Posted by: pinkandsparkly | February 20, 2009

Behind the scenes pictures from Lee Minho’s Levis ad.

Remember the pictures that Candychu posted yesterday of Lee Minho’s Levis ad? Well these are the Behind The Scenes pictures from that photoshoot ^^

I love the embedded picture of him with the little girls; so cute~! Look at their little ugg boots!!

More pictures after the cut. I think I prefer this hair to his rag doll-esque style in the drama *_* I’m so behind on BOF. I’ve just come back into the country and I’ve got eight episodes to catch up on XDDDD.


  1. Those little girls know how to take aegyo to the max.^^ Lee MH looks really good here and totally not mean. lol

    Eight episodes behind?!!! How do you live girl?!!! O.O

    • Hahaha, I fail, I know XDDD

      But it’s not just me, Beckery is still on Ep.6 too :D *drags her down with me*

      Na, I’ll get around to watching it soon. Soon………. We’ve both been watching that J-drama lately; you know, the one with the butlers? Good show ^^

  2. lol i think its the first time i’ve actually thought he was REALLY attractive, hes so cute, ill miss his hair like that when the drama is over though =/ i hope he gets it permed like that everyday now

    • LOL as much as I like his rag-doll hair, I reckon it must take AGES to do every day before shooting XDD

      But yea, he looks so cute in these pictures ^____^ Remember in Ep3 (i think??) when he straightened his hair? That was so cute XD.

  3. lol yeah, and he was in the beanie, i was totally drooling (:

    • He’s so yummy *_________*

      I hope they put him in a new drama soon :D!

  4. haha, in a BTS clip for the Levis CF, a mother of one of the kids chose Lee Min Ho over her husband when asked by the reporter which man she’d pick. Poor hubby…

    Be glad you’re behind. Savor the lightheartedness of the first half of BOF while it lasts!! Second part =/= not as lighthearted >_< and more heartstring tugging.

    • HAHAHAHA, I’d pick Minho over my future husband too rofl XDDD (I kid, i kid :P)

      I’m really tempted to watch it, but I still have a STACK (i’m serious, a STACK) of dramas I need to finish XDDD. Have you heard of the new j-dramas with the butlers?? Yea. Good show :D

  5. oh its so cute………..LEE MIN HOO we realy luv u………

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