Posted by: lovediaries | February 16, 2009

Fly to the Sky “Decennium” Album Review

We were going to simply recommend their songs under our “Listen to…” segment but then we thought better and decided to do the review together. Yay for half the “workload” XD. Odd tracks reviewed in black by beckery and even done by me in purple :D.

01 Decennium – An RnB-ish instrumental intro track. They sing “decennium”, “fly high” and some other stuff throughout it. It gives a nice preview of what the album is going to be like and I really liked it XD

02 구속 (Arrest)My type of ballad with just the right amount of angst and heartbreak.

03 Close To You (Feat. Dynamic Duo) – Possibly one of my favourite tracks from the album ♥♥. It was one of those that got me on the very first listen. Its got a nice, light, happy and flirty melody which makes you bop along with it ^_^ I especially adore the chorus! Listen!!

04 가버려 너 (Throwing You Away)Starts off with a very pretty melody. It’s really slow and soft and relaxing; and you just want to fall asleep to Hwanhee’s voice. Or Brian’s. *_____*

05 Good Girl – I really like the intro instrumental to this song :D In actual fact, I like the whole song LOOOL. To me the words, “Good girl” sounds like they’re praising a young girl and patting her head and saying “good girl” kinda thing ROFL IDK! So yea, I think thats why I find it sorta weird how they sing “you are the one, what a good girl, you are my girl, what a good girl”.

06 Song For YouOkay when I first looked at the song title, I cried out in frustration because I already have three “Song For You”s T___T; fortunately this song turned out to be very lovely and is possibly my favourite off the album. It’s very light sounding RnB (not sure if that’s the right way of describing XD) and I especially love the chorus~ Most played track as of now, for sure, especially because out of all the ballads, this one stands out the most!

07 즐겨 찾기 (Feat. 리쌍 Leessang `게리 Garry`) (Hiding Game) – THIS IS MY TRACK YO!!! THE BEAT IS SO FLIPPIN’ FLY ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Love it, love it, LOVE EEEETTT!!! Love the beat. Love the melody. Love the “yeah yeah yeah”. Love the RnB/Pop vibe (I’m such a sucker when it comes to RnB songs. I LIVE ON THEM OK!). LISTEN LISTEN LISTEN!!

08 술 (Alcohol)Very pretty RnB/ballad. I really have a thing for songs with twinkling/charms. Love the beats and cymbals throughout.

09 마지막 기도 (Last Prayer) – A slow RnB/ballad song. The momentum builds up to a very nice chorus. I like the “1 2 3…” part, haha kinda sexy. And they sound utterly amazing here. Hwanhee’s high notes *_* (I’ll probably get bricked for saying this, but sometimes, just sometimes, I cant stand Hwanhee’s voices. He has an amazingly powerful voice, but it sometimes overpowers Brian’s too much that their harmonization doesnt sound right. Though I DO LOVE both guys’ voices and wouldn’t swap them for any other duo <333)

10 사랑이겠지 (It Might be Love)I want you to come back to me, oh. Oh can’t you see that I, I need you in my life. NEED I SAY MORE!? All the instruments (piano, percussion and guitar) sound so pretty together. Another heartbreaking ballad and definitely another favourite.

11 눈물아 미안해 (I’m Sorry for the Tears) – WHY HELLO THERE SEXY ENGLISH SPEAKING BRIAN!!! I love his english, always have, always will. ♥_♥ It sounds so sad :( Why did he have to break up with the girl if he didnt want to!?! Dont cry Brian!! I want lyrics! Anyways, its a nice song. Emotional, heartbreaking and beautiful.

12 온음표 (Whole Note)Mid-tempo ballad and a great choice to end the album with this happier sounding song ^^. Loving all the ad-libbing~


  1. hi beckery! i’ve actually been lurking around, but just not commenting lol xP. sorry about that! but yeah, i’ve watched the new Shinhwa stuffs, and i can’t wait for Hyesung’s new album! ^^

    anyway, this album is awesomeX1000! but it makes me sad that it’s their last official album as FTTS, which was why i put off listening to it until like, 3 days after its release. it’s a really good album though; i’m glad they got to try out new styles of music, like in close to you.

  2. ^
    LOL HELLOOOOO THERE!!! No no, dont be sorry about not commenting. Its just that with all the FTTS and some Shinhwa stuff happening lately, I just thought of you and wondered where you were haha. Glad to know you were still around XDDD I cant wait for Hyesung’s new album as well. Its the ballad side and zomg Hyesung + Ballad = Lurrrvvvveeee <333

    Yea I heard about the whole last official album thing, but they’ll still be releasing songs and albums under the name “FTTS” right? I didnt really get the whole project thing hahahaha. But yes yes, how good was “Close to you”? and did you like “hiding game?” One of my favourites, I tell you. Anyways glad to see you back honey ♥♥

  3. Wow!!!! I love Fly to the sky & i already listen all of song in this album.i love it all like their previous album.As we known they will temporaly split to do solo activity.I just to say thank you to both that sang a nice song with a powerful voice.Hope & wish both of u will keep a good relationship to support all of ur step in the future and stand beside when the one falling down & lose , say congratulation when the one success.V promise to support both of u.Good luck for Brian on hollywood street and Hwahee in solo album.God Bless and we looking both of u.Don’t forget to make a nice song in the name of Fly To The Sky.

  4. ^Yeah it’s sad that this will be their last official album but I’m still looking forward to what they have in store for us in the coming years haha!

    You’re a sweet fan <3!

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    thank’s for this posting…^^

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