Posted by: lovediaries | February 20, 2009

DBSK 3rd Asia Tour – Photobooklet & Tracklist

{credit: alwaysjaejoong; cherrieeme @ lj}

EWWWWWWWWWWW @ Yunho’s plaid pants. Um…Changmin looks short which is weird because he has long legs. I’d have to say … Yoochun looks the best here. And I haven’t said this for like 3 yrs now ROFL. But really, PEOPLE SHOULD NOT WEAR THINGS AROUND THEIR NECKS. It gives me ideas D:

Also, found this on LJ! A user was on the phone with a friend who had gone to the concert and this is what she’s jotted down:


2)are you good girl?
3)rising sun
4)nakwon (live)
5)rainbow (live)
7)hug (ROCK)
8)yoochun solo stage-he was wearing MJ styled clothes, played the keyboard and sang ballad ver of bye love bye
9)jaejoong solo-some korean song
10)changmin solo-some english song
11)video-gun battle, junsu sliding on this table and shooting people
12)wrong number (live)
13)purple line (live)
14)video-junsu in a school
15)balloons -bossanova ver
16)changmin solo-some korean children song with the rest of the boys flying across the stage at the back (?)
17)love in the ice (live)
18)dont say goodbye (live)
19)insa (live)
20)XIAHTIC!!! -it was just freakin good!junsu kept touching the girl dancer and they were practically grinding each other.junsu played the electronic keyboard and added some parts of rainism into his song! (live)
21)yunho solo-sexy dance, holding green was like a dance battle with junsu
22)mirotic (live)
23)video-changmin with guitar
24)the way you are (live)
25)somebody to love (jap, live)
26)crazy love (live)
27)hahaha song
28)sky (jap, live)
29)song for you (KOR, live)
31)tonight (damn good damn good)

-yunho smacked junsu’s ass in SKY
-alot of yoosu
-everyone looked freakin good
-yoochun had sightly curly hair
-jaejoong almost cried
-the ending was very touching with cassiopeia chanting SARANGHAEYO non stop

I hav to go to sleep so I’ll read this myself tmr haha XD.


  1. I second the EW @ Yunho’s plaid pants o_O Changmin looking short because he’s wearing black all over D=

    I agree Yoochun looks the best in here. Love his hair! But is he wearing rope as a necklace? Haha

    • Oh maybe that’s why.

      And yes, I believe that is a rope ;) kinky.

  2. I can’t believe I forgot about this concert!!! I agree, Yoochun does look best here. I want to see Changmin playing the guitar D:

    • Lol dw, I didn’t know it was starting this early too XD.

      Me too! I’ll have to watch fancams later~

      And lol I tend to stay away from soompi after big events like these ^__^.

  3. It’s always really amusing to go on their soompi thread the day after a concert :D.

  4. why isn’t there any mention of key! it would be nice if junsu touched key instead of the dancer haha!

    • I was wondering that too. But there’s like 2 photos of them floating around already. Check out this post!

  5. You are totally right! That promo shot is one of my least favorites DBSK has taken… No one is particularly great in my eyes… But hurrah for the set list! Wish I could have gone. Sounds amazing.

    • I know! I really want this concert now ^_^

  6. I am spazzing out like crazy, forget the pictures (not really they’re hot) but w.e. Junsu grinding for his Xiahtic solo omg, need to see fancams asap lol and finally they get to see Changmin with a guitar, he was always like saying he was learning but I never actually saw him with one. Oh gawd I’m scared to go on soompi (how many pages am I going to backtrack?!?)

    • LOLLL Junsu has amazing hips, I’m sure the grinding was incredibly smexy ;)

      I saw a picture of Changmin at an airport with his guitar haha but yeah, can’t wait to see him play!

  7. mel-lol it would be *illegal* if Junsu touched Key instead. He’s too pretty for jail!!!

    Yunho’s pants don’t bother me that much b/c I got used to a certain SJM member wearing them.;P Micky’s hair is sexay. Period. That black and white pic of Jae is so beautiful and haunting. He’s such an anime character.

    • Jae is an anime character ;)

  8. dude when did micky start looking so handsome again? wheres THIS BEEN? (:

    • I don’t know either XD

  9. i know! he looks really good!

    nor do i T.T

    • Yoochun, yes? ^^

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