Posted by: lovediaries | February 17, 2009

SNSD performing “Come on Over”

{credit: CodeAnalysis @ youtube}

I was sort of hoping they’d have some proper choreography for this lol but I was still really impressed by the performance. I liked this song a lot back in the days of me listening to western music so I was curious as to how it’d turn out. The more powerful vocalists of SNSD get solo time while the others join in for the chorus. They mainly bop around lol. What was really cute was seeing Sooyoung on the corner of the stage posing for some fans with their cameras. I thought that was a sweet thing to do ^__^.

You can check out the channel for the rest of SNSD’s appearance on Lee Hana’s Peppermint.


  1. Hm. I’ve never tried to hide my dislike for SNSD in general but they do perform better lives than Wonder Girls (and I’m saying this even if I adore WG!) so I’m giving them points for that. Although I think they would’ve done better if they actually had a choreography. O:

    I knew there was a reason why I liked Sooyoung. :)

  2. cute, ^they really do nice lives, not the best but still entertaining to watch, hyoyeon is cute with her side ponytail, Sooyoung is cute with her posing

  3. I love them<333 I feel my love for tiff. came back when I watched her interview on kbs cause she seemed to be pretty chill and sweet. Tae Yeon and Seo Hyun has strong vocals (Well I’m more surprised with Seo HyunXD. I love that girl for some reason).

    Soo Young’s fullo of win. She’s funny, sweet, and interacts well with the fans<3

  4. They weren’t in the list of my interest before dream concert. And gradually I found them as loveable one. I don’t know which one is my favorite one but now I like yoona the most. If Siwon is king of expression, yoona would be Queen of expression and reaction. I got to see her talking to another member with her usual expression (I found it is cute but most of my friends do not think that way :P ) at SM Town while they were on the steps to go and sing Kissing you.
    Ahh I envy soo young’s long legs. But I think Sohee of wg got the most beautiful legs :D

  5. 劉憲華
    I still have mixed feelings about this group. I won’t deny that they’ve got talent so I always prefer it when they do covers.

    Hyoyeon is adorable, I love that girl!

    Yeah I knew Seohyun was one of the better singers but she still surprised me in this performance.

    Ah that’s right, you were at the SMTown Concert. *so jealous* T___T. Haha I thought Yoona was really cute with her expressions during the MBC Star Dance Battle. The cameraman clearly loved her XD.

  6. Seohyun and Sunny really surprised me here – they were great and I loved hearing Seohyun’s lower tone. Overall, I think they did a good job on it. Oh, and I noticed that part with Sooyoung as well and thought it was really cute. She’s a really sweet girl.

  7. ^Well I guess there was a reason why Sunny was the next to get a solo after Taeyeon haha.

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