.

Some of us may not yet be fortunate enough to have a special half to spend this day with; so why not live through the love of other couples? Well, not exactly “live through” love, but rather, remind ourselves of the love we often witness between our most beloved boyband members!

We’ve brought together a very simple game which involves you guys identifying the various lovey dovey couples in the pictures we’ve provided. And the point of this? Honestly, there is none XD. But we wanted you guys to just have a little fun and we hope you all have a very

Happy Valentines Day Photobucket!!!

love, from the LAEC clan~

#1 OnKey

#2 JaeMin

#3 HenWook

#4 YeKyu

#5 SiHae

#6 HyukSu

#7 JaeHo

#8 JongKey

#9 HanChul

#10 YooSu

#11 EunHae

#12 OnHo

#13 HoRella

#14 KangTeuk

We honestly didn’t set out on making this so hard? Well, we didn’t think it would be this hard XD. So sorry! We should’ve probably given the hint that none of the couples repeat. But now you can all relax and know that none of you are crazy fans who know everyone’s pictures back to front, inside out with faces blurred XD.

Congratulations to spazzes who scored 12/14! Your only mistakes were thinking Donghae = Sungmin and Minho = Taemin! You sure know your couples ;DD. Oh and it’s pretty clear you’re the #1 HoRella fan who reads this blog hahaha.

Anyway, I just spent about 10 minutes writing up everyone’s guesses into a table to make comparisons (DON’T LAUGH AT ME. I LIKE DOING THINGS LIKE THESE XDDD.) and it may be interesting to note that the couples with the most correct guesses were HenWook, YeKyu (is this their couple name? XD) and YooSu with JongKey losing by just half a person (because min_is_mine managed to guess Jonghyun right!). HoRella only had one correct guess and most of you guys took Yunho as Teuk ^^. OnHo, Jaemin and Hanchul had the second least correct guesses. I would’ve thought the hair was a big giveaway XD.

So I hope you guys enjoyed this and had fun because beckery spent a lot of her time fixing up the pictures, with me constantly nagging at her haha.

Love you all♥♥!!


  1. Alas, a “special half” I do not have. I’m all “special.” XD
    Answers1. HyukSu, 2. JaeHo, 3. HenWook, 4. Kyu+Yesung, 5. SiHae, 6. HyukSu, 7. EunHae, 8. JongKey, 9. Yunho+Heechul, 10. YooSu, 11. EunTeuk, 12. OnTae, 13. TeukChul, 14. Kyu+Yesung(tiny hands! lol)

    Wow, that was hard. I maybe got two or three right. Maybe. Anyway, Happy Valentines to everybody! <3 <3 <3 \^o^/ <333

  2. ^Arghh. I must have messed up the stupid code…Sorry people.


    02. dunno D:
    03. Donghae and Henry?
    04. Kyu & Yesung
    05. Sungmin & Siwon?
    06. Sungmin & Yesung?
    07. JaeHo?
    08. Key & Jonghyun?
    09. Hankyung & Heechul
    10. YooSu?
    11. no idea D:
    12. uh… Jinki and Taemin?
    13. no idea D:
    14. KangTeuk

  4. You call this “simple”? This is so hard! Maybe I’ll get like one or two right ^^;;

    Happy Valentine!! :D

  5. 1. no idea D8
    2. JaeHo
    3. HenWook
    4. Kyu + ?
    5. SiHae
    6. ShinMin
    7. EunHae
    8. JongHyun + ?
    9. Yunho + ?
    10 YooSu
    11. YooSu
    12. TaeMin + ?
    13. Teuk + ?
    14. EunTeuk

    ^ I tried with the code, but it didn’t show up @.@

  6. holy smokes….. i fail at life!! *gets knocked over*
    i don’t konw any of the couples…..

  7. Hard !!!!
    1.donno …+tablo?
    2.same here
    11.Eunhae (100%)

  8. [span style=”color:#ffffff;”]my guess is… 2. cm+jj, 6. js+eunhyuk, 10. js+yc[/span]

  9. 1. onew+key
    3. ryeowook+henry
    4. kyu+yesung
    6. yoochun+yesung
    8. key+jonghyun
    11. hyuk+hae
    12. taemin+onew
    14. teuk+kangin

    so thats all that im pretty sure of

  10. OMG that second pic of JaeMin was the first picture I ever saw of any DBSK members, and I’ve loved them ever since ^_^ But this is hard! I only recognize a few pictures, but not really sure T^T

  11. gaaahhh.
    i only know dbsk (specifically jae) dat much so i can only recognize d pictures theyre in. LOL
    but d easiest one was 10 huh. lol dat picture so obvious.

