Posted by: lovediaries | February 15, 2009

SMTown Live in Bangkok Backstage

Thanks to yumimaki for the heads up!♥ D’aww these videos were released for Valentine’s ^^.

SHINee Backstage – Footage of them performing “In My Room”, “Run It”, and then just the boys being … BOYS! God, they’re so cute on their scooters and Jonghyun with his ^^v peace sign. Key drives one of those golf carts (I wonder if he can actually drive :/) and then Onew gets on. ONKEY♥♥♥♥. Poor Jonghyun just rides around on his scooter, following them. Lol at the love triangle. Everyone wants a piece of Key. AND ROFL at Taemin when Onew’s talking to the camera. I bet he had a large cup of red cordial XDD. Then Key comes along with some of his hair plastered to his head (someone tell me they found that really sexy too). There is a lot of OnTae in this video. Very Cute. And Key’s not much of a camwhore here. Off in his own world with his pink ipod (?). That shoulder shrug (from laughing?) at 2.44 WAS SO SO CUTE.

Then it’s them performing “Real” and um, did JongKey forget a bit of the choreography? XD. Or maybe they were just being lazy with their arms? And Key again with the clicking? And “Amigo” OMG WHAT WAS ONEW WEARING *__________*? Lucky I wasn’t there or I would’ve jumped onto the stage and attacked him. And Jonghyun too. His shirt has a collar, right? :Q_____ I didn’t just imagine it? *discovers new kink*.

SMTown Backstage – UM, MY BRAIN EXPLODED BEFORE AND IT’S EXPLODED AGAIN. I don’t think I’ve seen Changmin and Donghae together ever since the “Show Me Your Love” poster where they held onto the “M” and the “E” respectively. Donghae and Minho are up in front of the camera and then Changmin (ROFL I just called him Cameron) comes up behind them and um *drool*. (Who is Key laughing with? The other person is doing a retarded Teuk laugh XD). Did you see the way Changmin looked at Donghae? As if to say, “candychu is mine“. Love love love~ Donghae walks off (cause he’s short) and Changmin and Minho try to out-tall each other. 2CHOI!Then Yesung comes in and aww Changmin hugged him from the back. Is he out to make me jealous?

Then Sungmin!!!!!!!!!! Mmm, he looks good in black *____*. And he’s wearing my favourite hairstyle on Donghae too :D. LOL pink psp. Why am I not surprised? AND OMG EUNHAE. CRYING. BECAUSE DONGHAE’S SHIRT IS OPEN *molests* AND D’AWWWW. EUNHAE♥♥♥♥♥♥♥. Here, I’ll translate the conversation:

Donghae: Here, meet my girlfriend.
Eunhyuk: No no, I’m the boyfriend.
Donghae: Come on, they know better than that.
Eunhyuk: *in denial*.

LOL IDEK. And LOL @ Junsu & Jae in the back with the folding chairs XD. Even I can lift like 3 at a time :P. AND OMG KYU AND KEY *chest clenches*. JUST…AH…I…*holds neck*. SM are too good to me. I’d like to run my hand up and down Kangin’s arm. While Siwon is talking, you can see Onew standing next to a sitting Yunho. Aww, leader-bonding. Even though they’re not actually talking to one another XD. Shindong with Jonghyun and Onew is so cute too. But sheesh, how thick is Shindong’s hair O___O. His bowlcut is like 50 layers thicker than Taemin’s.

Then it’s Suju’s “U”. Oooooooh-ing over the blue raincoats. You know, I sang this song just yesterday at Karaoke and I reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally miss them. I think I say this every time I do a post with Suju in it but I’LL BE SAYING IT TIL THEIR COMEBACK >:D.


  1. LOL, candychu, I only share these things with you so I can read your spazzy comments and laugh. You really say just the darnedest things. There are so many ROFL-tastic lines in this post that I can’t even quote them all. I’m glad you liked them though.

    Hmm, I think Key was laughing with Jonghyun in the second video and OMG, am I the only person who didn’t hear that? I saw everyone else commenting on it and I was like “what? he laughed – when?” And LOL, I think you did imagine that collar – because I looked again and I didn’t see it.

    (Is it weird that I’m commenting on this entry? Like I should comment on entries of things that I linked you to? I’m so lacking in netiquette – IDEK.)

    I’m not gonna lie – I think the best part of these videos for me was getting to see Changmin in that Japanese school boy style uniform outfit. Gosh, he looked so hot in that, casually flipping through a magazine and talking to Donghae and Minho. *sigh* Where does SM find these people and why don’t any of them live closer to me?

  2. ^I’m glad you find my retarded spazzing so entertaining. Sometimes I re-read my posts, and I think “Omg what do readers think of me!?!?!” People should keep in mind that I sometimes write at the pace that I talk which is very fast when I get excited. And since I type pretty quickly, I just keyboard-diarrhoea all over the place XDDD.

    Really? I did imagine the collar? I replayed over to make sure it was real and … LET ME KEEP THINKING THERE IS A COLLAR, OKAY? XDDD!!!

    And no it’s not weird. Because…this is what you linked me to and I’ve done a post on it so it’s normal to be commenting here. Right?

    I’ve noticed that you’ve recently been taking a very big interest in Changmin… Just remember there’s a reason why I’m called Changdice…even though you probably didn’t know rofl.

