Posted by: lovediaries | February 18, 2009

090213 ETN Star Graduation

No idea what they’re saying as it’s unsubbed but I saw Donghae’s childhood pic in the video and I just had to watch it :). There are high school pictures of other artists too so definitely worth a watch if you’re not a creep like me who has a large collection of predebut pics of different people XDD!

{credit: AhMiGO @ youtube}

It features Taemin, Hara, SNSD (Taeyeon’s high school pics remind me so much of Stephy Tang XD), the girl who was in Andre Kim’s fashion show with Minho, Big Bang, Changmin (HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO HIM! Daww the footage makes me want to go watch my AADBSK dvds XD), Donghae and Minho :).


  1. Changmin happy brithday lol, wrong place to post it but w.e, the video is way too cute, gotta go brush the sweetness out of my mouth!

  2. ^Haha was it also you who said you felt like you were getting cavities from watching SHINee videos? Or was it someone else XD?

  3. lol I don’t think that was me, but that’s hilarious, I must use that one another time!

  4. ^LOL it is a good one, eh? XD

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