  12. Erm, let’s see:

    3. Henwook
    4. Yesung and Kyuhyun
    8. Key and Jonghyun
    10. Yoosu

    Wow I fail, lol. But where is QMi?????? D: D:

  13. OMG this is so fun! XD

    my answers,,
    1.pass, 2.jaemin, 3.someone from Suju-M XD, 4.pass, 5.pass, 6.hyuksu, 7.yunjae, 8…..9…10…11…12…13….

    14. HYUKSU!!!

    hah, I’m so FAIL.

  14. :D :D :D omg this is fun <3

    1. Onew + Key
    2. Jaejoong + Changmin
    3. Ryeowook + Henry
    4. Kyuhyun + Yesung
    5. Sungmin + Siwon
    6. Junsu + Eunhyuk
    7. Yunho + Jaejoong
    8. Key + Jonghyun
    9. Hankyung + Heechul
    10. Junsu + Yoochun
    11. Eunhyuk + Donghae
    12. Taemin + Onew
    13. HORELLA FOREVER!!!!!!!!!1
    14. Eeteuk + Kangin

  15. Happy valentines Day guys!!!

    LOL! I’m gonna try this game.. I’ve seen almost if not all of the pictures! But I’m not sure if I get everyone right. XD

    1. OnKey
    3. HenWook
    4. KyuSung?
    5. SiHae
    6. HyukSu
    7. EunHae?
    8. JongKey
    9. HoRella?
    10. YooSu
    11. EunHae again?
    12. OnTae
    13. Teukchul?
    14. No Idea though the clothes looks familiar! XD

  16. 1 and 2 dunno
    3 henwook
    4 Kyusung
    5 WonHae
    6 Hyuksu
    7-10 pass
    11 EunHae
    12 pass
    13 Teuk+??
    14 KangTeuk

  17. lol so cute, the code doesn’t seem to be working, oh you’re so adorable, this game was fun and wasted time from my lonely valetines…but I’ll be dellusional and pretend changmin’s here with me

  18. LOL at this post. It’s definitely not what I was expecting but an interesting thing nonetheless. I can only recognize a few though…
    [span style=”color:#ffffff;”]
    1. Onew and Key
    2. I think it’s Yunho and Jaejoong
    3. Can tell it’s Suju folks but Idk who – I think Eunhyuk’s on the left though.
    4 and 5, I don’t know but I think HeeChul might be the person on the left in no. 5
    6 – I dunno. Might be DBSK members?
    7. Gonna take a guess with this one and say Hankyung and Heechul
    8. Key and Jonghyun
    9. Don’t know but the person on the right might be Heechul
    10. Junsu and Yoochun
    11. I dunno
    12. Minho and Onew
    13. I don’t know
    14. DBSK?

    Oh, and here’s a V-Day present from me – Suju SM TOWN BKK backstage footage:
    And the SHINee equivalent:

    Haha, I’m single so let’s celebrate together. ^^ [/span]

  19. This is kind of random, but in the spirit of Valentine’s…make a baby with your favorite pretty boy!

    My baby with Onew was so cute! We must be meant for each other if we produce more beautiful people, right? Lol I sound so desperate!XD

  20. omg u should post up the orignal pictures =)! SO CUTE!

  21. You guys might’ve watched this already but thought I’d share anyway – Leehom on 百万大歌星, his bit starting somewhere around here:

    He sang really well!

  22. Okay, it’s :P

  23. Yay to everyone for participating :D. We’ll be getting answers and the original pictures up soon ~

    Sorry the code didn’t work. It’s my fault lol ^^;;.

    I’ve let the other two know already; thanks for the link!!

  24. :D :D :D

    I feel kind of nerdy for knowing about Horella now lol. It also means that my brainwashing skills are not up to par because I try to pimp that pairing all the freaking time and still nobody knows them XDDDD;;;;;;;;;. I’m really happy you included them in your Valentine’s Day post, though ^^!

    Thank you for doing this; it was really fun! :)

  25. ^Haha no no, don’t feel nerdy … feel special :D. And we chose a hard HoRella pic :/.

    Lol I told bec to put in 50 pictures because I wanted every single couple out there (not that 50 would include them all); but she probably would’ve killed me around the 20th or so photo XD.

    No problem, glad you had fun ^^♥

  26. This was fun! I knew I’d fail so badly XD

  27. ^Haha at least you had a go! :)

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