  3. Like I always say, PINK is Key’s color. PINKey. HAHA.

  4. ^LOLLLLLLLLLLLLL that’s a good one XDD.

  5. *is paperteuk commenting with her rarely-used-until-now WP account*

    Even his iPod thing is pink…. and here I thought Sungmin was gay. Key never fails to go beyond expectations, obviously, but I guess I shouldn’t be surprised since… well… he’s proven himself to be more of a girl than I am. u___u;

    I love the Kyu-Key-Min part♥ And… a lot of scenes there. EUNHAE IS ALIVE, BABY!

  6. You kill me with OnTae happiness. O.o That must be what Taemin is like at home. No wonder the hyungs have massive black hole soft spots for him. ^^ Shinee could be 30 and I’ll still be freaked out at the thought of them driving. They’ll be underage foreva(in my heart.)XD

    I <3 Changmin’s wierdness and Donghae’s shortness. Not more than 2Choi though. Sungmin was definitely looking good in black with his hot pink whatever. Did he lose weight? So…sexy? I’m confused.^^

  7. 劉憲華

    Mmm, Key and Sungmin’s ghei levels are probably around the same. But while Sungmin hates being called a girl, Key proudly goes around saying he’s the umma of the group XDDD.

    Really? *I* kill you with the OnTae happiness? If I lived with Taemin, I think I’d just be tackling him (in a friendly way – nothing dirty, I PROMISE) 24/7 cause he’s so \:D/ haha.

    I think Sungmin’s face has gotten skinnier? :/

  8. Can you guys assure me? While Siwon is talking at the back there were not only Yunho and Onew, another standing one beside Onew was Leeteuk right?
    If it is Leeteuk, Three leaders <3

  9. ^Haha I was actually waiting for someone else to confirm that. Cause I was thinking “Aw it’d be cute if Teuk was standing with them” but then I didn’t think that was actually him :/

  10. I think when someone commented on him being a pretty girl he was all, “Thank you :D” so Key does pwn Sungmin in that area. The more I watch Key, the more I believe that Heechul and *insert other girly men here* are manly.

  11. lol i love backstage things. they’re just another way of getting to know the person even MOREEE maybe even too much… lol i love key so darn much. they’re always hot no matter what they do :]

    haha everyones just awesome even though the clip kinda went fast to me while i was tryin to read what u wrote so i had to backup a bit and i think my lack of names kinda played a part in it too but it was totally cool :D

  12. 劉憲華
    Gosh, I seriously love this username XDD.

    Yeah Key is less feisty when being called a girl but then when it comes to other things, he can be all RARRRR. LMAO sometimes I think Heechul is manlier than Key. But Jokwon is still gheier than Key, thank goodness.

    Me too! They’re more dorky when it comes to backstage cause they don’t necessarily pay attention/aware of the camera.

    Lol aw I think you’ll learn names soon!!! Watch more videos ;DD

  13. Awesome username, yes. :D

    Heechul IS really manly despite the gay things he does…. Jokwon… I haven’t had time to watch 2PM yet but from what I’ve watched of him (hello Wonderboys) he’s just on the same level as Key.

    That might change when I get to watch their shows O:

  14. ^Jokwon is part of 2am and 2am get less variety appearances than 2pm, unfortunately. But then again, the 2pm boys are pretty ghei too. With each other, anyway lol.

  15. As if to say, “candychu is mine“.

    LOL, candychu, you have to make up your mind! XD XD You can’t have Changmin and Key and all the others to yourself now, be nice and share. ;-)

    Changmin and Minho were hilarious. But oh, the Kyu-Key-Min stole the show for me. When I first saw this video, it was embedded in another page and the preview picture was the Kyu-Key-Min moment. My reaction was ZOMG I HAVE TO SEE THIS NAO. Kyuhyun looks so big compared to little Key and Taemin, it cracks me up. I want to know what the heck they were doing, lol.

  16. akldsfj I meant 2AM. *reminder: don’t comment when sleepy*

    Yeah, 2AM doesn’t seem to be in shows as much as 2PM. I think I should start with finishing Hot Blood or something. D:

  17. Lili
    LMAO I’M SORRY! I don’t mean to be so greedy but but lakjflksjfldsfk *incoherent*.

    SMTown love is just freaking adorable ♥♥♥

    Haha icic.

    I never watched Hot Blood *fail* xP

  18. Hello, thank you so much for your translation about SM Town backstage.

    But, I’m really confused about the EUNHAE part because my friend has translated this part from Chinese Sub. She said Donghae told that Eunhyuk is the most handsome guy in Korea and then, Eunhyuk refused that he’s not.

    Could I ask you some question? Did you translate this part of conversation from Chinese or Korean language? Because, I’m not sure that my friend has translated it correctly.

    Thank you so much for your sharing post and sorry for my improper English because I’m not quite keen on English.

    • Omg, I’m so sorry if I’ve confused you! I actually had no idea what the heck Eunhae were talking about and I was just making up a conversation – one that I would’ve wanted them to be saying to each other.

      Your friend is probably right! And lajfldksjflsjd at Hae complimenting Hyuk. D’aww, they’re so cute together.

      • Thank you for your reply.

        Actually, I want that they would say something like your translation. It’s so lovely :)

        • No problem ^^. I still feel really bad but yes, I wish they had said something like what I wanted :P

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