Posted by: lovediaries | February 16, 2009

Kara – Honey MV

I’ve been waiting for this for quite a while. I wasn’t really a fan of “Rock U” or “Pretty Girl” ^^;; but I’m liking “Honey”!

{credit: wondersmurf @ youtube}

The MV is subbed – that always makes things easier lol. I FIND THE HONEYCOMB HILARIOUS BTW. I like this “sweet” (Lolita style :DDD) image more than the pink cutie image. Yes, there is a difference! And I prefer Seungyeon (and Nicole too) with black hair. Jiyoung is reeeeeeeeeeally cute. She looks like a baby!!! Hara looks like a doll lol. She has really nice features but I swear she only ever has the one expression XD. You can tell they’ve tried to make the chorus catchy by repeating “honey” which is probably the only part of the song I don’t like lol. Nicole’s rap was awesome though – it was actually English :D. Gyuri looks really pretty (they all do, really) but I don’t like what she’s wearing. It looks like some nightie XDD.


  1. I’m addicted to Honey but the MV is too meh, it’s just them looking pretty (GYURI♥) scene after scene which isn’t bad but it’s not too entertaining.

    I miss their Break It days.

  2. ^Haha yeah nothing much happened in the MV. Just a lot of prettiness XD.

  3. well i liked it :D i mean the song…
    the MV was real pretty ^_^ i can’t understand how someone can look so much like a doll…all the k-pop girls can do it…just completely freaks me out
    hmm the song is already stuck in my head…i give it a 3.5 out of 5

  4. ^I think it’s the way they do their eye make up. My friend was telling me that there’s actually a name for that type of look and even though Japanese girls do it a lot, it actually originated in Korea. Guess that’s why kpop girls can all do it? Haha.

  5. it’s a nice song and the girls are prettier here than in Pretty Girl but OMG i can’t help thinking “THIS IS SOOOO HELLO!PROJECT DDDD:” and I’m not really fond of H!P. ;-;

  6. AHHH SO CUTE. =D I kind of still miss the old Kara, but still, the girls are so pretty here. =] I like the babydoll clothes (babydoll style is so cute!), and they’re skinny enough to actually pull it off. -envy- xD

    The song is a little too much cutesy for me, and I’d probably get a bit annoyed if it got stuck in my head, but it makes me happy. =] It’s so cheerful! It’s like “Stress, go away!” =D

  7. i think its much better than the other songs. it sounded like they’re growing out of the other songs more. i didnt like the other songs as much since it was like waaaay too girly. this song is nice, i dont like the dance w/e when they do honey honey honey though, giving me bad thoughts :]

  8. they’re really pretty in this and the song quality is def. better than pretty girl and rock uXD

    Hara’s such a doll<3 Well Ji Young as well. They do fit the dark hair better…makes their features look better for some reason.

    Gyuri’s so gorgeous though. I’m jealous of her featuresXD

  9. 劉憲華
    I think it’s the dark hair :). Haha I don’t follow much jpop stuff~

    I didn’t follow Kara back in those days so I have nothing to compare to ^^;;

    Yeah that’s why I don’t like how they sing “honey” like 50 times in the song T__T

    I definitely prefer this to their other releases. It was the engrish in the other ones and they were generally too “loud”. Haha yeah! I don’t like that part of the choreo either :/

    Hara is such a doll! She’d look really cute in a museum or something hahaha. Yeah the dark hair is definitely better on them then the brown/highlighted hair.

  10. I miss the mature look from them :( I think this is the closest they’ve come to their debut image since Sunghee left the group and they started promoting Rock You. It’s still not the cool mature image, but it’s not the cute bubblegum image from Rock You and Pretty Girl. It’s more… pure?

    In any case, WHY DO NONE OF MY FRIENDS LIKE THIS SONG AS MUCH AS PRETTY GIRL? I like this one actually, it’s nice.
    Hara and Jiyoung should stay black haired (maybe Hara looks… good with brown hair but WHATEVER). It makes them look their age a little bit more. Undoubtedly, Nicole can pull off ANY sort of hair ♥♥♥♥♥♥ (yes she’s my favorite). Seungyeon… I’m glad she lost the orange-ish hair. It didn’t look that great anyway. Gyuri looks GORGEOUS though ♥ The stylists should never put her hair into pigtails anymore, she looks so much better with it down.

  11. This is a group I really don’t want to get into, ever since their pretty song and dancing in playboy bunny uniforms on kbs, while after school gets banned from kbs for being too sexy for 27 year olds, but I have to admit the song is good and the lyrics aren’t bad and I’m liking the rap and honey part, w.e. it is their doing with their hands is cute.

  12. NICOLE! <3
    that girl is all kind of awesome.. she’s really cute! and I love her in SGB too!
    I just recently knew that she’s 90er, and I thought she was 91-92er ;_; she looked so young!! *jealous.

  13. Kristen
    Yeah, bubblegum pop really isn’t my thing :/

    Honey > > > > Pretty Girl lol. The chorus of Pretty Girl just gets into my head and I want to shoot myself XDD. No offense. LOL Nicole seems to be a popular favourite. She doesn’t like SHINee though >:(. I don’t watch enough of their vids to pick a favourite but I really want to buy Jiyoung some candy or something XD.

    Hahaha sometimes KBS doesn’t make sense. But this song is definitely worth listening to for those interested in Kara, I think.

    ’90er is still young!

  14. heh? idk, maybe the effect from too much WG and SNSD recently.. they all look older than they truly are,, so once I see someone like this (Nicole), it’s surprising.. XP

    *random thought.

  15. ^Lol yeah that’s true. Koreans are out to confuse us >:D

  16. Bubblegum pop is kind of my thing lol :D I just don’t think Kara should do it, they sound a LOT better with… less pop-ish songs.

    Agreed~ Except Pretty Girl is kind of my thing too LOL so um. I don’t honestly want to shoot myself when it gets into my head. Of course Nicole is popular! :) Plus her English is actually English, so that’s a nice thing. Really? Nicole doesn’t like SHINee???? (never knew that so I’m in shock)

  17. ^I don’t like happy music >:(.

    Yeah on that SGB ep with Onew, Minho and Taemin they asked if Nicole liked anyone in the audience and she said she didn’t like young(er) boys :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((. She’s cool but she doesn’t have good taste AHHAHAHHA.

  18. ^SO YOURE EMO.

    Ah, I see. But doesn’t that mean that she’s even cooler for not throwing herself onto popular boys? :D

  19. ^Of course I’m emo ;~;

    Yeah. Maybe :/

  20. ^It’s not a “maybe”, it’s an OF COURSE!!! :D

  21. LOL♥

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