Posted by: lovediaries | February 15, 2009

Mnet Wide News & SJM Valentine’s Day Blessing

We’ll reveal the answers to our ’09 Valentine’s Day Post tomorrow. So before we do, make sure you’ve gone and had a try at our game :).

SJM Valentine’s Day Blessing – THE LITTLE DOLLS ARE SO CUTE! I was really distracted by Ryeowook stroking Henry’s XDDD. Hankyung introduces the doll but gets the name wrong LOLOL. He called it “Fok” Doll which means good fortune but it’s actually “Fan” doll which is rice.

MNET: CELEBS you want to spend Valentine’s with – Mnet really like their polls, don’t they? I love that 3/4 of the BOF cast take up the top 5. (But it’s really sad that Kim Joon is left out of everything. I saw some magazine scans with Lee Minho on the cover and there was a square for Hyunjoong and Kimbum but nothing for Kim Joon :(((. ) I get the feeling that people have ranked these BOF cast members for the characters they play; as in, they actually want to spend a day with Junpyo? Lol, idk.

If I were to choose I would pick Minho, I think. Choi Minho. Because remember how he made the noona cry on their Reality Show? Well if there was only one day, I’m sure he’d put in heaps of effort and make it my most romantic day (and date) EVER. So yes, my pick goes to him :).

How about you guys?

Also, laflor501 has linked us to this BABY MAKING SITE. We once posted a site which merges photos together but this one’s probably better since you get a 3D baby that coos. The hard thing is selecting the right photo. I couldn’t find a photo of Onew with a closed mouth (cause he always smiles like :DDDDDDDDDD) so I ended up making a baby with Taemin ROFL. (Nah, I actually made a baby with Key first – I had the perfect photo – but the baby turned out with funny eyes.) I showed my mum and then told her his age and now she thinks I have issues.


  1. lol i’d pick kim bum just becuz hes the one that got me into BOF. i dont think i’d even watch it if he wasnt in it :]

    lol okay well im not gonna make a baby, but if i did, i’d either be with kimbum, key, or the drummer guy in ft island

  2. i would’ve pick Junsu, hehe. It just happened that he’s my favorite in DBSK ^^

    i wonder what would happen if KangTeuk make a baby, lol! but it’s kind of hard to find the right picture though

  3. betty
    Haha aw, not even for Lee Minho? XD. LOLLL why not make a baby? IT COOS!!! LOL you really like Minhwan, don’t you?

    Yeah this problem is very strict with your choice of pictures XDD.

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