Posted by: lovediaries | February 19, 2009

ELLE – March Issue feat. Lee Minho

I was waiting for HQ pics of these to post :DDD. This is his Levis shoot, I think. ISN’T HE GORGEOUS?

Click to enlarge ^^!

I’m not sure who the female model is but she’s pretty and has super long legs *_____*. Them reading dictionaries is so cute :3.

I love the photo of Lee Minho in pink on the bed with his feet up in the air but I also really like the one of him in white staring at his reflection. Mmmmmm~ They give off very different feels.

Behind the cut!


  1. man i super love him in BBF…

    he is super hot….

  2. he’s cute…omg he reminds me of Siwon oppa :( I miss him so much, suju come back quicktime!!!
    I can see why girls gush over this lee minho guy, the pic of his legs in the air is pretty funny

  3. dangggg he’s cuteee no wonder he’s the main role in bbf

  4. Sally
    I know, I love his body XDD


    He’s cute and hot at the same time :DD

  5. Ever since the hair-straightening episode, I’ve grown a fetish liking for him sans tornado curls. Straight hair frames/softens his face which makes him look so much younger and…mmm. I’ll stop here.

  6. ^But his hair is CRAZY curly in the Macau eps. Freshly permed, I think haha.

  7. The female model is Moon Chae Won! :) She’s really pretty! And she played the gisaeng in Painter of the Wind. :)

    And yes, Lee MinHo is FRICKIN GORGEOUS! (Just like Choi MinHo. :D)

  8. i love the pic of him checking himself out in the mirror too!! he looks so steamy. aww the mirror’s so lucky!

  9. Nessa
    Oh I haven’t seen “Painter of the Wind”. Actually, I think I watched the preview … XD

    Hahaha Minhos are gorgeous ;)

    LOLLL “the mirror’s so lucky” !!!

  10. cant get enough of him,..
    ,i really adore him.,

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