Posted by: lovediaries | February 18, 2009

Jisun – Goodbye My Heart MV

{credit: wondersmurf @ youtube}

I didn’t like this song that much before, but after watching the MV with subbed lyrics, I can say that it’s actually a really cute song.

Jisun is pretty, her voice is pretty, the images in the MV are pretty (I loved those heels and the shots of her lying on the other girl are very attractive haha. Okay that sounds bad, sorry XD but you’ll know what I mean) … no reason why you shouldn’t watch this if you’re a fan!


  1. lol at the beginning, she sounded scary and it gave me like really scary thoughts, but then it got better after it got “better” she has a pretty voice though, really fits the song. the song started out pretty well and yeah when she laid on the other girl, it gave me creepy thoughts but i guess it’s “pretty” :]

  2. ^Lmao awww are you really creeped out? Idk, I’m sorta fascinated by the pretty colours of the MV which is why I recommended it. But I’m glad you gave it a go *gives you a cookie* :)

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