Posted by: lovediaries | February 15, 2009

090215 F.T Island Comeback Stage on Inkigayo

{credit: HarueKorea @ youtube}

They performed “Missing You” & “Bad Woman” – two of my four favourite tracks off their mini album (with only 6 tracks LOL)!!! I’ll admit, I felt a tinge of sadness at seeing them perform without Wonbin, but I was also happy to see Seunghyun up there with them, and getting some screentime too! They all look awesome rocking their instruments (especially little Minhwan on the drums ^^. Hmm, I wonder what our baby would look like…) and Hongki sounded great as usual. His hair actually looks okay too!

The stage changes for their performance of “Bad Woman” and I immediately pictured the swinging boxes they were in XD. As well as Hongki’s XO from when the girl yelled at him!? Anyway, his hair changed slightly here. They, unpinned it? I don’t like how it looks here O.o He’s wearing a suit with a deep V/open collared shirt with a deep V though hehe.

Loved the last strum :).


  1. I tried like twice to get into FT Island, but for some reason I just can’t remember their names/tell them apart! There’s also this one member(not the new one) where each time I see him I’m like “Was he always in the band?” I fail much.
    Anyway, both songs are very nice. I’m convinced Honki is a 40 yr old man in a prettyboy suit b/c…wow. And, yes, he is the only one I know now that Wonbin is gone. -.-

  2. Hong Ki’s hair is depressing lolXD
    But they need to lower the volume of the instruments. It went too high up that Hong Ki sounded so muffled.
    The new guy’s so cute though<3 Although I wonder why does F.T island need two guitarists and a bassist. Its like…a guitar and bassist would be sufficient (That does not mean I didn’t like Won Bin or this new guy).

    Min Hwan’s getting hotter. I usually dislike him when he does his aegyo but he looks good when he’s playing drums.

    Jae Jin needs his old hair back or something lol.

  3. laflor501
    Lol you should learn their names before their faces start changing like Minhwan’s has XDDD. But nah, if you’re only listening to their music then it’s fine :).

    ROFL I sure hope Hongki isn’t a 40yo XD. Jaejin’s the one who plays bass, Minhwan is on the drums, Jonghun and Seunghyun are the guitarists lol. Just watch a few more performances and you’ll get them right :).

    Yeah, I thought Hongki sounded a little muffled but I didn’t know if that was just the quality of the video or not. I REALLY REALLY LIKE SEUNGHYUN. I think it’s just the whole look he has. Like the quiet/shy boy type which makes me all alksdjfskdjflskjfklsdj XDDD.

    And well, in answer to your question, I guess it’s sort of like having two rappers in a group? Haha lol I’m not sure.

  4. i’ve been waiting for this xDD. hongki’s hair really disturbs me so much, but i love him so i’ll close one eye for him xPP. minhwan is younger than me so i shouldn’t be saying this but he’s really looking hotgood these days *__*. the performances were great for both songs :).

  5. okay so either way, his hair and earring(s) bother me from the very beginning which was like a month ago :] i still dont have their names memorized but ill try to ITS MY HW NOW. okay well wheres the new kid? (i sound so old) is he the guy with the white pants in bad woman? i swear there are too many guitars for me to know whos who. lol the guy on the drums is cute :] is he the main guy in bad woman?

  6. bleaghh
    Haha yes close your eyes and just listen to him sing. Lol Minhwan and Jaejin are younger than me and I like to go nutso over them. Heck, I go nutso over all of SHINee XDD.

    LOL I was looking at his earring and thinking “…I’ll just ignore that” XDDD. YEAH LOL “new kid”. He was the one second from the left. The drummer is Minhwan and he was the main in the “filming of the MV” but after watching the MV, they each pretty much had equal screentime :/

  7. yay more FTI post FTW!!! Hongki’s hair is reminding me of Junpyo(sp?) nice performance as well. They boys looks drool wrothy and I’m liking Seunghyun’s mysteriousness factor, he looks like a deep person, ljust ike Jaejoong, I hope people don’t brick me for the comparisson.

  8. ^Haha there’s sort of a similarity~ Yeah I really want to learn more about Seunghyun. He seems like a nice boy :)

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