Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 19, 2009

Happy Birthday, Beckery ♥!


Video: PAS and Candychu. STEAL IT AND DIEEEEEE :]

Pinkandsparkly: I have nothing to say to you. LOL, no; HAPPY BIRTHDAY :DDDDD Is our present awesome or what. DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT WE HAD TO GO THROUGH TO CREATE THAT VIDEO. IT WAS SO EMBARRASSING, OMG. PLEASE DON’T JUDGE US BY THE PICTURES WE TOOK, IT’S ALL BEC’S FAULT XD. Anyway, I hope you’ll have a GREAT birthday (you’re old) and that you’ll like our present (and the real one). I hope you cried after watching this. If you don’t then I will, just because we spent so long on it XDD. Happy Birthday, Granny xoxo ♥♥♥

(To our readers: Yes, I’m back from my trip XD)

candychu: SO DID YOU LIKE OUR PRESENT, BEC? WE HOPE YOU’VE BEEN MOVED TO TEARS! Do you know how much embarrassment pinkandsparkly and I went through in order to get all the footage for this video!?!?!?!? We had to stand outside all those shops and have people giggle at us and our tourist-y actions. The worst was Ladies Market photos omg T_T. People would stare at me taking photos and then look at what I was taking photos of and then stare at me funny some more. It was pain :(. BUT ALL WORTH IT FOR YOU, BB! Hope you have a great Birthday!♥♥♥


  1. I EFFIN LOVE THE CRAP OUT OF BOTH YOU, I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT!!! I seriously wouldnt trade both of you for ANYONE in the whole wide world. Ok, maybe except Hyukjae or Dongwan or Eric or Kim Bum or Leehom but YOU KNOW WHAT I MEAN RIGHT?!?! XDDD HAHA.

    THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! Thank you for making idiots of yourself taking those photos, thank you for putting so much thought into it, thank you for thinking of me when you guys were in HK WITHOUT ME, thank you for spending all that time editing the video (well mainly Jendi lol =P), thank you for listening me nag all night about BEING OLD AND WRINKLY, thank you for putting the thing up tonight just cuz I wouldnt let you guys put it up any later haha, yes thank you candice for staying up this late and suffering from your stomach cramps just to see my reaction, thank you for the adorable mirror, thank you for your lovely notes, thank you for the orange you were going to send me hahahaha. THANK YOU FOR ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING. AND YES JENDI, MISSION ACCOMPLISHED XDDDDD


    P.S. ROFL at everything in the video especially the “they tried to bring back Kenny, but couldn’t find him” HAHAHAHAHAH ROFLMAO LOOOOOOOL XDDDDDDDDDD

  2. happy birthday bec, I’m jealous you’re born one day after Changmin!

  3. haha love u guys, happy bday beckery and of course CHANGMINNIE♥

  4. QUESTIONN: but you dont have to answer it, how’d you guys meet? are you guys friends before and created this blog together, or did u guys meet online and was like “Hey, let’s make a blog site all about hot korean stars.”?

  5. refresh my memory, whats HYD again? hana yori dango? o.o

  6. happy birthday beckary~ The gift was so cute at the endXD
    lol but the trip did seem fun, how nice<3

  7. @betty Haha actually pinkandsparkly created this blog and we met each other through here ^__^ And yep, HYD = Hana Yori Dango. They filmed the movie in HK and one of the scenes was in Park Lane, where we were :D.

  8. happy birthday! ^^

  9. Happy Birthday ! beckery..
    You three are so sweet.

  10. heps bdayyy beckery!!!

  11. Happy Happy Happy x infinity Birthday To You Beckery!!! And don’t worry about being old, Eeteuk handles it very well.^_^

    PAS and CC are both nutso and awesome for making this. <3

  12. Aww, you guys are so sweet to each other. Anyway, Happy birthday beckery! Really wishing you the best!

  13. Awww you guys are sooo cute =P
    Happy Birthday Beckery… my gift to you is DBSK… if I ever get to own them =P

  14. happy birthday beckery =) have a great year ahead and i hope you (and pas) get to see lee hom live one day!

    to pas and candychu, you make me want to have a holiday in HK right now ^^

  15. happy b’day beckery^^
    hope you got a belated b’day =]

  16. Happy Birthday Beckery!!!!!!! :D

    You guys did a great job on the gift to! So much work! LOL It’s great!

  17. beckery

    hey..happy birthday!!! lols. all the best and hope that you’ll get to kidnap hyukjae :P God bless!!

    candychu n pinkandsparkly

    lols. i was so touched after watching the video gift that u guys prepared for beckery. great job guys. take care

  18. Thank you everyone for the bday wishes!! XDD You guys are definitely an awesome bunch ♥♥♥

  19. HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY BECKERY D: I was planning on writing something long but realized that if I tried I’d end up never finishing this comment (I tend not to start things if I think it’s too long XD)

    But happy happy happy happy belated birthday :D Forgive me for the lateness?

    P.S. Do you like popcorn? You can have some chocolate-caramel popcorn if you want :D It’s really good.

  20. Happy Birthday Bec!

    I think this is the first decent video on this website :)

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