Posted by: beckery | February 17, 2009

Listen to… Wheesung – Insomnia

Credit: elaisfangirl @ youtube

Ok, so I’m not actually a Wheesung fan. I know the boy’s an awesome singer, I’ve listened to some of his songs and well, thats all I know about him hahaha *gets bricked*. I know its horrible of me isnt it!?!

So which awesome person out there has listened to Craig David’s Insomnia?!?! I will seriously shower you with cookies and lollies if you have XDDD. PAS and Candice doesnt get any cuz no matter how much I told them to, they still haven’t T__T But omg that song is sooooooo much love. I had it on repeat for like 5 days straight when it first came out. Could not stop listening to it!! The beat is flippin’ addictive. BUT DO YOU KNOW WHAT’S BETTER?!?! His live of Insomnia Acoustic version!!! *____* <3333 HAHAHAHA Omg, Wheesung’s post somehow turned into a Craig David pimp XDD

Ok ok, back to topic. So Craig David asked Wheesung to do the Korean version of Insomnia and here it is. I’ll be honest and say I cracked up when I first listened to it. Mainly cuz I’m so use to listening to the english version (hey I got it on repeat for 5 days ok!) that the Korean version sounded like some alien language haha. It was just…weird. But after listening to it a few times, I think it sounds pretty good. I really like the beginning, probably even more than the one in the original version. Oh and the ending shoe stomping part is pretty cool. I think Wheesung did a good job!!! But of course, nothing beats Craig David’s version in my books hehehe ^___________^


  1. I agree CD’s version is AWESOME!!! i couldn’t stop listening to it lol. I like wheesung’s version too lol

    • I LOVE CRAIG DAVID’S VERSION!!! I think Wheesung’s version is starting to grow on me heaps, not too bad XDD

  2. Dayummmmm. I love this song.
    “The Korean version sounded like some alien language hah.” <– I agree!
    I love both versions though lol.

    • Omg showers you with cookies! Lol. This song is so damn addictive. Yea the korean one doesnt sound really alien after awhile haha

  3. I haven’t heard Craig David’s version so I loved this. I never paid much attention to Wheesung before but it looks like I’m going to have to start now. Because this song is SOOO addicting! Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention :D

    • Omg I hope you go and listen to Craig Davids version. Especially the acoustic ones, its so damn beautiful <333 But yes yes the song is addicting whatever version it is. The beat is great!

  4. its a bit off to say Korean language sounds like an alien language =) I actually think the song regardless of the language is really cool. I love Wheesung’s vocals of the song i think it was impressive for a song that doesn’t really require much belting.

    • Haha. It was just that since I’ve been listening to the English soooo much that when you hear it in another language, it sounds really foreign and alien.. I didnt really mean it in a bad way XD But of course after awhile, both version sounds just as good. Well of course for me the english is a bit better but thats cuz I can actually sing along with it haha ^_^

  5. (Welcome this drive-by commenter =D)
    I love Wheesung’s version more, personally, mainly because Craig David reeealllly annoys me.
    Insomnia was played sooo much when it came out that you couldn’t even walk into a dentist’s without hearing it – I only speak the truth. Some of his more annoying singles didn’t hit the US and for good reason. I don’t think I know anyone who would openly admit to being a Craig David fan :) He’s not one of our proudest exports. It’s amazing to think he’s been in the business for ten years! I remember his first single when it came out!

    Still I feel a little thrilled that he ASKED Wheesung to do a Korean version and he re-recorded a song with BONNIE PINK.

    • Welcome you XDD

      Oh, Craig David annoys you?! Haha maybe cuz I live in Australia and I rarely listen to the radio when I’m driving. But I think I’ve only heard Insomnia once or twice in public. The most I hear of it is at home when I have it on repeat hahaha.

      I dont get why no one would openly admit to being a CD fan? I have heaps of friends who adore Craig David. Personally, I’m not a “fan”. I like him. I think he has a great voice. I like some of his songs. Especially the old ones like “Walking away”, “7 days”, “rise and fall” and “dont love you no more”. I agree I’m not such a fan of his new stuff, but I enjoyed Insomnia and I’m hoping he’ll be releasing more great stuff in the future. XDDD But yea the boy has been in the industry for yonks!

  6. personally, no doubt i still prefer craig david’s original insomnia .. i don’t know why people have been in love with wheesung’s version -.- sorry people !! i feel that wheesung’s vocal is no match for craig david’s .. there are some high pitch notes that wheesung can’t bring it out .. haha ! i’ll present u cookies instead for being supportive of craig david !
    haha ..

    • Lol I guess people just have different tastes and biasedness haha. I mean, I get why people can love Wheesung’s version. He does have a nice voice. But of course, so does Craig David!! The way I think of it is that the Korean version has those really uber fast verses which makes it really hard for Wheesung to sing. Seriously, check out the tongue twister. So he does sound quite breathy here and there. The english version is more relaxing for the tongue though Im not saying its slow, cuz its pretty damn quick as well haha and CD sure does a great job of it. All in all, they both have their good and bad points XDD

      LOL. How bout I give you cookies, and you give me lollies then!!

  7. lols .. i guess ur right .. for the sake of wheesung’s fans out there, i’ll say .. hmms .. his dance and choreography for this music video slightly impresses me. i expected craig david to at least dance abit !! haha .. his music video not that convincing unfortunately !! but i still stick to vocals part – craig david he is .. yeah ! oh yes .. the tongue twister part .. haha .. no wonder ppl commented on his alien language -.- craig’s version is much easier to catch what he’s saying .. IN ANY CASE , credits to both for their job in it .

    lols ! now prefer lollies uh ? sure !! but when i’ll get it ?? hahahaha !

  8. love the song..

  9. Wheesung is HOTT :D

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